Cheap and cheerful

In the smartphone world, the word "cheap" often goes hand-in-hand with "nasty" when describing entry-level products. But that's a trend Motorola's attempting to break with its latest budget offering, the Moto G. Announced last week in Brazil and already on sale in some countries, the Moto G combines a 720p display and a quad-core Cortex A7 CPU with a basic, near-stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean software experience. And the build quality's nothing to sniff at either.

We'll have a full review published for you very soon; in the meantime Richard Devine has taken the phone for a spin to bring you the hands-on video above.

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Moto G video walkthrough


I want to get a couple of these for my wife and myself! Sweet deal for poor college students!

Posted via my brand new Nexus 7! :-)

The DROID MINI is exclusive to Verizon Wireless - 1 carrier in 1 country. It retails for $400 off-contract.

The Moto G will be available in more markets at prices like $180 off-contract.

The price, probably. Pair it with Straighttalk and you pay much less after two years than the Mini.

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From the video, the specs and the price - consider me extremely impressed!

I felt that the Moto X was offering a 2012 high-end spec in 2013 at a premium and the fact that it was US only was a big kick in the teeth to us guys on the other side of the pond.

Moto have obviously tried to make it up with this phone - this is a mid-range spec at a budget price. It blows everything under the GBP200 level out of the water. If Moto are trying to rebuild their Euro business by going in aggressive, then they are going about it the right way.

I really hope they succeed with this phone - I wish I had a excuse to buy one myself but I haven't found one yet! There has been a problem with "landfill" android phones that, if anything, can put users off future android purchases. Hopefully this will stop the likes of Samsung pushing out unsupported low end crap onto users and force them to up their game (which they can).

Btw as far as the moto x goes it's a fantastic device. The Level of software optimization is impressive. A great form factor combined with an awesome feature set and 6 hours of screen time and you have one awesome device.

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How so? You're buying into an ecosystem of apps and accessories. If a person is looking for something iOS-specific, of course they're going to choose an iPod touch over a Moto G.

Because there is nothing that this can't do that the iPod can PLUS it has cellular connectivity. And half the price. Only Apple fanboys would buy an iPod touch over this phone.

lol. If there's an app or game not available on Android but only available on iOS, that's reason enough to get an iPod touch instead of this.

Take the blinders off.

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If there's an app or game not available on Android but only available on iOS THAT YOU USE, that's reason enough to get an iPod touch instead of this. Because there are plenty of apps that are available exclusively on one platform or the other.

You can't sync up your Android phone with iTunes. There may be 3rd party apps that allow you to do it, but they're all sloppy.

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I believe this is the phone for me considering my typical phone use. The price is a huge selling point for a family, so I will probably be picking up several to upgrade my current inventory, which is now outdated. I wish I did not have to wait till Jan? here in the states, but it is what it is.

It's just me or that's a LEGO star wars box? Ah, that would be great for kids instead of the moto g!

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Does the Moto G have a Micro SD card slot? I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything. That might be hindrance to some who want to put a lot of music/video/games on their phone.

The HTC Desire 601 has SD card plus dual front facing stereo Boomsound speakers, Blinkfeed, Zoe, Video vignettes, and NFC .

Today, and for the LAST TIME, I have once again been BLASTED by your terrible sound level control in your videos. I truly enjoy your site and videos but most often watch later at night when my kids and wife are fast asleep in the rooms next to my office. When I watch your video it usually starts with a short voice section - like this one, then goes to your "branding cut", then back to the video. The new branding cut is quite nice but WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too loud. Get it? It's way too loud! It's got to be at least twice the volume of the voice narration.

Me: "This looks interesting"
video: branding cut- SUPER DUPER LOUD BASS ROCKING THE CRADLE (literally)
me: scrambling for mute or volume switch and cursing your name
video: back to voice narration and now I cannot even hear the voice talking because I lowered it to an appropriate level for the branding cut.
me: scrambling for the volume AGAIN thinking this is way too much work to consume your content

So, I have been tricked for the last time. I will no longer switch volume levels back and forth. I guess I'll try to get my fix from some of the other android sites. It's sad as you are my favorite but the disruption is sometimes much more than just me having to mess with the volume twice a video. If you have little kids/babies you know exactly what I'm saying. Who wants that in the middle of the night just to watch one of your videos?

Bottom line: Please fix it. You guys are WAY better than this.

For most people, 4G costs are still quite high compared to 3G. If you want 4G you will probably want a premium phone like a Nexus 5, S4, HTC One etc to go with it.

The point is that this is a good mid-range phone with a budget price tag. Don't be fooled into thinking this can do everything, that's not really fair to Moto.

I was wondering when phones would stop coming with power adaptors. The time has arrived.

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I think it's best not to think of this as a high end device, but as a top of the line low end device. It's a great phone, for the price, but here are my issues.

5MP camera (in reality, it's not that bad, but it seems to be compared to other cameras)

No NFC (it is really cheap now days and with Google trying to push wallet, you'd think they'd sick it in)

No expandable memory

1.2ghz processor (hopefully since kit Kat was designed to work better on lower end phones this won't be terrible)

3G (I can't complain because at least for now I'll be using this not add a phone but like an itouch)

Just some thoughts