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Solid but mid-range specs found under familiar black casing with a curved back

As we said when the first press renders of the Moto X hit the web, the leaks are just going to keep coming as we get closer and closer to its official reveal on August 1st. This time by way of the folks at AndroidPolice, we have pictures of the Moto X variant for AT&T (aka XT1058 or "ghost") with a whole breakdown of purported specs and benchmarks. On the outside everything looks to be in order along with previous leaks and renders, so the important part is what the diagnostics and FCC filings obtained by the site show of the internals:

  • Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960DT processor, clocked at 1.7GHz
  • 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, no SDcard slot
  • 720x1280 4.7-inch display (minus a few pixels for the on-screen buttons)
  • 10.5MP rear and 2.1MP front-facing camera
  • 2200mAh non-removable battery

The "About phone" screen reveals a system version with "ATT.en.US" in the description, as well as Android version 4.2.2 and kernel 3.4.0. There's no telling when this device was made or if it is a final production model, so we're not going to make too many judgments about the benchmarks being shown off.

This does give us a pretty good look at the range of specs we can expect in the device when it finally hits market, however. As we've expected for some time now, the Moto X doesn't look to be breaking any barriers with high-end specs, and this lends more evidence to the idea that this will be an affordable device.

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Moto X for AT&T pictures, benchmarks and specs revealed


I hope so. That (and a decent price) are my only concerns about this phone. I'm sure others won't care about it though.

2GB of RAM
16GB of storage
no SDcard slot
non-removable battery

This just killed any interest I had in the phone.

Yup, that storage line pretty much does it in for me.

Shucks, and I was so hopeful. Maybe the non-AT&T model will have more, but 16 isn't enough. In the age where 32gig is considered small, no way am I buying into 16 git. If I had a 16gig phone right now, I'd have do dump tons of music and videos just to live withing its limitations.

My Galaxy Nexus is almost 2 years old and has 32gb internal storage and a removable battery. I refuse to take a step backward in any direction with a new phone purchase.

32 Gig is only considered small by tech enthusiasts. This phone clearly isn't built for that group.

I haven't run into any problems with storage on my 16GB phone, BUT that is only because I use my tablet for almost all of my video watching, so that's where all the 1GB+ files go. If that weren't the case (and I think that it is not the case for a *whole* lot of gadget enthusiasts), this would be a dealbreaker.

Who needs removable batteries?! Those are such a thing of the past. Do people actually go around keeping spare batteries in their pockets? If so that's super lame. I have never EVER needed a spare bat. I keep a charger at work and a charger at home and that solves the problem.

Really? I walked out the door on both Saturday and Sunday at 9AM and walked back in at 11:30 PM. During that time, I was not at my desk, in my car, in my house, or anywhere stationary where I could plug in my phone and WAIT for it to charge back up. Since the RAZR does not have a removeable battery, I have to turn off data when I'm not using it, or carry an external battery to recharge it. Is that lame? What is lame is when you are walking late at night and hoping your GPS will get you close enough to know where your destination is before it dies. How about during a normal day? 50% of the time I'm at my desk most of the day, no problem. The other 50% of the time I am mobile. On those days, I limit my phone usage to conserve battery life. Not everyone sits at a desk all day, or only works 8 hours. Even charging it in the car between locations is not enough sometimes. Do I want to carry a spare battery, or an external battery? No, I don't, but I also don't want to miss a critical text or call when my phone is dead.

I know I'm in the dark ages because Apple says I am. But grabbing a cheap battery charger and extra cell on eBAY makes life on my GalNex soooo much nicer. All radios on all the time, full brightness, 4G etc. Battery dies? Who cares. Just slap in the other one and put the first on the charger for later.

Replaceable battery is one of the first things I'll look for in a replacement. SD expansion is nice too. Sammy has been knocking it out of the park lately and these two outdated features have helped them IMO. Glad they are going this route. That and the tiny bezels seperate their devices IMO.

Can't see myself getting this Moto although I like the bezel, stock Android, and screen size, and aesthetics. That's just me.

It's not stock android. Still has some Blur, unless I missed something.

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No it's not stock/vanilla. Patrick, just realize the battery life on the Sammy Gnex is horrendous by today's standards. I loved my ol Gnex but the N4 is WAY better in every single category across the board (except 32gigs on LTE gnex which I had). It easily gets twice the battery life that I would get on similar use on the gnex.

MSM8960dt (not MSM9860dt)

That said, I wish it had a micro-SD card slot and a larger battery.... I mean, they already have 2500mah and 3300mah "ultra-slim" modules, why not use those???

Not a problem! But I have to admit I went to the Snapdragon wiki to double check a new chip wasn't released, lol.

Anyway, the device seems pretty SOLID except for the above complaints, which I think are major. I'm glad they didn't go with quad-core, it should save some battery while retaining VERY comparable performance (if not identical) to the Nexus 4.

Better GPU, and faster memory > more cores. I wish there was a dual-core big.LITTLE solution similar to Exynos Octa though (2x A15 + 2x A7) with "core migration" enabled and a FASTER GPU. Would be awesome. Unless you're rendering 3D graphics/movies on a phone :/

Yup. Hopefully it is cheap off contract, like cheaper than the Nexus 4. Considering the midrange specs.

Posted from Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

All rumors have said that this will be priced according to its competition. Its competition is slated as the iPhone 5 and GS4. Expect $100-$200 ON contract.

Not quite. WSJ had an article not too long ago about this being Motorolas new flagship device. Because of that, it will be competing against other company's flagship devices. The logic makes sense so far. And because of this, the price will also compete with other flagship devices. Expect $100-$200 on contract. Anything less is just wishful thinking.

Am I missing something, or is this device specced more like a midrange phone? Hard to see a Best Buy sales drone pushing this vs GS4 or HTC1 etc.

From what I understand the new Droids are the last of Motorola, and the X is the first of Motorola/Google.

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Retail will be $499-599. Contract price will start at $199 and be $99 in two months and free in 4 months. Who will buy this?

Posted via Android Central App

Like others said, it's going to be aimed at the non-tech crowd who won't know or care about specs so you could get away selling midrange specs at a flagship price.

Posted via Android Central App

In that link is the reference to the iPhone 5 and GS4 as competition but I don't think it will be because of power but more for market point. The GS4 and iPhone 5 as well as HTC One are the current names to look for when picking up a phone right now, with the reports of 500 million to be spent on advertising, and the article stating that "MOTO X COULD COST AS LITTLE AS $199 OFF CONTRACT" (from Dennis Woodside, same guy who stated what the competition would be) it seems like they'll be trying to market it as a customizable, USA built phone with always listening sensors.

The specs aren't so terribly far off from the competition to make it a bad choice, but with the right buzzwords and features marketed, a phone with slightly lighter specs and a significantly lighter pricepoint that can be customized as highly as the Moto X could easily steal away some market share from it's "competition" even though it can't beat them pound for pound. I can't recall a single article that labeled the Moto X as a flagship device (doesn't mean it hasn't been said, just don't recall it being said) but I have seen it said that it is the first of the new line.

No one has really looked past the X Phone since the rumors started, it's a great way to reintroduce your company. Give the people an inexpensive albeit fairly powerful device that can be customized like nothing else and begin to reinvent the Motorola reputation. At a low price, you can get it into far more hands than a "flagship" device with 500 million in marketing and then not too terribly long from now as people are adjusting to a new Motorola, introduce a truly powerhouse Flagship device as well as more midrange phones.

I don't like this phone having only 16 megs of internal memory. I was looking forward to this phone but not anymore until I read this. I can deal with no SD card slot if there is enough internal memory. This isn't enough!

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+1. I got rid of my Nexus 4 because of this. Looks like the s4 google edition for me instead. I hate this because I really wanted to support this device.

he/she said he/she didnt like it because it has 16gb storage not because it dont have sdcard.
what makes you think moto x dont have a 32gb version

Reread that, he said he does not need an sdcard IF it has 32GB. Which means that if it has less he does need one.

Okay is:
16 + SD
32, no SD

Not okay is:
16, no SD

Reread that, he actually said 16 "megs" well he'll be thoroughly excited to hear that this phone actually has 16 "gigs" of memory and will far exceed his wildest dreams.

On second thought, If it is priced 350 or less I may still pick it up just to support my fellow Texans!

Where was it confirmed that this only comes with 16gb onboard and no SD card slot?

EDIT: never mind :P May have to go with the Verizon HTC One if it ever comes out.

well maybe this is just the base test model, didn't they say something about being able to customize it? At least I hope that's whats going on.

My GS2 is finally off contract in a few weeks. All of these "mid-range" specs are an improvement over what I've been using for the last two years. I may have to grab one of these if the initial hands-on reviews are positive.

Better be an "affordable" device with those specs. No SD card, and such a small non-removable battery don't really make up to a useful device in my eyes.
Someone who will be on their phone all day, watching a movie and listening to music, will not find this to be a phone of choice.
I don't understand why any phone in this market wouldn't have at least the OPTION to expand the memory and battery.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

Android has moved away from expandable memory and removable batteries. They aren't reversing course. Samsung is holding strong but I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually move away from it as well.

Posted via Android Central App

Not just Samsung, Sony and LG both have flagships with micro SD slot. HTC's solution is to increase the base storage to 32GB and offer a 64GB model as well. Most people that need the micro SD slot are not looking to run apps on them, but rather store HD videos for playback later(as streaming bandwidth is still woefully inadequate in this department).

If Phone NAND chips become cheap enough(3bit TLC flash should help) that 64GB become the standard & 128GB become an affordable option I think SD slot would go away. But that's still a few years away.

Yes, Motorola doesn't have SD Cards.

Oh wait, they do. Razr line, and the oh so precious razr maxx

they are moving away from sdcard because it makes the partition complicated and MS gets $15 for licensing which bumps the cost.

If they put that $15 towards extra on-board memory they could double the 16gig. And they wouldn't have to reserve any more space on the board because 32gig and 16 gig fit in the same footprint.

Who wouldn't pay $15 more for that?

so NOW how do you know there is no 32 gb version??? these are leaks and leaks could possible not true

Honestly? 1080p doesn't make THAT much of a difference on sub 5" displays. I believe (for now) that 720p is the right choice because even tough this device has an Adreno 320 GPU, the extra pixels really push the GPU to the limit. More unnecessary battery drain, and more heat generated... 720p looks absolutely stunning on these devices, text and graphics are beautiful.

SGS4 owner here (brother owns HTC One)....

So why aren't you two rocking galaxy nexus'? If display doesn't matter.

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AGREED. I don't know about other people's viewing habits, but I have never wanted to use my phone to watch a video in such high resolution. I'd much rather see manufacturers focus on color quality, contrast and display power use than continue increasing resolution like crazy on handsets.

For tablets, it's an entirely different story. Watching videos on a Nexus 10 or retina iPad is a HUGELY different experience than on a tablet with lower pixel density.

the 1080p phones are a 5 inch devices this i believe is 4.3 or 4.5
cant expect more than 720 which is good enough

Great! So it won't be pushing more pixels and hindering UI performance. Look at graphics benchmarks of Adreno 320 phones (Snapdragon 600 and S4 Pro Quad, S4 Pro dual from Moto X) with less than 1080p resolution screens. The lower resolution phones win with higher frame rates in most cases.

Well I am spoiled by 5 inch 1080p beauty and all the specs in this new nexus are quite ridiculous bad. That's midrange at best and if it cost like 300 or even 250 u can get a nexus 4 what undoubtedly better for the same. Why even bother picking up this pretty much disappointing piece of........... Insert your own word here.

Sony Xperia Z

This device isn't for you. We get it. But it will be able to perform well. Only difference between Nexus 4 CPU is the N4 has 2 more cores. RAM is same, storage same, software will be extremely similar, cameras are gonna have slight differences. This will be a solid device.

Except the Nexus 4 has a great display..and will be better.

Posted via Android Central App

By what margin though? CPU power? Because if you look at the specs side by side, besides screen resolution and the design, they're almost the same - Nexus 4 just has 2 more CPU cores of the same Krait variety. Same Adreno 320 GPU.

Again, a major screw up. I was really wanting a MotoX but will not buy one with no SD card slot and a non-removable battery. Especially with a little 2200mah battery in it! Major downer on the first US built phone!!

2200 mAh means it will run circles around the Nexus 4 in term of battery life(2000 mAh, Quad core) and surpass HTC One (2300 mAh, 1080p+Quad core). It should be enough for it to have better than average battery life.

How so? In today's terms, 2200 maH is pretty small. The nexus 4 has a 3300 maH battery,I think. The droid RAZR maxx has a battery around 5000, if I'm not mistaken. Android phones typically have bigger batteries than that now. Granted, this will probably have pretty good battery life despite the size, but you'd expect more from a"flagship" device

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Your wrong, the Nexus 4 had a 2100 and the Maxx was 3300. There is nothing topping 3300 on any phone right now as far as I know

Different class. I am talking about 5" and below phones, not small tablets (I hate that phablet word).

One of the reasons I cant bring my self to buy the note is that I think it is underpowered.

Nexus 4 has 3300?? you are def ignorant N4 only has 2100 and it sometime give me 3 days battery and with the new maps it has even improved.
3300 battery is only on droid maxx phones. everything else has less than 2600 or so

This is a SOLID phone and they still are complaining. They want this high end device and that isn't something everyone wants. Motorola has already said this would not be their high end device. I don't get how people missed the "official" press release.........

Hmm..I wonder what the price will be. Can't see this being any better than the Nexus 4. I also use a Nexus 7 Wifi+3G as a phone with VoIP and if the pricing holds up to the current pricing I'll be getting the new Nexus 7 Wifi+cellular.The MotoX will be a Rogers exclusive here in Canada but I'm on Mobilicity so penta-band Nexus phones/tablets for me personally are better value.

Nice to see this phone going to at&t but I think I'll stick with my HTC One after seeing these specs, if they are the real ones of course.

Sent from my HTC One

I kind of wish that they'd bring back the Atrix line. I just dug out my old OG Atrix and put a variant of CM 10.1 on it and it handles it surprisingly well. That phone didn't get the upgrade support it deserved (not surprising from the old Motorola), but it was a really solid device.

But they said the x will go 48 hours between charges, and have killer tweaks. Every one cries they want all this hi end features but don't want to pay for them. Thanks to Obama we have turned into a give me society. Man up get a job.

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Lol and you think it's Obama's fault we are a gimme society? I'm not a huge supporter of the president but our gimme society is due to generations of greed, not one man.

Posted via Android Central App

Greed generally causes a person to go out and get it, not sit on the a$$ waiting for a handout. That said, agree the entitled generation is not Obama's fault, but he sure caters to it. Looking at you "parents."

The 48 hours thing was actually in relation to a new Droid device coming out on Verizon, not the Moto X.

Wing phone dude. That's the droid maxx that's yet to for out on big red. That claim is bit at all for the moto x.

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What? Nice attempt at trolling. Google is choosing for the their first phone from Moto to be mid-range? That's what happens with a company full of engineers. This makes as much sense at the Q, Zune and Surface RT tablet. Anyone that buys this turd instead of a DNA, Note II, GS4, One or Nexus 4 is NUTS.

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Most of the world doesn't buy flagship level phones. This is pne that can sell as the best of the mid tier, to a very wide range of customers.

A company full of engineers would make this a beast on the spec chart. A company full of engineers, that is a marketing/advertising giant, that is reporting to shareholder's makes a phone that will sell well to the masses.

If this performs better then a Nexus 4 with the same price point I will be getting one and also the new Nexus 7 to go with it. Just think about it you can get both for the same price as a galaxy s4 ( probably on and off contract).

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Yeah looks like I'm sticking with me nexus till the next one. Was getting psyched for this but seeing that it's not what I thought I'll hold out. Price should be good on it tho n it's been awhile since I had a moto. We'll see I change my thoughts every second..

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I'd buy it. It's the closest I'll ever get to another Nexus on Verizon without root and I have hope that it can last long if the sensors can be turned off. I just don't want to have 5 hour battery life like on the Galaxy Nexus.

I'll also buy it as a replacement to my GNex on Verizon, though I'm waiting to see what the off contract price is and whether the bootloader is unlocked. If the bootloader is unlocked and it's $300 or less off contract, I'll probably bite.

However, I really wish they would offer a 32 GB model.

If the bootloader is locked and the full retail price is higher than $300, I'll probably wait for the Motorola Droid Ultra Maxx or Note 3 to be released, since I've got a couple upgrades available anyway and know how to keep unlimited data and get the subsidized pricing.

I'm not sure at this point if I really want to burn an upgrade on this phone when I know the Ultra Maxx and Note 3 will be released shortly and have more internal storage and possibly better specs, though specs aren't everything.

95 % of the folks buying this never heard of android central let alone care about the hardware in this thing. If it s affordable, works well and looks nice (enough) it'll sell like hotcakes

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Totally agreed. This is not a high end phone and is not targeted for demanding consumers, they want "not-geek" people to buy this phone. And that is a bigger market.

Its basically a Nexus 4 with a slightly better camera, barely larger battery, half the cores, and a slightly altered version of Android. Not really worth me getting rid of my N4 for this. Especially since this is going to cost more than the Nexus 4.

WSJ had an article not too long ago about this being Motorolas new flagship device. Because of that, it will be competing against other company's flagship devices. The logic makes sense so far. And because of this, the price will also compete with other flagship devices. Expect $100-$200 on contract. Anything less is just wishful thinking.

Yeah. Carriers usually sell devices very high priced for buying outright. But, it wouldn't be a surprise for a Google Play sold unlock version to be priced much less.

That's not confirmed. Look at Nexus 4. 300 and 350 through Google, higher than that through T Mobile. It is possible. And I want stating anything as fact. I was saying Google could sell an unlocked version cheap themselves. Keyword: could.

Of course is not worth replacing a N4 with this, the Moto X is a mid range phone whereas the N4 is a high end one. Therefore, Motorola is not seeking to compete with the N4 and certainly it's not a replacement. Wait for Nexus 5.

Not even Moto's 3300mAh battery? What gives, guys? I sure would like 32GB of on-board storage, too. That's a bit disappointing, especially the battery.

- Dual core
- 2GB of RAM
- 720 display
- 3300mAh battery
- 32GB storage

^ I'd be all in for that.

At least the cameras appear to be on the higher end!

Yes. Now that would interest me. I've got my HTC one already but wanted a second phone. I really wanted to like this phone. I hope it has a 32gig option.

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The storage for me is fine, I have 24+ GB free on my GNex. The battery is a bit smaller than I would prefer, but it bigger than the 1850 mAh I have now. I think many of loose sight of the fact that we are NOT a good representation of the vast majority of the buying public. This phone is for the masses, not necessarily the small group of gadget geeks that we are.

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I have no doubt its faster than my Gnex but this phone is already apparently the blunder of the century. If its close to stock and doesn't have battery life as short as the Gnex I actually want one.

Hmm, if only I had waited until now to buy a phone...I would still have gotten the LG Optimus G Pro. This thing isn't going to measure up.

Unless this thing is free on contract, I see it dying a slow, miserable death. The HTC One can be had most anywhere for 99bucks, and has a better screen, better processor, twice the memory (storage), and that beautiful aluminum body. Most people look at numbers (whether or not they know what those numbers mean) and all the Motorola numbers look bad next to the big boys... And even at a $50 on contract price point, the savings doesn't justify the those differences in performance when another 50 bucks gets you the One.

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Keep telling yourself that buddy. If nothing else, it has the crazy quantity and quality of dev support you only get with a Nexus device. It has more premuim materials and likely a better overall build quality. Those extra two cores make a huge difference on a optimized rom for performace AND battery life. Last but not least, we'll be talking about the N5 once this gets released...

No thanks. No removable battery plus the inferior specs means I'll be hanging on to my s4. They'll sell plenty though because it comes in different colors. Yipee

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It looks like they want to hit the mid-range market, and a strong appeal may be in the first smartphone to be assembled in the USA. Nevertheless, I'll hang on to my N7, especially with the 4.3 upgrade :~)

These are specs and a potential price point that would appeal to customers in emerging markets throughout the rest of the world. If it is intended to be an unsubsidized phone for $100-$200, then Google is probably offering a pure upgradable android experience at a budget price for world+dog.

You can post that 100 times, and people will still say that it's the next Nexus, and it's gonna be cheap.

Posted via Android Central App

Not to impressive, below par compared to likes of htc one,and s4

Posted using HTC ONE via Android Central App

I'm sorry fail. When fringe manufacturers like oppo can out produce you, you fail.

Posted via Android Central App

No SD slot and a battery that small I can't remove? Wow, this better be cheaper than the Atrix HD off contract. In pretty sure that has an SD card slot. Except for the ram, this send pretty much like a budget phone.
It'd better be cheap. And I expect good battery life desire the tiny battery.

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Haters gonna hate. Picking up one if the rumored 200 buck off contract price (or around there) is correct. About the battery, what the hell do you people do on your phones that you can't have them last until you go to bed? I use my about year old One XL like crazy and it lasts until around 11PM or midnight.

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Nothing is final yet but that small of a battery and only 16gb of non expandable memory is not good unless this is a 99 dollar phone for normal users. Sure you can make it red or green and put your name on it but in the real world when the battery is dead you are done. I went from a Gnex with a 3800mah extended to a S4 with a stock 2600mah battery and the life is about the same but I think its because of how much Samsung worked on this device. Even Google isn't gonna get 14 hrs out of that small of a battery unless its something we haven't seen yet. OK elephant in the room this thing is obviously not the next Nexus so when is that coming? That's gonna have the killer stuff we want.

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You make no sense. I get more battery life than that with my N4 and the Moto X has a slightly bigger battery.

Everyone and their brother on AC here are complaining about the specs. If what has been told is true though. The specs will be darned, this thing will fly anyway. They are taking the approach that with proper optimizations you won't need the brute force of a quad cpu. If that means it's better and is cheaper then i'm all over it.

I have a n4 and I have under clocked mine to 1mhz to save battery. I also went from a moto having 42 gigs of memory to a 8 gig n4. And I found I can live without all the storage. Google is pushing streaming all your media from there servers which I do now. And it works well. So I think this phone will do well. And as long as they optimize the software. It will perform up with the big boys.

I don't get why you all complain about this phone, it is NOT a high end phone, it is a mid end. Having said that, it is targeted to different people than most of you, I know a lot of people (including me) than can totally sacrifice the internal storage and battery for a low price.

Just get over it and wait for the next nexus.

I have a N4 but I'll buy this. Maybe it's an entry level device with the Moto X2 coming next year or maybe 6 months later with quad core and 4000mAh plus 32gb of storage lol

Posted with Rootboxed N4 via Android Central App

Can the people complaining about the specs please explain to me why specs even matter? If the phone can last more than a day of medium-heavy use who cares what size the battery is. If its smooth and has no lag who cares what processor/RAM it has.
I've heard people talk about it being future-proof, but if you care that much about the specs, what are the chances you'll still have the phone in 2 years even if it was all cutting edge specs now? I can understand wanting more storage, but why do any other specs matter?

Same reason we all don't drive Fiats and Ford Focus'. Same reason there are civilian assault rifles. Same reason we live in America. Bigger, better, faster. Are you not familiar with the tech industry?

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But when specs don't directly translate into better and faster, what is the obsession with them?

Good analogy. Compare the size of the market for Ferraris compared to Fords. You think they should go for the tiniest of niches?

I drive a Focus, by the way. The other day there was a Ferrari alongside me on the freeway. Guess what? He was stuck in traffic just like me. His 500 HP meant squat.

It's because people focus on the measurable and not the experience. The phone hasn't been released. People are complaining about the battery even though they have no idea how long the phone will last without a recharge. They ignore the previous statements that the phone will have all kinds of "low power" sensors. Kind of ignore the fact that Google/Moto has talked a great deal about saving power.

The only way to judge this phone is upon release. The notable exception being the storage size. Most people can determine whether the phone will have enough storage for them.

As far as Quad/core, dual/core, screen quality, etc. I don't think anyone here has enough information to make an informed decision about that...yet.

Well said. I can tell you first hand, the difference in performance and battery between official AOKP and AOKP PUB (project unicorn butter - all kinds of krait/bionic/s4 pro optimizations) is night and day. PUB being the clear winner.

I'm sure this will do well if it's priced at what it's worth, which is about $200-$300 full retail.

The thing is if anybody else made this phone it would cost $500 off contact and no one would say anything, (go look at the HTC First which has comparable if slightly inferior specs) so why is it when Motorola makes a phone with these specs it's only worth $200-300 max? I seriously want to know.

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Because of Google and the nexus. What people to fail to realize is the though google owns moto, Motorola is its own company and cannot handle subsidies like Google does

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

Google is not subsidizing the Nexi, but they have very minimal profit margins. Motorola Mobility cannot compete with Google on that a long shot. Regardless of Google owning them.

Time to upgrade, but I think this is a deal killer for me: 16GB of storage, no SDcard slot. Instead, maybe new Droid Razrs?

I originally wasn't going to buy one as I already have an htc one. However the ate places I still don't like taking it. Like the lake... Concerts... Running... Etc etc. I know I'm sure it sounds stupid to most people. But I think this phone will make a great second phone. Switch sim cards every now and then and enjoy both phones. I do wish it had 32gigs

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4.7 inch screen makes me sad. I was hoping for a 4.3 to 4.5 inch phone. Looks like I'll go back to coveting the One Mini but eventually getting the One S because I'm cheap.

Shop around. You can find great deals on the one. 110 at amazon on att. 152-182 at Costco.

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I just want a phone that I can have my thumb reach every part of the screen while I hold it comfortably with one hand. I tried it on a friend's S4, and the screen was just a bit too big for my tastes.

Right now I'm using a 4 inch phone and I feel like I could go just a little bigger, hence why I said 4.3 or 4.5.

The specs are a huge disappointment. Let's see how the software plays out. I'm still on GNex, Verizon and up for and upgrade. I was waiting and hoping that the X would be my next phone but with the specs listed and no SD card, removable battery. I don't think I'll be getting this anytime soon.

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What a Sad Day.
I am stunned that Google has allowed this to be the 1st phone out for Motorola after not having a Major Player for some time now..

This device is not about what it does have, It's about what it DOES NOT have..

And that's so sad.

Samsung vs Apple it's a 2 Team Race..

Hopefully the LG G2 brings a Contender to the Table.

I have a feeling this thing will have outstanding battery life. The cpu frequency is all the down at 13.53 Mhz. My GS3 doesnt go below like 350

Very disappointed. that battery is tiny compared to the Big Red Motos. I was expecting a 3000 mah battery and 32gb of storage.

With no removeable, that 16 is destroyed fast. Those games Loft games use a gig+ for each one. My music takes up 8. I have a video or three for the airplane rides.

This better cost about 200 off contract and free on contract, or else why would you get this over a Nexus, or what would make you just not wait for the N5?

Hey guys what if Motorola just surprises us with a 15mp cam, Snapdragon 800, a 1080p screen, 3gb of ram, 32gb of base storage with a Micro SD slot. (I know the other specs will probably be the actual specs, just having a imagination.)

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This is supposed to be a tech community? From what I've read so far, 80% of you should either go back to feature phones or find a hobby you know something about

WOW, what a POS! Good job Google. Kick off your re-branding with an upgraded camera. Why would anyone buy this phone? These are terrible specs. It doesn't even compete with a 14 month old S3. Heck just get the RAZR Maxx HD. Who gives a crap about moto build quality at this point... JUST SAD!

If the overall size were smaller, I'd happily buy a phone like this at this rumored price for my wife or kids who don't need or want high end (or, for the latter, shouldn't have a $600 device). Unfortunately, a 4.7" display is the same as the Nexus 4, which I feel is already almost too big for my small hands, and difficult to pocket in some situations.

I have little problem with 16GB at this price and spec point, and agree that the SD Card complicates partitioning and lowers I/O throughput. Googorola is focusing on what matters here for mainstream and reducing the complexity of the device to favor compactness and price.

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I'm just glad that this report shows at least a 2200 mah battery. An earlier report showed a 1500mah battery and to me that ended my want for this phone. We'll have to see how this battery performs under real world tests, but so far Moto has a good track record with new phone battery life.

1280 x 720 screen and 16GB non-expandable storage don't sound like anything to get even remotely excited about. I really don't understand why the press seems to be so excited about this apparently mid-to-low end phone.

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