It's been a crazy day. We've been playing with the Qik video chat. We had to choke down another Apple keynote. We saw the Nexus One disappear and then reappear -- yes, it's back now -- from Google's online phone store. And on top of all that, you've all been going nuts in the forums. So let's wind down tonight with a little free chat in the comments. Talk amongst yourselves. You've earned it.


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Monday night mayhem: Comment at will


I dug!
Got the evo friday@6am@sprint store. Have been happy just got a couple questions, which ill look up...
Like can i use qik on my evo while someone uses a similar app on blacberrt, wm, etc...or is it you gotta use fring with fring and qik with qik? Idk ill figure it out...

The iphone looks great, but besides the great resolution it doesnt make me wanna jump ship....but compared to 3gs i dont see that much innovation, idk maybe its me...i like my ipad but think android and webos make better smartphones....iphoneos is better for tablets, just my opinion, but its the most important one to me..haha

ok so apple is boasting a whole new innovation of "retina display" with 960 x 640 pixels. Is there a noticeable difference between that and a 480 x800 display?? also better than AMOLED?

I was wondering the same thing. How does the iPhone4's new screen compare to AMOLED or Super AMOLED?

according to an article i read, the human eye can distinguish individual pixels if the display has less than 300 ppi. The "Retina Display" has 336 PPi, which would make it impossible for us to distinguish the pixels making the display look much more smoother and crisp. Now, how does this compare to the evo...HTC EVO resolution = 216.97 ppi, which is less than the Nexus One (252.15 ppi) even though the screen is bigger in size...but regardless, I LOVE MY EVO!

I won't know for sure until I get mine, but I'm willing to bet it's especially good outdoors. Due to the high pixel count, your eyes won't see the dots. Reading a web page would be like looking at a real newspaper. It's an amazing technological feat that others will surely follow. It should be better than OLED, but we'll have to wait until June 24. This thing is gonna sell!

Don't know. But I can tell you I really miss my nexus one screen. The EVO is bigger but does not look better.

Steve did happen to say that it was better then OLED but I'm not sure in the differences in properties and qualities between AMOLED and OLED.

Jobs is insane! Retina is simply a high res LCD... cool man, cool. EVO has an LCD too, one that's huge! The only thing they did was develop the new iphone so the antenna is on the edge; a pretty neat idea. Oh and they added folders, neat?

Don't be be so quick to dismiss it as an LCD. Pay attention to what he's doing with the tech and pushing in a new direction that competes with OLED. OLED is fine indoors, but no good outdoors. LCD performs good in both environments. He's making it work and looking as good or better than OLED. That's innovation.

The new iPhone screen looks nice, but I dont think HTC, Samsung and Moto will not sit still long, they will come out with same or better screen. As I understood from reading the WWDC event is that Apple wants everyting under one roof. How do you like the WiFi vid chatting, not like Sprint with 4G, no WiFi required. The faster Sprint rolls out 4G to major cities the better we are all of. I wonder if Apple has patent on this screen, I still like my EVO and the Android system, hope to see Froyo soon with JIT compiler. Should speed things lot for EVO.

Does anyone know how to get the mail clients to stop asking to "show images" for every messages with images in it? I've tried the GMAIL app, the default HTC EVO mail app, and the K9 app and they all require you to click "show messages". Is there none that shows it automatically?

It does not currently run 2.2 (Froyo). However, HTC has specifically named it when they announced development of 2.2. Hopefully it should be here sooner then later. If not our developers are working day-and-night to root the phone for users to install all goodness that comes with being a super user.

I have a question that requires a quick answer...

Does the Incredible run Froyo 2.2? How can I get the update?

what happened to need for speed shift for the evo read about it coming out June 4th but nothing yet come on ea, game-loft the games suck on android the palm pre has way better games and more of them its kinda shocking to me

i have to agree with this. I ditched my Palm Pre for an EVO and the Games on the Pre looked good too. The only problem was that "too many cards error"...Im definitely looking forward to good 3D gaming on this.

@ joek1671-i wouldnt think that they could put a patent on how many pixels you can put on a screen..but then again, thats just me thinking.

ummm thats because they were on WiFi not 3G Hence why they made everyone shut there devices off to see the demos

I'm wondering why no one has mentioned anything about at&ts network failing in the middle of the apple keynote.

I'm thinking Apple is secretly envious of Cisco....first iPhone, now IOS? I mean, come on, be original Apple! :)

I heard a rumor a while back suggesting that game developers weren't interested in making games for android. now that we are getting better devices are they thinking differently now or was it just a rumor? Thanks :-)

Where is my root for the incredible? And why is the market all messed up? And where is vcast?

The iPhone is too fragmented. It won't survive if they don't get this under control. You have the new 4 with the full iOS 4, the 3GS with a subset of iOS 4, the 3 and below with no iOS at all, the 4 has twice the resolutions as the 3GS and below and the iPad has a totally different screen size and no info on if and when its getting iOS4. Developers will have to target too many platforms and it will never catch on. If they don't get this fragmentation under control they won't last long.

Moosc, just hold your finger on the picture you want to save, after a second or two a menu will pop up. It gives you the option to save image, then you can do what you want with it. Hope this helped.

Forgot to mention, waiting for my Evo, should be here on wed. Just found out today 4g was just implemented here in Wilmington,De. Cant wait!!!! I'm doing some work at a building they installed it on. So I can confirm its true.

So I noticed that there hasn't been anything posted much (don't mean in the forums) about how the conversion from the Pre (or almost anything with a physical keyboard) to a strictly virtual keyboard has been for anyone. I think that's kind of a big deal, and I didn't realize how big of one it would be until I bought my EVO, and said good bye to the Pre.

I have to say the transition is strange, but day by day I get more used to it. Definitely helps with the haptic feedback, but I haven't had much of a chance to get used to it with or without that. Nor have I tried any of the other keyboard types in the Market. I figured I'd just get used to it at_all, then search for others that might work better.

Other than that, I got mine at 8am on the day of release and I pretty much haven't put it down since. I can confidently say that even though it still could use a little bit of work (email client and multiple tasking among other things) that I have found my new home in this phone and with Android.

Props goes to HTC for the hardware, Android Central for the info (and convincing) and um...oh yea...Google for the hard work!

I came from a physical keyboard myself. I am really not having much of any problems with the touch keyboard. Way easier to use than the Iphone's in my opinion. i feel that way because of the size of the screen and the buttons. that makes thing so much easier. I got to be the first customer to walk into my sprint store friday at 8am, and of course i didn't leave until like 9:30. We were on hold for way too long trying to port my number and I still couldn't use my phone until like 10:30 when it all went into affect, but I am loving this phone, have not set it down since getting it.

I use both the regular keyboard and the shapewriter keyboard.

I'm getting used to it... It's easier to type imo.

I'm still kinda upset that I haven't got 2.2 yet(nexus one on T-Mobile) has anyone heard anything new about when we'll be getting it its been almost 3 weeks now.

@bigshea06 No word on getting 2.2 officially yet. I can tell you that my Froyo 2.2 FRF50 build on a non-rooted Nexus One is working great. If you have a Nexus One, it's really a simple upgrade to do **AND** you'll still get the official Over The Air upgrade from Google when they decided Froyo is ready for us. Look around, plenty of forums have the FRF50 build. It's about 44MB. Put it on your SD card (just plug in via USB to your phone), follow the simple instructions... 20 mins later you are on Froyo 2.2 Release Candidate.

Well I miss my physical keyboard n the WEBOS on my pre but wooow I'm starting to like this EVO more n more...this phone is bad saw, I wasn't really that impress with that new iPhone so I knw I made the right decision with this EVO

I4 is now starting to get things that Android has perfected over the past two years! mostly everything that the Iphone 4 is getting right now, Android had with the G1, and now they have perfected it while I4 is starting it! LOL!

I've had every OS there is: from WinMo, Palm OS, BB 3.0-5.0, iPhones 2G and 3G, Web OS, and Android since the G1 (all except Symbian) and literally none compare to me. Android & Google know the internet, technology, and how to seamlessly meld them together to make our lives easier. It may be I'm just a techie/geek, but I'm sold on Google, their mobile vision, and all their projects. Go Android or go home!

That said, Motorola & VZW can't push 2.2 to this Droid fast enough!

Jumped from iPhone 3GS to HTC EVO (Saturday morning lineup). I went to EVO knowing about the iPhone expectations and still did it - and loving it. I have iMac, Macbook Pro and iPad - so I'm all Apple (not really a fanboy though) - but the Android appeals to the geek/tinkerer in me.

I was able to last a full day with a very busy EAS inbox. With the same volume of email, my Palm Pre Plus (3 days on it before returned) lasted until noon - boo.

Any EVO owners out there worried about the camera laying flat (or almost flat) on the surface without a case/sleeve?

Video chat over wifi, only to iphones. Lol. Its like its 1990 and Lexus came out with a sweet car phone with awesome sound quality.....but you have to plug it into the Jack in your house.....and can only call other Lexus owners who happen to be sitting in their garage in their Lexus, also plugged in.... bad idea

How so I know If I'm connected to 4g. My signal bar is full and I have 4g on so does that mean I'm running full speed ??

How so I know If I'm connected to 4g. My signal bar is full and I have 4g on so does that mean I'm running full speed ??

Free chat huh? I'll bite.

My little brother is an Apple fanboy :(
He really thinks iPhone 4 is better than any Android! What do I do?


'ello everyone! New Android user here with the Evo. I'm loving this phone but am sadden to see such a huge screen meant to play movies, and yet when I am playing a movie, then do a quick thing somewhere else, when I return, I lose my playback position. >.< Hardcore android users, what would be the best video player to use?

EDIT: Never mind, DoubleTwist just had an update and it seems to have fixed he resume playback problem. AWEEEESOME :)

What upsets me here is where is froyo for the Nexus one on AT&T would think we would have got an upgrade by now!! Come on GOOGLE!!

True. Can anybody tell me if the 2.2 update when pushed out is pushed out worldwide? More specifically will it be pushed out in England the same time that you guys get it?


I'd Like to see some durabilty Tests EVO vs Iphone4. Maybe some waist high drops onto cement. And some short face trips across some gravel. you know some everyday things that might happen :-P and maybe a few that wouldnt

Seems like nobody cares about Crackberry. All I see is IPhone vs EVO. WHERE IS THE LOVE?? BOO WHOO WHOO (AAAAHH CRACK IS WACK!)