Monday night mayhem

So much for easing back into the work week, huh? We started off today with the announcement of the HTC Aria on AT&T. Followed that up by another Motorola Droid X sighting. You all got your knickers in a twist over doubleTwist (and many of you missed the phone -- it's about design, not function). And to top it all off, the Samsung Galaxy S Pro made an appearance.

Quite the Monday, indeed. Let's wind down with a little free chat. Got something you wanna get off your chest? Do it here in the comments.


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Monday night mayhem: Comment at will!


Hoping that come September when I can upgrade AT&T has the HTC Aria on sale ($99 w/contract?) or there are a few other Android phones announced...

its so weird, i am not used to being happy with my phone choices on verizon, i am used to wishing i was on at&t or sprint.

I considered switching to Verizon (only other option for my area) but decided to stick with AT&T due to the rollover minutes and family being on my plan. I'll be moving to Buffalo, NY in about 11 months and I figure even with the crippled data plan AT&T offers there should be enough WiFi spots in the area :) Can't wait to get an Android phone.

I am super excited for the Xtreme. I got my incredible on 6/2 its still in the box. I was waiting to activate it, i am going to activate it today and now i will have 30 days from today to return it according the vzw reps. Now if the xtreme is released fist half of july, i have the option to exchange.

I am coming from BB to android and am quite excited. I am wondering how hard/easy it will be to port my BB java apps, i am hoping since android also uses java for user apps that it might be easy to port.

but i have a question coming from BB, is there a way like BB to have the phon 100% silent for all calls and texts/emails and then when an emergency contact calls, it rings at the setting it set? this works great for BB and i am told it doesnt exist on android, maybe i need to write an app, but i am hoping a solution already exists!

Stop the bad press!
Anyway, Phil... can you write an article on the future of Android gaming on the high end devices?

A lot of us Evo users are concerned about this snapdragon not being able to play high end games like the iPhone... we do have a big beautiful screen you know.

Please say we are wrong and games just need to be optimized for our phones.

as a java developer i worry what these phones can really do graphics/games wise using java. being that iphone runs apps natively, they have a huge advantage in gaming i would assume. but then again just causes BB's java graphics engine sucks big time, doesnt mean android is as bad, i havent check out the sdk too much yet/.

Install Speed Forge 3D. You'll see that Android does indeed have the ability to display graphic well.

I'm running it on a G1 CyanogenMod and even on that it's great. I can't imagine how it looks on an EVO.

Considering the size of most Android devices' screens, compared to the iPad, the games should run at a lower resolution which means less processing power needed to render things.

You're talking about 1024-by-768 (iPad) versus 800-by-480 (HTC Evo). It may not be a huge difference, but it IS a smaller resolution...I don't see why high-end Android devices couldn't play new games.

EDIT: comparatively, the iPad has a 1GHz Arm processor, while the Evo has a 1GHz Snapdragon...if the Android graphics SDK matures (or is mature enough) we should see some nice things gaming-wise.

ok I have a palm pre right now, and I can use my premier account to upgrade now if I wanted to. I am asking for an opinion, should I get the evo 4g right now, even with some of the issues I have been reading?

If you don't mind your current phone too much, wait. I'm sure 1. the Evo contract will come down in price a bit between now and the holiday season and 2. let those bugs/issues be worked out.

We all just want our FroYo please. Strawberry would be nice.

Start with us Nexus users down at this end of the bar, we will offer ourselves up as food tasters to make sure those EVOs don't get sick.

Phil: Design (form) follows function. Not the other way around.

got a new Eris and was wanting to root and downloaded what I thought was the 2.1 root, but it was the v3 leak...wish people would label crap what it really is. Now just wondering if the Eris will get froyo? Probably not this year just the over-hyped "Droid"

I wanted the EVO on Sprint simply because I wanted a high-end phone with specs to be jealous over. But with the rumors of the Galaxy S Pro and the issues starting to develop with the EVO I might be making a move to Samsung.

Still a little jealous that Verizon will get the new Droid models. Don't want to switch carriers just for the phone.

Boy things change quickly. Only 4 months until I can upgrade on Big Red. What do you think will be available then?

I know this is an Android site, but free WiFi at all Starbucks pwns. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Now the question is, which is the best Android phone on WiFi? =O

Yeah my Evo has no bugs... get one unless you NEED a physical keyboard. However, you can get used to the virtual lb.

Anyone else tired of the EVO yet? I've never seen one in person (Verizon or Alltel in my neck of the woods) so I won't trash talk it but every other article these days is about that thing. Anyway, how bout a little plug for the Motorola Droid running Froyo? It's out there if you're rooted, I did it last week and my Droid is running great.

How about the fact if I have 2 types of data transmission at the same time with my incredible I get force close. Happens with text going out and coming in, phone in and text out. Erased all my data(emails, texts, and call history). Wtf? Doesn't work that well for trying to return sales calls when I lose call history twice a week. Or lose my text history. Starting to miss my bb and that is something I never thought that I would say.... I wonder if I can send a log collector of this bs trouble to HTC or Google.

First rant on this website(member for 4 monthish)

I still have my g1 (which I love) and my contract with tmo is up in july. Wanting a new phone but with all the great models coming out I am getting a little lost. The incredible sounds...well...incredible..and then the bits we get about the x... also liking some of what I hear about the samsung galaxy s... wouldn't mind the evo but sprint coverage in my area isn't so hot... anyone have input for me?

Rumor is there are 2 more Motorola phones coming out by the end of the year other than the Drod 2 and Droid X, I'm assuming on Verizon but not really sure.

If you choose to jump on the Verizon bandwagon, just keep in mind that data gets severed once you get an incoming call, as stated by a few comments up above. It can be bitter sweet experience, especially if you're one that likes to have data flowing to your device quite often.

For a mid-level Android phone, not too bad. I'm holding out for a few months in hope that a higher-end Android phone is announced for AT&T. Would love to see a 1GHz Snapdragon...

No bugs here on my awesome EVO!!! This thing is pure bad a**!! The cherry on top is I have 4g all around me here, in little old Wilmington De. Thanks i95.

EVO issues....s h I t what u guys talking about, I came fr a pre so there was issues there I have no problems with my EVO AT ALL!!!! Trust me once u get this beast u'll enjoy it, just finish putting avatar n Sherlock Holmes n OMG, HAVE PICS, VIDEOS, MUSIC, MOVIES, ETC this phone is like my own personal computer now

Digging my EVO but I kept my Pre as a backup. Nope, I could not part with my WebOS device.

As with most, I really like my EVO but there are a few things that wish for in future Android/HTC Sense versions:

1. Full and complete Microsoft Exchange integration. I am using Touchdown and need to figure out how fully integrate contacts & calendar with native tools if it is possible.

2. Software tweaks to improve the WiFi.

3. Two mode home screens - portrait and landscape.

4. Although OK, I'd like better native multimedia apps.

5. Full 4G speed. I average between 2.5 and 3.5. I have not hit a higher speed yet - could be throttled.

These are only a few improvements. Again, overall for me, the EVO is a home run.

Oh yeah, I will be making the EVO my primary line for next years hot Sprint phone - hoping a really cool Pre Plus II (or whatever) or a EVO II (or whatever) with full WiMax/LTE speeds.

So when should I expect froyo for my moto droid? Keep hearing different dates... I know I could get it now if I went with the rooted route but not really wanting to do that.

Cant wait for the Motorola X !!!! So sick of HTC !!! A Motorola King of Android will be so awesome !!!

No issues here with my EVO... coming from the pre and then the hero this phone has been a dream so far... even copy and paste is better... all i need is some froyo

I can't wait for more info on this samsung galaxy s pro. I love my samsung moment, but with all these new super-spec'd phones coming out, I can't help but feel like I'm already falling behind. I still want the Evo, but this Galaxy S Pro thing is really going to make me reconsider.

FroYo + Droid + Root = Yum!
I'm an utter novice, and by some stroke of luck got good ol' Froyo goodness on VZW.
Besides me losing the "Verizon Wireless" in my banner, I couldn't complain less.

I want some Gingerbread! Now! Christmas please?

Android matured in features, I'll say that.

However, I would like some of those "don't think about it too much but it annoys me" things to be fixed. Typing in text fields is kind of meh. Selecting text makes things even worse.

Otherwise, this phone beats my Palm Pre heavily. The Palm Pre did have games... I loved Sims 3, Asphalt 5, and Nova... however, the big screen made up for it. I like Raging Thunder 2 and Slimeball Speedway (major replay value).

I wanna know when I can get froyo for my motorola droid! And how early can I get it? Even if its illegal I want it! Haha

What the heck here I go.

I have an EVO and a Nexus 1 but need to send one back. (can't have 2 phone plans).

I *love* my N1 but the minute I pick up the EVO and look at that fabulous screen I forget all about the N1. Still, the N1 works like a well-oiled machine, streamlined, love the vanilla android... most of the time when I want to do something, the N1 the device I reach for. And then when I want to surf the net, I pick up the EVO. *sigh*


All I want to know is if the Nexus One will ever hit all tmobile stores. I'm debating the nexus one over the my touch slide. I know they're both diffrent phones, but I need help to decide. I'm tired of my g1!!

The evo is a very impressive phone but its on the threshold of just being too big. i mean we went from shirinking laptops down to the size of a phone and now it seems we are going backwards. how long before you see a dude walking down the street with a laptop sized phone up to his ear lol that size is not practical

I have not had any issues with my Evo. No light or screen problems! If you do have problems, exchange it for one that doesn't, simple really!

This is one kick ass phone and do NOT let lame articles tell you otherwise.

I went to use my Pre to get some information off of it. WOW it seems so TINY now!!!! The screen looks so incredibly small!!! I LOVE the Evo's screen size!!!

The only real legit (meaning something an exchange may not fix) complaint on the Evo is battery life. My battery was bad (all my devices I have ever used had bad battery life) but I did a lot of the tips and it is very good now as long as my Display (settings-about phone-battery-battery use) is under 10%. THAT IS KEY!! As I said for me this is GREAT as I have a history of bad battery life with all my devices.

If this is above 10% then your battery is draining too fast.
Mine is now under 10% and I run Live wallpapers and have GPS and BT on!

You sometimes have to play with it, plug it back in and out, etc.. But you can get it to stay under 10%

Who is havin' promblems with they're EVO...??? Not me Lol... This thing runs like a beast & jus pulled "AVATAR & NINJA ASSASIN" strait from my dvds & put them on my sd card & played them in MP4 format on my EVO & they look great... Android will be the death of the competition at the rate it's goin'...!!!