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Sony device leaks are nothing new, and indeed we've recently seen plenty of the forthcoming Xperia Z. The device, known as Yuga for some time, is expected to be unveiled officially next week during Sony's CES press event in Las Vegas. We've already seen some leaked photos of the device, swiftly followed by leaked press renders. Now, we're treated to a series of slides obtained by ePrice that appear to be from some form of promo video. 

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We're expecting from the leaks and rumors seen thus far that the Xperia Z will be a 5 inch, 1080p device. What we're seeing here most definitely backs that up -- well, the 1080p part at least. Other slides make mention of the "skeleton frame structure" giving a good look at the sides and back of the device. In short -- it looks nice. It looks really nice. 

The 13MP Exmor RS camera is also mentioned, and it looks to have fast capture and HDR on board for videos as well as pictures. And, like some of Sony's 2012 Xperia devices, the Xperia Z is also water resistant. 

We've got a pretty good picture by now of what the Xperia Z is all about, but needless to say, Android Central will be live from Sony's press conference to bring it all to you as it happens. 

Source: ePrice via Xperia Blog


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More Sony Xperia Z leaks show off an apparent promo video confirming full HD display


Okay Sony, now give me a CDMA variant for Sprint and I will personally make a bunch of people return their GSIII.

Beautiful design, but by the time it becomes available here the S4 pro will be old news. To put it into perspective, the Nexus 4 and LG Optimus G (with the same processor) will be about 5-6 months old, Droid DNA will be about 4 months old. On top of that, the software will be behind too.
I love Sony's design, display, and this new camera sensor looks promising, but when will they ever learn?

Looks ok. Camera is probably the same one as in that other Xperia that's been on the market a while.

You're probably talking about the Xperia T and V. Nope, those have an Eximor S sensor (just like the iphone 5). This is the brand new Eximor RS, with, among other things, HDR video, which is i THINK the first time ever on a phone. Cool

Sony dont F this up.

-Removable battery
-Removable Storage
-Physical buttons

all better be there, any one of those missing and im sticking to my Galaxy Note 2 which has all that.

Im not dealing with some bs captive buttons, crappy battery life or limited storage.