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There are 6 comments

Robert says:

I'm still betting around January 22

joansin says:

The sooner the better, I don't mind it taking a bit longer as long as it is smooth. The Nexus One looks sweet but I am sure I like my Droid ten fold... Moto yo ho....

Anonymous says:

how will we get the update on the droid?

Anonymous says:

got a friend at verizon....he confirmed the new all touch moto droid is coming out in feb. i'm trading my moto droid in for that. it'll for sure be thinner and more sleek.

Anonymous says:

January 22 has come and gone... anyone know when 2.1 will be released on the droid?

Anonymous says:

I just gave Verizon a call today wondering about the 2.1 Android OS and they said it wont be released for a few more months. My question was specifically directed for a Motorola Droid.