Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S4.

A quick heads up that the Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S4 — which we reviewed last week — is now available for $99 (plus shipping).

Our take? It's not inexpensive, and we'd still question the necessity of a battery case for a phone that has a removable battery — you can buy a spare and a nice case for less than you'll pay here. But Mophie has done a fine job with this new Juice Pack.

Check out our full review here, and you can order straight from Mophie.

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Sam Senior says:

And yet there's no Mophie Juice Pack for the Nexus 4!

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mjmdroid says:

Exactly, that's the phone which needs such battery pack

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NoNexus says:

Yeah pointless to spend $100 on this, go and buy a battery for $22

cwiebe says:

I got used to using an external battery/charger with my One X. That htc charger seems to stop charging if the S4 goes to sleep. Is there a less expensive option than $100?

guruachary says:

There is a "Stay Awake While Charging" option, when you "enable" Developer Options in your S4. To know how to do that, just Google "enable developer options in S4".

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lucas710 says:

So there is no speaker cutout? Please tell me I'm wrong. All pics and videos show a solid back.

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glazedfaith says:

Looks like the sound is re-routed out the bottom front, as so often is done with iphone accessories, but I'm not sure how well the sound will handle a 180 degree re-route.

tim242 says:

The Samsung extra battery charging system is $40-$50. Mophie on a phone with replaceable battery is silly.


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Not only that. Registering your S4 at the Samsung site will get you a 50% off any product under $50, which the battery and charger at 49.99, that makes them $25 plus shipping. Still better than Mophie

elferoz34 says:

I hope this juice pack is not as big like the one for the GS3.

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ne0ne says:

The morphie doesn't make sense with a removable battery.

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Paul Swain says:

U can get an 8800 Mah battery on Ebay for $40....

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NegativeBeef says:

This seems pointless when you can just purchase an extended battery for half the price.

RaiderWill says:

There is 1 born every minute....
Now let's see... Where is my Credit Card....

cayala0501 says:

Battery is removable so this is not necessary.

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Heres a better case and it is a 3100MaH battery $10 cheaper and you could still use nfc.

cowboys2000 says:

More options are always a good thing. This may work for those out in the field away from a power source and not wanting to carry the spare battery, holder, or want to quickly dismantle the phone to swap the battery.

Keep in mind that when these accessories come out, other companies create different versions and the community here tells us about other products like the incipio link above.

I like the incipio better and the ability to still use the USB port.