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Moving from an iPhone to Moto X? Motorola's hoping to make things a lot easier

Switching between mobile platforms is never easy, but Motorola's hoping a new addition to its web-based Moto Maker service will make things a little less painful for iOS converts. According to a Google+ post by Motorola's Punit Soni, it's now possible to migrate your iCloud account over to Google as part of the Moto Maker customization process.

First, users enter their iCloud login details, then they're given an estimate of how long the conversion process will take. Then, after a successful conversion, they're linked to their new calendar and contacts on Google. The Moto X help page advises switchers to use Google's built-in tools to check for duplicates.

Many other manufacturers, including HTC, Sony and Samsung, have their own software-based solutions for porting over iOS users' stuff to their handsets, but this is the first time we're aware of that it's been done over the web. And it's especially slick that this can be done as part of the ordering process, so the new phone arrives pre-populated with the customer's stuff.

Soni says "there is a long way to go, but its a start."

Source: +Punit Soni, Motorola


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Moto Maker now automating iCloud-to-Google switching


My dad could have really used this like 2 weeks ago! Also could have used moto maker at all on Verizon *cough cough*

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Only if they're on AT&T.
My wife would consider transitioning from iPhone to this phone, but we're on Verizon, so this is not incentive. No 32GB option without switching to AT&T makes it a tougher sell yet.

I like what Moto is doing, but the exclusivity is making me sad.

Just wait, 32gig will reach verizon soon as well.

I gotta tell you the phone switching aspect of the Moto X is an extremely nice feature. I can't believe Apple let that into the iPhone.

Its not clear if this will also move your on-device content to the Moto X, or only your iCloud content.

We used the migration app built into the Moto X to move from from one old Android to a new one, but it was fantastic. Everything you would want to move across moved perfectly, contacts, pictures, SMS messages, music, apps. It all worked.

Obviously this won't help with apps when moving from apple, but for the rest of the stuff most people have in their icloud account, its awesome.

What kind of security is there for this? What happens if someone steals your pre-populated phone? Do they get access to all your accounts and data?

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When your phone arrives, you still need a password, and you still need to activate it with credentials only you know.

Most of what this talks about is iCloud account to Google account. Its not clear how much of what is transferred is ever sent to your phone.

It would be awesome if it could read the apps installed on your iPhone, determine the ones that also have free versions on Android and automatically download those for you on the Moto X.

That would be nice, but how would it know which apps you had installed and which apps you had downloaded at one time and then uninstalled later?

Does this pose a potential security risk? The phone is populated with personal data regarding scheduling and contacts (not to mention your Google account), but then it is shipped (presumably unlocked). If the package doesn't happen to make it to the end consumer properly...

Or can you set a lock screen with Moto Maker?

I think the process is this:


The phone will come factory resetted (ie no profile ). when you log in initially, your data will be synched with Google Cloud; downloading contact info, etc.

No security breach here...

Moto X arrives (optionally) pre-configured, It knows who you are. You have to enter your Google Password to access it.

So if you order it that way, its not like its a total reset or factory wiped phone. Its half way in-between.

You also have to Activate it by calling or using a computer to visit att website.
I'd post the link so you could see it but the AC death penalty would kill all my posts.

Way to go Motorola! Keep doing things that are making Andriod harder to resist for iOS users!

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