Phil, Kevin, Derek, and Rene discuss Apple's iPhone 4S event, the Nexus Prime, BlackBerry BBX and superphones, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and Amazon webOS rumors, and the hierarchy of tablet needs. This is MobileNations!


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Mobile Nations 8: The Four Cs

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Love the general assembly of mobile nations! I was a WebOS user until I jumped ship about 2 months ago and got the Photon 4G running Android.
I love my phone and am fast becoming a fan of the Android user experience.
With that said,WebOS was my first OS on a smart phone and i absolutely loved the OS( The swiping of cards, multitasking made easy and the synchronization with facebook, gmail, etc.). It's good to see Derek hanging in there in WebOS limbo land and I truly hope that Amazon will come in and buy WebOS to do something with it. Perhaphs some kind of WebOS/Android Hybrid integrated with their Silk OS.
I also love hearing from the other nations (RIM and Apple)on their take on the mobile world issues.

Great podcast and looking forward to the next one in 2 weeks. :-)