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The really easy thing to do with Mobile Nations Fitness Month being over would be to go back to being a couch potato, but is that the right thing to do? Simply put -- no. Likely you worked hard and laid out the foundation for success and that needs to be continued beyond just February. Just because the official Fitness Month is over doesn't mean that the content will be gone, instead we here at Android Central plan to continue to deliver some great content to you and help keep you motivated. From accessory reviews to apps and more, we plan to keep the fitness content rolling. 

Having already dropped over 20 pounds in just one month, my motivation is at an all time high, so what do you say -- let's make 2012 the year of fitness? With a wedding approaching, and a five year old full of energy I have no time to relax anymore, so let's kick it into high gear!


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Mobile Nations Fitness Month is over ... so what happens now?


Ha I got you beat. I lost 31 pounds in 30 days. :) Ate ~600 calories a day and worked out for two hours a day. It was a bitch but I feel so much better at 180 than I did at 211 (im 6 feet tall). Now the trick is keeping it off. The strange thing tho is how much more energy I had. I figured only eating 600 calories I would get lethargic but instead I found myself working out more intensely and actually being in a better mood throughout the day. Did get dizzy a couple times when I stood up too quick but that was pretty cool.

600 calories in one day! Wow isn't the daily min like 1500. I could never survive on 600 calories a day lol. Congrats on the weight loss. Good luck

yeah it's something like that. I wouldn't suggest anyone eat that few of calories I'm just a really impatient person and wanted the weight gone as fast as possible. I had no adverse reactions...I actually had more energy than usual. I would eat a Lean Cuisine dinner and a salad in the evening, and then one Twinkie before bed. :) Lots of water all day too.

WTF are you eating for breakfast? I'm currently taking a meal replacement for breakfast, regular lunch (Chicken Salad or just some Chicken Breast with veggies), and another meal replacement for dinner. I do have a snack (ham sandwich or peanut butter & honey sandwich) after late night workouts though (Usually about 2 1/2 hrs every other day) I've lost 37 lbs in like 3 1/2 months. Any tips bro?

"Mobile Nations Fitness Month is over ... so what happens now?" keep excersising don't be lazy and stop