We're only one day into Mobile World Congress 2011 and to say that Android has thus far played a big part is a little bit of an understatement. Android has played a huge part and we're glad to be here covering it for you all at home. This is just the beginning. We'll have plenty more coming your way soon. Until then check out what you may have missed: 

Any particular announcement you all enjoyed out there? Something you were hoping would get announced and did or -- for that matter did not? Either way sound off in the comments folks and let us know what you thought the good, the bad and the just plain ugly were from today. Stay tuned for more from MWC2011. 


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Mobile World Congress 2011 - Day 1 Roundup


Netflix better get there crap together. What no support for tegra chips boo.. oh and captcha for posting sucks on my DroidX. Do understand but Dang it.

HTC is later today..(tomorrow).. pending on where u live. We'll be there, live bring you what we can from HTC.

Samsung debuted the best kit, if there are any people who don't believe in updates that's fine. If you live outside the USA it'll get updated. If you live in the US, it'll get updated, it'll just take an extra 4 months.

I have the samsung galaxy tablet and I will not be getting any of the samsung products just for that reason . it will leave the htc or the palm will be o s tablet .probably the htc tablet because I don't trust palms just yet.

Thanks for all your great work! It IS much appreciated!
Now for the real comment/question........has Sprint even been MENTIONED is all that is coming out/going on?

Doesn't really matter they are too busy working on a phone the looks like a RUBIC'S CUBE that David Blaine will introduce encased in a block of sea salt! :-)

I can't wait to see what HTC has in store. I hope that they announce a tablet or two (wifi only versions also). A side note - It was mentioned that CES didn't reveal a lot of manufacturers integrating NFC support. That was supposed to be such a big feature of Gingerbread. Any comments about that?