Sure, NFC hasn't quite taken over the world yet, but that doesn't mean it can't be useful. And MOO, maker of extremely cool business cards (it's where we do business), will be adding an NFC option. You can't order them just yet, but MOO's slipping an NFC-enabled card into new orders (it says it's got 150,000 of them to give away), to whet appetites.

MOO says it'll have its own NFC-writing app as well, so you can rewrite the tags as you see fit. (We presume current NFC tag writers will also work.)

For our money, this is a perfect use of NFC. It's so much easier than typing or even scanning in a business card. Just tap and go. Huzzah.

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MOO adding NFC option to business cards


That's awesome. I'm actually thinking about purchasing some NFC cards. NFC could be really useful if more people know about it. Just today in class, we got into groups for a project and we just passed each others phone around or a paper to get everyone's number. I was just thinking to myself how much easier it would be if we could just tap our phones together and have our contacts be updated. Doubt people will catch on especially since most of my classmates have iPhones :/

Android have only NFC is only high end phones, at least in unlocked models not carrier mutants. But don't worry it's just matter of time when NFC will be popular :) I bet even Apple got NFC in there timeline if you look on there ticket app... it's yell for NFC

I don't know about other manufacturers, but most of Sony Mobile's smartphones have NFC (Near Field Communication) built-in, even the low-end models... I'm about to buy a new Sony smartphone for my son and I was surprised that virtually all of their smartphones - including the cheap ones - offered this functionality!

My wife and I bought those "Sony SmartTags" (NFC chips) when we bought our Xperia S smartphones just recently and although she doesn't really use NFC much at this stage, I use NFC frequently and have SmartTags setup all over the place (in the bedroom, in the car, next to the front door, etc)...

Now THIS seems like a great use of NFC. I suppose ideally you wouldn't even need business cards, though -- just tap phones together. But it's a good cross between the old (business cards) and the new (NFC).

what a great idea...although the business card is almost dead, and if you have an NFC enabled device you should be able to transfer a business card gif just as easily - I think it's pretty cool.