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Brighten up your new Moto G with a colorful back and matching flip cover

Since the Moto G went on sale, one of the most frequent questions has been surrounding availability of the different colored backs and flip covers. UK retailer Clove Technology now has a range of both on sale to buy now, with the backs costing just £8.99 and the flip covers a very reasonable £18.99. 

Red, blue, violet and the rather fetching yellow are all available in the back covers, while the flip cover has a turquoise and white option to add to those in place of the yellow. The Moto G is a ridiculously affordable Android smartphone, and the accessories are equally so. Head on over to the source link below to get your order on. 

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Source: Clove


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Moto G shells and flip covers now available from UK retailer


No it won't the Moto x is bigger than the moto g and the moto x doesn't have a remove able back

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19 quid for a flip cover doesn't seem that reasonable to me. Maybe I'm just a cheap skate :p

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Compare it to similar official accessories from other OEM's like Samsung, then it's reasonable ;-) These are official accessories don't forget. Not some dodgy eBay special ;-)

Hmm, I can see your point from a relative standpoint, and from that standpoint I suppose they're more entitled to a small gouge than say, apple or Samsung, given that they're knocking the Moto G out for £135 and Samsung's offering at this price point is no where near as good... I believe apple's offering at this price point is a set of ear buds...

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