MIUI, a popular third-party ROM for Android devices, is now available as a stable version for the B&N Nook Color.  It's worth noting that this is not part of the official MIUI project, but a faithful port from the folks at MIUI.us -- like many of the English language releases.  It's built from the latest 1.7.8 release (July 6), which has a page full of bugfixes and optimizations, so you're getting the very latest version for your eReader turned awesome Android tablet.

As of right now, there looks to be an issue mounting the internal storage (the developers have acknowledged and will fix in the next release) and you'll need to download something like softkeys or button savior to have access to the standard Android buttons.  The next release will bundle button savior to save you that step.  Other than that, the feedback looks very positive.  You can find the download links and more information at the source link below.

Source: MIUI.us. Thanks, Thoth19!


Reader comments

MIUI port now available for the Nook Color


if it's anything like nexus s 4g or htc evo 4g miui roms, i imagine i will be seeing even better battery life and tons of beautiful icons.

Ok but what advantage does CM7 have over anything else on the nook?? Phiremod seems to run ten times better on it.

Is it still iPhone if I install ADW or Launcher Pro? Or is CyanogenMod an iPhone if I put all my icons on my homescreen and customize my icons? MIUI is more than your uninformed simpleminded review.

I don't understand why this would be a good port for the nook since it boasts a T9 dialer, SMS optimizations and a great contact application. None of this really applies to the NC.

This port is great on the Nook Color. I love Cm7 and the development but Miui on this little jewel is wonderful. Seems to get better battery life than CM7 in my experiences!