The brainiacs at MIT are known for being good with numbers, but this goes a little bit past that. The scientists have figured out how to use a kind of holographic refraction light science which allows information to be extracted from all kinds of different angles. It may sound like a bunch of jargon at first, but basically now your Nexus One -- and is that a Samsung Behold up there?!!? -- can be used by optometrists to calculate your eyeglass prescription. Of course, you will need to purchase to $2 tube that enables the light refraction, and then attach it to your phone running the special alignment Android app to get everything to work. Other than that, you’re ready to open your own glasses shop – just be sure to get your license first. And don't forget to check out the video after the break.  [Vizworld via MIT Media Lab]


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MIT brings optometry to Android


"My iphone has a retina display." "yea well my android phone can fix eyeglass prescription. Hows thats for retina?"

well now we know what do do with all those Behold II's that can not be upgraded. We can send them to Developing Nations1!!!

Look! It's the new app I'm going to write.
The need for Optometrists and Audiologist just went down.
MITC, please do the lie detector app next. Thanks

The problem with this is that what people in developing countries need more than prescription eyeglasses is to be checked for diseases of the eye. You need a trained optometrist to diagnose glaucoma and the many other diseases.