Playnery is bringing a new game engine and what looks like an awesome game to run it in the summer of 2013

Looking for some way to push that Snapdragon 600 in your new or soon-to-be-bought Android phone or tablet? Playnery has you covered. Mother of Myth will be cross platform with iOS and PC, and if it's half as good as the trailer makes it look, it's one I'll be buying on day one.

Based on what we know now, it's an action / adventure / RPG game with sizzling graphics (optimized for the latest and greatest from Qualcomm), a full back-story, character customization, and all the other bells and whistles that make for a great, immersive game of this nature. 

Maybe the most exciting part is that the Playnery’s Bordeaux game engine was built on and with the Qualcomm platform. Ask anyone with a Tegra device and they will tell you that the optimized games are simply a step above anything else that's out there, and seeing a game of this caliber from developers who work with Qualcomm to make it great means your next phone or tablet can have great games no matter which processor is inside. We're looking forward to seeing what Playnary has to offer, and you should be too. Sign up for more info at the Mother of Myth site, and be sure to shout out at them in the forums to show your interest.

Via: Android Central forums

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Lanhoj says:

Sign me up!

jrb363 says:

Looks awesome! Hopefully it will play great on whatever phone I upgrade to!

wheeks says:

Can't is a multi-platform game...should work for any devices

Gearu says:

The Goddess Angel is wearing a pair of daisy dukes, not bad.

imcaius says:

How will it run on my Note 2?

Jaejoon Lee says:

Wicked. Can't wait for it. I'm going to get a new phone if it doesn't work on my current phone!

DocToxyn says:

That MOM is definitely hot. Looking forward to playing.

xKrNMBoYx says:

The dodging reminds me of Infinity Blade. Something I am willing to try while on the road.

dmedesha says:

MoM? It looks nice but did they really want to use that name?