Moto X

In addition, sensors and new software services are outlined by alleged insiders

Sources at ABC News say they have confirmed details of the upcoming Moto X, and have outlined the supposed customization options. While many were hoping for things like choosing the internals, things are sounding more realistic -- at least according to ABC's sources.

Through a website, buyers will be able to select from a palette of different colors. One color can be used for the back case and another can be selected for the trim of the phone. Users will also be able to engrave a name or message on the back cover as well as upload a personal photo through the site to be used as the wallpaper on the phone's screen, according to people familiar with the rollout.

In addition, they say the phone will be running Android 4.2.2, which is currently being tested by U.S. carriers. The device is said to be available for purchase online as well as from carrier stores, though no pricing details were mentioned.

More interesting is the alleged confirmation of the new sensors and "smart" technology Motorola will be building into the device. Examples given were flicking the phone to open the camera app, extended voice recognition services, and the ability to sense when you're driving and activating the speaker phone. 

This may not be as "fully customizable" as people wanted or as we were led to believe by Motorola's recent ad, but be honest -- an Android Green version with a Lloyd engraving would be sweet. Where do I sign up?

Source: ABC News

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effreyj says:

Who cares if you can make your photo the wallpaper?? You can do that already by taking a picture of yourself and setting it as the wallpaper...

silverfang77 says:

Moto is probably using that as a selling point to the technologically ignorant.

icebike says:

Nah, those folks are all buying iPhones, the ones with the big GBs.

bluesun3030 says:

"I want more GB's."

If Google is so much advanced why can't you text more than two pics at once stupid iPhone can do even ten at once

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Ugh. I know I can

Beware the power of the scout's code.

impulse101 says:

At least in Android you can email attachements besides just pics.

Yeah because everybody who took a photo or a minute long clip wants to email it instead of doing the quicker better way by texting it good try though

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Jbreedlo says:

It's neither quicker or better. Taking a photo or minute long video gives you sharing options. Not any quicker to click "Messages" rather than "Gmail". Plus Gmail won't compress your images and videos.

eramos31 says:

yeah I'd love to compress my crisp 1080p video clip by sending it through mms. hahaha

Ry says:

Minute long clip on MMS? lol.

Where did you hear that? I can do that on my EVO LTE.

My note 2 or gs4 can't unless I pay for whatsapp

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wc4482 says:

My Note 2 could not do this Stock. But thank you to XDA there's a mod for that...

The fact that its not standard is troublesome.

return_0 says:

Lol, that's Samsung's problem, not Android's.

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thewaffle says:

You can't? I've texted 4-5 pics without batting an eye the other day.

Not on android or a Samsung phone without a third party app or rooted or whatever you want to call it

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jaymars says:

It's a probably an MMS size limit imposed by your carrier. You can absolutely send multiphoto MMS on Android.

We sent and receive multi-photo mms messages all the time on Galaxy S III's.

illiniah says:

User ignorance is not an excuse, I can do it on my GSIII on sprint and N4 on tmobile, check your settings or carrier restrictions

Arshley says:

Yes you can... go to the gallery, in the grid selection long press a picture, then select the pictureS you want and then Share them through Messaging... its actually quite easy. You should try all ways before assuming its not available.

Arshley says:

... are you serious?? you go to the gallery, long press a picture and select the pictureS you want and then Share them through Messaging. you COULD send more than one picture.. i do it at least once a day.

frettfreak says:

i have done at least 5 and i am pretty sure my wife has sent 4 or 5 at a time on her phone as well. it comes through like a slide show...

deadpenguins says:

Hahaha, my dad's friend just got talked into a 64GB ipad because it has a "significant boost in speed".

That is a nice tablet

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My friend just found a HTC one s in the trash because it is a outdated nonupdated piece of laggy crap what is that a year old

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eramos31 says:

could I have that laggy piece of crap? it must not do him ANY good since it can't receive any more updates.

Jacob Kral says:

I just found a brand new iPhone 5 in the garbage because it's pathetically outdated already. Seriously your trolling is getting old. My phone runs fine, much faster than any iPhone I've seen and it's on the latest version of Android. And a year old it might be, but it STILL has better parts than the newest iPhone.
Sent from my HTC One S ;)

VAVA Mk2 says:

The guy at Best Buy that talked him into that is pure evil

I have an iPhone and am not tech ignorant.there are also plenty of ignorant android users as well,don't forget

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icebike says:

I didn't read that as a photo of your face, but a photo of your choice. But yeah, why is this a big deal? We already have that.

Unless its a boot-splash photo or something.

Jbreedlo says:

I like the idea of it being a boot splash! I think the idea though is kind of like receiving a pre-customized gift unfortunately.

Haven't you noticed that the wallpapers installed on the phone are better quality than anything you can do yourself?

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icebike says:

Not Better. Just simpler. Far fewer colors, ee.g. Tone Controlled(for the most part) and amped up (over saturated) color, etc.

Hard to do with a camera, but easy to do with Ray Tracers or professional image creation. Dig around on sites that offer wallpaper in various sizes and you will find some stunning images. DigitalBlasphemy is one place I like.

MasterElwood says:

You can buy one online and send it directly to someone as a gift - with the wallpaper already on it - still factory sealed.

That IS new.

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gksmithlcw says:

Damn the realism....

I would buy a Coheed and Cambria version in a nano second

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ConTejas says:

Thanks for the good laugh Moto "by Google"...

"a Google company"

Is that untrue?

silverfang77 says:

I like the idea of having one color as primary and the other as trim. However, I demand to see a picture of the phone itself before deciding.

kenyee says:

lol...and this is what Guy Kawasaki came up with? That's what you get for hiring an Internet marketing guy to come up w/ phone features people want...copied what Pentax did for DSLRs :-P

KKILLION79 says:

Again....why am I going to engrave it when 1) I will want to sell it eventually so I can buy a new phone and 2) I'm going to have a case on it to protect it so I don't break it and can do number 1) in the future. And no i'm not talking about urination.

littleemp says:

Not every one puts their phones in cases, so just because it doesn't apply to you it doesn't mean that it has no value to someone else. I personally don't find any appeal in engraving the device, but I also never had and never will have any interest in using any type of case on my devices.

ultravisitor says:

Just because something isn't a suitable option for you doesn't mean it's not a good option for someone else.

Not everything is about you.

Jbreedlo says:

Backs will probably be cheap to replace and I can almost guarantee that cases will be made with an open back to show off the engraving. Different strokes for different folks.

hammerbeard says:

I am still hooked on the idea of mid-range specs. Why?

dalingrin says:


zervin says:

I think it's a function of cost+battery life. The reality of the situation is that we really don't NEED more powerful Android phones. The devices we have are insanely powerful and just lead to wasteful battery usage and coding. What we really need is the ability to fire up everything on a device, and have it last more than a couple of hours before giving up the ghost.

I would gladly take a device with last years specs, say S3 speed, but the battery life of a Razr or Note 2. I am "hoping" that's the main reason not to use the latest greatest high power cpu. Take an S3 and give it a 24hr battery WITH everything turned on, give it a reasonable price, and you could do some damage I think.

VAVA Mk2 says:

Screw you I say bring on phones with 256 GB storage and 32 GB RAM, 4K 3D displays, and simulated surround front facing speakers, 44 MP rear cameras, 20 MP FFCs, 9,000 mAH battery, 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 1600, and an SD card slot that supports upto 64 GB (for when 256 GB just is not enough). MWAHAHHAHAHAAHHA!

MasterElwood says:

Give it a few years. Maybe 4 or 5.

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littleemp says:

I'm not sure what else people expected... If you were able to choose your own internals, then that would mean that Motorola would have to create customized builds with different kernels for EACH of the different possible combinations of hardware.

Even if they just allowed you to customize 3 hardware parts, that would mean 6 different combinations, which would be equal to supporting 6 different phones. As things currently are, most OEMs can barely support their single flagship device, so this was kind of obvious to begin with.

That would be way more than 6 different combinations...

fuzzylumpkin says:

It would be at least 8, if each component had 2 options. but yeah possibly much more.

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planoman says:

I will wait for the final details before deciding, but I am still interested. None of these customizations intrigue me but I am intersted in seeing what rolls out!

Engraving didn't apple innovate that in the first ipod

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BoomBoomPAP says:

When did they start doing engravings on phones? Oh.

They will probably start soon, now.

When the chrome books started stealing the look of mba

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sorbe88 says:

The Nexus One could be engraved if bought direct from Google...that was in 2010...

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return_0 says:

Didn't Apple "innovate" rectangles?

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jbern8 says:

Brilliant, the resale value of Moto X is going to be very low.

While I didn't expect customized internals, I was sort of hoping you would be able to choose either the default skin or stock Android, a la the new Google Editions of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Hopefully that means it does run stock Android. The faster it can get away from carrier (and OEM) interference in the software, the better off Android will be.

NoNexus says:

I am sure you will get a Google Edition of this phone, but it won't be totally stock. Lean more towards the GE SGS4 or One and less towards the Nexus.

VAVA Mk2 says:

Well it looks like Neuxs for the rest of us.

Diskoman says:

I may be wrong, but I remember Motorola stating that they were choosing to go the stock Android route for all future phones.

Ry says:

The type of customizations I was expecting.

leif1981 says:

It might be the right move. Many people don't want their phone to look like any other, that's one of the reasons why most people use cases or skins to differentiate. Just look at this weird selfies at Instagram & other plattforms, you'll see barely a "naked" Android or iOS device there.

Beenyweenies says:

Quite the sad, desperate attempt at differentiation when most of the "features" have been done years ago. Engraving? Wallpapers? Wow!

I want to come back to Android SO badly, but there hasn't been a device this year that doesn't completely bungle some crucial aspect or another.

Android rules, the manufacturers are a JOKE.

What's wrong with the HTC One? The s4? Optimus Pro 2?

Beware the power of the scout's code.

littleemp says:

Sense UI, Touchwiz UI, Optimus UI in that order.

Assuming we're not talking about Google Editions right now.

return_0 says:

The Nexus 4?

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kenyee says:

Not sure what each bungled, but the Galaxy S4 is as much as I want nowadays. The S4 Active might be even better if they made it as widely available instead of making it an AT&T exclusive :-P

Hope it all goes well ~ I'm super happy with my nexus 4 after nexus s, but I'm sure there are many amazing things up the android sleeve

"Examples given were flicking the phone to open the camera app, extended voice recognition services, and the ability to sense when you're driving and activating the speaker phone."

My phone already does all of those things...

kenyee says:

Sad to see this is what Guy Kawasaki came up with. I guess that's what you get for hiring an Internet marketing guy to design a phone :-)

cadzilla74 says:

All sizzle, no steak .... what's under the hood?

Engraving something unique will definitely help in proving a stolen phone belongs to you. Plus, if you put something really lame, NOBODY will want to own up to having had T.H.A.T. put onto their phone. Maybe something like "I Love The Patriots"....

littleemp says:

I'm sensing a Jets fan in the vicinity?

nedywest71 says:

If these would be ONLY the so waited CUSTOMIZATIONS that would be The Biggest Joke Motorola could deliver to it`s fans.

Peter McCain says:

Seriously...???WTF!! huge disappointment ...

smooth3006 says:

can't expect much from moto anymore.

VAVA Mk2 says:

This is terrible. I expect more now from Huawei than Moto now. I really was hoping that Moto would make a high end Nexus 5 for us too but now it really looks like Moto is dead. All Google cares about is their patents :(

NoNexus says:

Its in a transition stage right now. Look for things to improve next year. If not, I will say the same as you

smooth3006 says:

ill pass on the motox. they should of come out with a high end device to compete with the upcoming n5 and note 3. i knew you wouldn't be able to customize the internals at all. its still going to be a lower end device.

Amore514 says:

Really? some people on the post are just jokes! Owww buy an Iphone because i can text more then 1 picture at a time, its call EMAIL who the F uses text to send a picture anyway? i use gvoice and you cant text or receive pictures and i love it! don't text me a pictures EMAIL it to me so i can see it on my computer, download it and save it, etc..
This is all about Google doing something new! having options you can pick on a phone is crazy! ya the options right now are lame but if this works out things will only get better! im holding out for this phone and will be the first one in line with F*** The IPHONE on the back of mine!

That's really really stupid.I hate android fanboys

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I hate all fanboys. But, if you want to get technical, iPhone fanboys are the worst. The "Instagram coming to Android" tantrums still come to mind.

LOL. I got permabanned from instagram for taunting them :P

return_0 says:

Did you even read ridgeline's posts?

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planoman says:

You have obviously not used imessage...I use it to message with my kids from their ipod touches. You can send pictures and videos and no android cannot do it on MMS..I doubt gmail will let you email a 25MB file of a short video...learn a bit more before you confirm for everyone that you are the joke...

VAVA Mk2 says:

Are you high? I send video and pics on my Galaxy Nexus often through SMS/MMS. I prefer sending over email instead, though, as that uses the LTE radio in my phone instead of sending a text or MMS which is over the cellular radio which is slower.

Jacob Kral says:

As an android user and hater of all things apple, you sound like an idiot. Let's not pretend Google can do no wrong and turn ourselves into idiotic fanboys too. Android is about having options, so i welcome any extra customisation, but that doesn't make this phone great. You can already go to any number of skin sites and do a custom design.

Also tons of people text pictures, email is better if you want to send larger files or higher quality, but for just a funny pic or meme, nobody cares to go through email.

mercado79 says:

I know that turning on speakerphone when it detects you're driving is not unique since there are apps that can do this already, but I've never seen the benefit. I sure as hell don't want the speakerphone turning on when I'm on the bus or train or even when riding with someone else. So yeah... Minimal wow factor there. The rest seems interesting though.

benhmadison says:

For some reason there has been such a high expectation in the Android Community about the up and coming MOTO X device that it's almost sure to be a let down.

Ry says:


VAVA Mk2 says:

They have not really released anything this year, it was supposed to be the first joint phone between Google and Moto after Moto was bought, and it at least needed to compete with the current iPhone and Galaxy S4. This looks like a giant joke.


It's the exact same scenario that "doomed" the S4.

mickey4mice says:

So this thing will be running Moto UI instead of stock Android? Phew...

Dual-core, seriously???

Skin deep customization, personal engrave? Yeh, good luck selling that thing after you get tired of it.

...I think I'll keep my HTC One GPe order for now.

lockwyn says:

moahr pikturs plis

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dss2000 says:

If they weren't going to allow you to customize the internals they could have at least had flagship level internals to start with. These are like middling specs. Start with HTC One or S4 specifications and then offer external customization. Perhaps this is just the beginning of a new initiative and there will be other better base phones in the future to customize. Perhaps an X2 or X3. So far though haven't seen anything to dissuade me from the Note 3 in September.

crxssi says:

>"Examples given were flicking the phone to open the camera app, extended voice recognition services, and the ability to sense when you're driving and activating the speaker phone. "

Technically, none of those require new "sensors", they are just using existing sensors, the accelerometers and microphones...

Just repeating what was told to ABC.

I think they are underestimating the new features based on rumors I've heard.

fodderp says:

This a pretty exciting change in the way we choose our smart phones.

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Mac58 says:

hmm. Im going to hold out until I see officially what the Moto X brings. I dont know but I think Google knows what their doing here and there has to be more

return_0 says:

Lol @ people assuming everything about this phone from a single ad.

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cokeblack says:

Moto fail.

Fields3212 says:

We have to realize that the average person doesn't care about bleeding edge specs. In the end the idea of ordering a customizable looking phone appeals to the masses and that means money. That is what companies care about. Only a small majority of people get on phone based forums and try to learn the differences between cores and pixel densities of phones. The bottom line is that this idea of choosing multiple color combinations and engraving your phone will appeal to the everyday person, it's not geared towards people like us. Honestly I am completely happy with the specs of my s3 and if moto makes this phone ad good or a little bit better but with a much larger battery with vanilla android I'd consider buying it.

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drewC says:

I'm just amused by "Designed by you. Assembled in the USA".
Perhaps a clear stab at Apple's "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China".
Of course, this bit of cleverness would only work if your target demographics consist only of Americans.

Ry says:

I expect a Chinese version built in China.

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Larzzzz says:

All will be a waste if they *again* limit availability of their good hardware to only one or two carriers. I loved the new Razr series phones, but refuse to switch to Verizon to get one. And the fact that the Razr M and Razr i were available around the world but not on AT&T is a fail on Motorola 's part.

We're watching, Motorola. If you limit your good US available hardware to only Verizon yet again, I have no pity for you when you fall. You will have fully earned that fall.

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dharmik28 says:


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