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Monday Brief: EiCs name their Best Devices of 2012


Renee Ritchie can throw out some very creative adjectives to describe a 2 yr old device with LTE thrown in. I think he really believes his ramps, he is brain washed much like Phil with his Q. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is without a doubt the device of the year. To sum it up is very easy, it has it all and it is priced right.
Happy Holidays to all at Mobile Nations.

...but the SGS3 can't be the iOS device of the year, can it? The problem with the iPhone 5 is its software, not its hardware. Ignoring that, he really is right about the in-cell display tech, and it's shockingly light. My roommate has one (alas, I was not able to bring him over to our side this time), and it feels really good in the hand...perhaps better than my EVO LTE. Yes, the display isn't true HD, but Apple had their reasons for that (mostly because they choose 320x480 for the OG iPhone instead of 360x540). The Apple A6 chip is nothing to sneeze at, either. It also gets pretty good battery life on LTE...barring the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX (HD), of course.

But, like I said, the software is an incrementally upgraded version of a 6-year-old OS that lacks many great features of Android. That hardware running Jelly Bean would be great, though.

There videos with Ashley are so pathetic. They are such obvious un-ashamed panders. Regardless of whether or not Ashley knows about tech and gadgets, these are such a lame pander to tech boys and stereotypes in general. Ashley always has a low cut top on hinting at her cleavage.If not, her chest is always prominently on display. She always has doey eyes. These videos are just embarrassing.

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Merry F'ing Christmas.

Actually, those are my clothes. In fact, I'm wearing that very same red/black combo right now. Out to the grocery store. 

If you don't like looking at an attractive woman who knows her stuff, maybe the Monday Brief isn't for you. 


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Clearly, you are a paragon of goodness and light. My bad!