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Monday Brief: Editors-In-Chief Best-Of


Ashley!!! Don't give him any ideas! He might wanna patent that! N of course, thepatent will be granted.

It's kind of curious how the attitude of these reports fit in so nicely with the attitude of the parent company for the product each of their blogs cover... Except maybe Kevin, if RIM had as much enthusiasm as Kevin they wouldn't be in the hole they're at.

I think it really speaks to how real our sites are. There's no collective "voice" we adhere to -- just us folks who love technology and want to talk about it with you guys. And I agree, every site's EiC really sets the tone for the site they run. It's kind of wonderful, in its way. :) I noticed it too when I was watching the videos from the guys in the editing bay. :)

Danny even turned his video in as a .WMV -- which was a NIGHTMARE to convert. ^_^

This comment only sort of belongs here, but I'm too lazy to register at iMore. In his comparison of the Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad, Rene failed to mention the raw power advantage the Nexus 7 had over the iPad. Quad-core Tegra 3 is nothing to be ignored, and the 7 has 12 (count them, 12) graphics cores. I'd be surprised to see the new iPad match the Nexus 7 in performance, especially considering all those pixels the new iPad has to maintain. How can you write a hardware section and not mention the processors? The A5X chip is no slouch either, but the CPU/GPU setup in the Nexus 7 should not be ignored. I feel like this is just Rene's pro-Apple spin, but maybe he just legit forgot.

Woaaa hold on. Rene says high definition/quality is the future? No way! How did he guess that? I mean, first we had black and white videos, then color, then 480i, then 480p, then 720p, then 1080p, then 1600p....hmm nope don't see a pattern. But wait, Apple to the rescue! "Retina displays" are the future because Apple said so! Obviously, it's not because that's where we were headed before Apple came into the mix...

haha iMore cracks me up. If Apple's biggest story is continuing an old trend from the 1900's, then I expect Android to continue kicking their ass and the lawsuits to continue.