Hi guys! We're gonna switch up the normal Monday Brief this week to bring you all something special. I'm so excited to celebrate my one-year birthday with the Mobile Nations team, and with the help of every site in the network, I want to hook a lucky winner up with their dream device. Have you been lusting after the Samsung Galaxy S III? How about the new iPad? Or perhaps you've been anxiously awaiting the next round of Windows Phone 8 devices or are holding out for BlackBerry 10?

Over the years we've seen some pretty crazy entries for video contests here at Mobile Nations (Kevin often brings up a certain Pudding Wrestling in Time Square CrackBerry video), but I want to top them all, so we're gonna make this the best video contest Mobile Nations has ever had! Seriously, I want to you see you all get creative, get crazy and show me your passion to help, let's have a look at what you could win:

  • GRAND PRIZE: One (1) phone, tablet, or gadget you've read about on Mobile Nations websites, valued at up to $600 USD
  • Runners Up: We'll hook you up with some awesome stuff. Either a coupon to one of the stores, some swag or something else you'll love. Don't worry, if we use your intro on a Monday Brief, we'll give you recognition and a nice little reward.

Once again, this is a video contest -- you'll have to get creative and assemble your most creative, funny, or just plain insane version of my weekly introduction to the Monday Brief. If you're not sure what part that is, watch the beginning of the show. Jump below to get the full details on how to enter and check out the rules, you'll need to follow them accordingly.

STEP 1: Make Your Video

I know it seems daunting, but I promise I'm making it simple to enter. Jump on your webcam, use your cell phone, or make a cinematic masterpiece with a Canon Mark 5D III. Any way you do it, you're re-creating the introduction to the Monday Brief -- here's the script:

"I'm ______________, and it's time for your Mobile Nations Monday Brief, where I bring you the best of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation. It's been a busy week in tech..."

It's that easy. Beyond that, go nuts! If you're Larry Page, use Google Glasses to make an intro while jumping out of a plane and fighting a race of MantisMen; if you're Nathan Fillion, do it while shooting someone unarmed in Firefly. If you're neither of those people, we still trust you. Make something funny, something epic, something cool. But keep this stuff in mind when you make your video:

Video Requirements

  • Videos shouldn't really go past 30 seconds. Unless you're actually Larry Page or Nathan Fillion. In which case, send whatever you want to us. Because you are awesome.
  • We don't expect videos to have Hollywood type production quality, but in the year 2012 we do want the quality of the video/audio itself to be pretty decent. The video should be recorded in HD (borrow a camera if you have to) and the sound quality should be easy to listen to. We don't want to see crappy video/sound quality distract from what otherwise would be a great video.
  • NO background music at all (not even Pandora playing softly in the background)! We'll be adding our own fully licensed music into it at our discretion. If your video has copyrighted music in it, it will be immediately disqualified... and you don't want that, especially after you put all that work into making it!
  • You MUST use all the words in the script provided, but we're open to some improv before and after the required stuff.
  • If your video is selected as the winner, it will be uploaded to our Mobile Nations YouTube account. As such, all videos must conform to YouTube community guidelines.
  • All videos must be originally produced for this contest. No re-hashing old or other videos.

STEP 2: Submit Your Video

Your video must be submitted to Mobile Nations by 11:59pm PST on Friday, July 20th.

That's it! See, I promised it wouldn't be that bad. So make something amazing! The winner will be featured on the opening episode of "Season 2" of the Monday Brief, so get crazy and wow us. And if you're wondering who makes the final decision, there is a crack team of MoNa editors assembled to help choose the winner, so buttering me up won't work!

If you're entering the contest, YOU MUST READ THIS INFORMATION!