Verizon Moto X

Available in black and white for $199.99 on-contract, as expected

Verizon has just announced on its official @VZWnews Twitter account that you'll be able to get your hands on a Moto X for Big Red starting August 29th, provided you're okay ordering online. Just as we expected, on-contract pricing will hit $199.99 just like the other carriers, although remember that Verizon won't have access to Moto Maker just yet so you're going to be stuck (with the admittedly still nice) white or black versions.

For those of you wanting to buy the device in-store, Verizon isn't giving any timeframe other than "in the coming weeks". So you'll want to grab yours online if you want it as soon as possible. We have a feeling Thursday can't come soon enough for many Verizon customers out there.

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Moto X coming to Verizon online Aug. 29, in-store 'in the coming weeks'


I tried to trade in a Motorola Defy. It's on the website as an eligible device, but Verizon won't do it. Sent an email to Motorola and have been waiting a week for a response.

Now I just have to decided between white and black. Which is the better color for the phone? Read in one of the reviews that the white version has some weird display thing along the edges of the screen because the white is so light.

"you're going to be stuck (with the admittedly still nice) white or black versions."
+ 16GB of storage, which will probably be 11GB in reality, which is simply not enough on tiered data services. I'll go back to my Rezound before "upgrading" to this.

Says anyone who is interested in using the device to double as a mid-range MP3 player (8gb) or would like use miracast to watch Play Movies on a hotel room TV, or extensively takes pictures/videos and doesn't want to offload them too often... Just to name a few cases. Plus having a few GB's free is good for performance and peace of mind.

Right now I only have 0.6 GB free on my Rezound which came with about 10 GB available (I believe they use 2gb of the 16 for the RAM. )

I am also using 9 GB of my 32 SD card. That includes music, photos, app/data back ups, documents, pics & videos from the phone cam, and pics from my DSLR that I upload from my eye-fi card.

I am having a problem with a log file that keeps growing to 3gb for no good reason. Seems like it's the gallery app, one of my other photo apps could be to blame. That is hurting my phone storage.

What is the price to buy one outright and save my unlimited plan ????? Any word on that yet ???

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i think i may just pick this up to replace my very old, slow gnex. im not too crazy about the colors anyway so i may go with black to retain resell value.

I'm thinking about replacing my Gnex with this as well. But I was considering buying it un-subsidized using Verizon's Edge plan.

I am planning to jump to Tmo when my contract is up in March 2014. I was thinking I could sell the device then and pay Verizon the balance.

However, I am sure the full MSRP on this phone will be $599.99 knowing Verizon.

I was going to get the black x on the Verizon edge plan also until I went to Verizon's website and it said you have to be eligible for an upgrade in order to start the edge plan. Wtf is that about?! I have to give them my upgrade to pay full price for a phone?! So disappointed and so done with Verizon!!

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AT&T is the same way. I looked into doing their next plan to have a second device, basically finance it vs dropping 600 outright but you have to be eligible for an upgrade. These new carrier plans (next, edge etc) are about as bad as a payday loan.

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It says that you have to be eligible for an upgrade on their page describing how Edge works, but it still let me order a new Maxx using Edge even though my upgrade isn't until 2015. Don't know if it's a bug in their site or what, but I would try and see how far the website will let you go before you write it off completely.

EDIT: Oh, and it even let me keep my unlimited data plan!

Good move. I got my maxx yesterday after seeing the moto x in person. No comparison.

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i need to go in store to play with the x and maxx, ill prolly have to wait til next week til they get the x in stock

Wondering if they will let you buy outright with no upgrade. Bet not...

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Your going to be waiting a long time, Google on does the Nexus. This is a Motorola phone.

There might be a GPe of this, but it is still made by Motorola.

My contract with verizon is over in december that's going to be it for me with them....even with my unlimited data. I've had enough.

I'll most likely be ordering this as soon as possible and paying for overnight shipping so that I can have it on Friday. I've already committed to trade my iPhone 5 in to Gazelle. It'll be nice to have a bigger screen on a more ergonomic device.

I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I was in my local brick and mortar shop and they were moving accessories around to make room for the Moto X. I don't imagine it'll be too long before they start showing up on the shelves.

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Went to an AT&T store to look at the Moto X....meh.
Felt and looked like a little plastic phone, similar to the Samsung GNex (had that for a little while). Seems like a step back in build and design (just my opinion).
Also, came from a DNA (16GB)and eventually hit the memory wall and had to periodically clean out the memory (pain in the but). For those that have not owned a 16GB phone and are trying to convince yourself it's enough....think real hard about it.

In short, VZW is offering a 16GB (12gb useable), 4.7" screen with 720 x 1280 res, average battery and a mediocre camera oh and no customization? Granted, some cool software but not earth shattering. Am I missing something here?

To me it's a phone you hand to your mom, non techy girlfriend , cool aunt & uncle... Just an everyday user... Imo.. Its not a phone made to impress anyone who would be on AC.. Our any site alike....
While many on here are excited about it... I bet none who are own a htc one, gs3 or 4, note2.... Idk.... I just don't see it... I like the customizable part.. But that's it... Well I'd love to buy a phone made in the USA..

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