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Photo shows what appears to be a matte plastic backing 

Despite the lack of any official reveal, we've seen plenty of the phone many are assuming to be Motorola's Moto X. The rear of the device has been allegedly caught on camera again, but it's not so colorful this time around. The camera lens, flash, 3.5mm headphone jack, and recessed Motorola logo are consistent with previous rear shell photos. The speaker grill, composed of three rows of holes, also looks similar, except it is on the opposite side of the camera lens in this photo. From this angle, we can also see what looks like a second microphone next to the headphone jack.

The above photo comes out of China, and in recent months we've also seen video of what might be the Moto X from Vietnam. Carrier-specific versions of the phone are also making the rounds, with AT&T and Sprint varieties having come to light.

With a phone this important to Motorola, we'll be watching with interest to see how things unravel in the coming weeks and months.

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DaGODFather says:

Looks nice and thick, is that because of the big capacity battery that it should have?

codiusprime says:

She's a fatty. Hopefully it has a battery to back up dat ass.

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MarkSeven says:

Just make sure u don't "drop it like it's hot, drop-drop it like it's hot"..

NoNexus says:

Kinda reminds me of the Rezound from behind. Liked the feel of that little neglected phone.

eahinrichsen says:

I liked that one, too. I like phones with a little more heft to them than the current high-end crop.

And really, if the thickness is indicative of a beefy battery, I'll be *really* happy.

kstone2274 says:

All the hype it better be something special

codiusprime says:

I guarantee it will not live up to the hype. It is going to be a reasonably priced, mid range phone that is meant to appeal to the masses through features rather than specs. A lot of Android Nerds will be mad because it isn't the coming of phone jesus, it will sell reasonably well and the world will move on.

Deke218 says:

Phone jesus he said! LMAO!

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Lol yeah, that made my day haha.

NoNexus says:

It just cannot live up to the hype at this point which is a total shame.

mwara244 says:

Their Flagship/ Hero device is suppose to be out in October, I'll wait then, but this is a great phone to replace my GNex with and is using Vanilla android and will be on Verizon for me

mwara244 says:

Their Flagship/ Hero device is suppose to be out in October, I'll wait then, but this is a great phone to replace my GNex with and is using Vanilla android and will be on Verizon for me

I thought the phone was made in USA? Why pictures from China?

deltatux says:

It could be because the shell itself is made in China. The Moto X may only have its finally assembly in the States. It doesn't mean its components cannot be made elsewhere.

The internals are most likely made in China as well things like the camera assembly, SoC, memory and etc. Most foundries are found in Asia, especially if the SoC they use are manufactured by TSMC. Only Samsung, IBM and Intel have foundries in US. GlobalFoundries does have a foundry under construction in the States but it's not operational yet so it doesn't count.

My Nexus 4 was assembled in South Korea, doesn't mean its internal components and the casing for the phone is also made there, they simply assembled it there.

frozencloud says:

it's Assembled in USA...totally something different

bryceh7 says:

Keep in mind phones for the rest of the world are set to be assembled in Brazil and China according to reports, only North America bound phones are being assembled here.

bobaka says:

just release it already

r3g says:


Freddy Conde says:

Thick and ugly.

Just how I like 'em.


This. +9000.

hodan says:

+1 for each of you.

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frankly1100 says:

I like a girl with a little meat on her bones. And I don't see a problem with it being a reasonably priced mid-range device.

cgardnervt says:

Think I will stick with the HTC one! :-)

Sent from my HTC One

sunburned says:

Someone could easily use the width of the headphone jack to determine the size of the phone, or at least in this case, the width of it. Use the other photos we've seen with common sized features to figure out the size and screen size of the phone.

Nev says:

I'd hit it.

Ry says:

Need a reference point. How big are those squares?

deadpenguins says:

Graph paper is typically in 1/4" intervals. Looks to be about 4.75" x 2".

sequoia462 says:

Yay, not giant!

That doesn't look right. Since the headphone port is 3.5mm, it seems like the phone is closer to 2.5" wide.

deadpenguins says:

Yes in hindsight 2" is really small. I agree it's probably just under 2.5".

sequoia462 says:

Yeah nevermind my first reply. I counted the squares for myself, looks to be 20-22 squares long on the graph paper, which would make it 127 mm = 5 inches tall. Maybe it will be smaller, Motorola did say they would do a smaller screen size.


As j cole would say

It looks like my eyebrows.. Thick as hell

eramos31 says:

You've won the comments. IMO at least haha I'm probably one of the few that know what your talking about.

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jamie says:

Looks like a slide out keyboard phone to me!

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bez54 says:

I hope it packs a punch and carry's so juice. And is released in the euro.

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bez54 says:


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Now you have to wonder how much customization you can do. All I hear is color and in graving.

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tr-1 says:

Why are these pics out of China/Vietnam if it's supposedly made in USA?
Putting covers on in Texas doesn't make it American

codiusprime says:

It's most likely assembled in Texas where as the majority of the components are made elsewhere.

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planoman says:

If a Texan has a job by putting the cover on the back, that is a good start. 2000 jobs in Fort Worth they have said.

bigtank says:

Yep, right out here by me in Alliance

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jerrod6 says:

I that back removable? Is this a sealed unit?

deadpenguins says:

Non-removable, I believe.

RaiderWill says:

Hang On..
I'll Sneak a Shot for you guys... BRB.

TheLegoman says:

Looks to have a nice curve to the back. I hope that extra thickness is for a massive battery.

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turb0wned says:

Yay! A phone with last years specs!

return_0 says:

Yay! A person assuming things without confirmation!

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Ishaan Verma says:


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stef92263 says:

curious how the leaks are coming out of China, for the first phone to be built in the United States! wtf?

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Ryandroid86 says:

I hope this isnt the Moto X. Looks ugly. Absolutely nothing special about its looks

blessedred says:

I'll stick with my HTC One ^_^

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barondebxl says:

But impressed at all

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MarkSeven says:

All these comments referring to this phone as a "thick girl" with some "meat on her bones" are hilarious! LOL

Gearu says:

Appears to be at least a 10 megapixel do.

lockwyn says:

My next phone will be a motorola...Wonder how powerful the battery will be?

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eramos31 says:

The speaker has bigger holes than in other leaks and it is on the opposite side. It looks a bit thicker than what Schmidt was holding too. I bet this is a lower specc'd international version of the Moto x.

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