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Murph5150 says:

Let's not forget the Rezound goes on sale today!

Agreed! The Rez has gotten zero promotion! Whattup??

Hey! I talked about the Rez last week! 



Tyndall says:

Oh my.

jg274105 says:

Thanks, now I have George Takei stuck on the brain.

niterider804 says:

She is hot...err ya awesome news

vlkers7171 says:

less titles on screen please. You're blocking the view.

davemacd says:

I have a very hard time taking Android Central seriously when you post things like this video. Bring me news. If I want cheesecake, there are plenty of other sites for that.

greydarrah says:

Are you kidding? This is great news with a beautiful view. It could get no better!

We can always have Phil don my v-neck sweaters and do the show. But I can't guarantee the rest of the viewers won't show up at your doorstep with pitchforks and torches!

greydarrah says:

This is crazy talk and Phil is not evil enough to do such madness.

awkgrep says:

Haha, but actually, getting a hot guy as a partner for these videos would be kind of cool. Android Central lacks mancandy!


LGiusti84 says:

As much as I love Phil, I´ve just bought a pitchfork and some torches just in case

Tyndall says:

Buzzkiller! FINISH HIM!

Always good to have something to look forward to on a Monday morning. Ashley and her updates are definitely it! Great new show too, they have me rolling.

svargas05 says:

Fap to AndroidCentral?

Anything is possible, sir.

moises1204 says:

I am frigging in love with girl, hahaha.

Nirvana328 says:

glad to know that the male Android Central readers are all gentleman and here to talk about technology and not other distractions.

TheBigFerret says:

Damn Chyron's!

moosc says:

The rez isn't a Droid so there isn't going to be a big push for it.

david6785 says:

holy moly nice rack !!

ronhoney says:

OMG! Thank you Lord! Couldn't take my eyes off that cute cluster of freckels/mole in the lush valley. Could you jump up & down or salute more during the presentation?

Oh, good news too.

moradroid says:

I love a beautiful woman talking tech.