Office OWA for Android

Office 365 users will soon have an official app for their Android devices

Microsoft has announced Outlook Web App (OWA) for Android. If you’re in a company that uses Office 365 for Business you probably are already familiar with OWA. Outlook Web App is the webmail service that comes with Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Server. A dedicated OWA app for Android is expected to come later this year.

Outlook Web App includes access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks and more. OWA is a competitor to Google Apps. Microsoft did not give a firm release date for the Android app.

We’ll of course let you know when you can get access and download it. If it’s anything like OWA for iPhone you can look forward to features like conversation view, mark as junk, support for Outlook flags and more. You’ll also be able to manage your schedule, view shared calendars and find contacts.

Anyone out there using an Android handset and using Office 365 at work? Let us know if any of you would use this app.

Source: Microsoft; Via: WPCentral


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Microsoft announces official OWA app for Android, coming later this year


If this will work with MS-Exchange, I will have it installed on all of our company's Android phones.

Knowing their current trend with android apps.. Do you think that it will be better than the stock mail and calendar apps etc?

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The stock Android 4.4 email and exchange works great. Though, there is a music playback bug that comes with Exchange though. That's the only annoyance imo.

I disagree. The stock app painfully fails sending quite often for me (and my coworkers). And it will sometimes send days later if you don't check on it. It's rather frustrating and I hope the MS app is better.

You do know how their system works right? ..Pretty much they store a copy of ALL your company emails on THEIR servers, hence why they're so fast when 'searching', which is their bread and butter. IMO the BEST Exchange client is Nine ..hands down! Security is top notch and you can apply it either at the device or app level which is the way it should be...just because I have to add my company's email on my PERSONAL mean shouldn't give them the right to lock my phone down as they please!

I am in the kinda don't like touchdown camp. Email rules are a pain. Gotta set them up outlook, then sync that folder in TD. Not easy when you never use an actual computer.

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I'll try it. I use built in email on exchange and it works fine. Shared calendars would be a small plus, which I can't get yet.

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I would use it if our security folks allow access. Right now, I can only use our Outlook web access client on the Opera browser on my phone, Chrome and stock are recognized as mobile devices (I think) and blocked. I don't know if this will be allowed, but it'd be nice to have something designed for the small screen instead of squinting at the full client.

I don't see how this has any advantages over the stock Android email app. I get corporate email on my phone and already have access to these features via the Exchange ActiveSync settings.

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Device policy. If you don't want your employer to have the ability to blow away your personal phone data (including the rest of your user space), then this app is for you. All they'll be able to do is reset this app.

I'm bugged this app probably isn't going to work with MFA support. At least, if it's like the iOS version.

I'll be on top of this right away. Too many little things don't work well. Quite frankly, Android needs the functionality of BlackBerry when it comes to integration to Exchange or Lotus Notes. I used Touchdown for a while, but ended up returning to stock. Tasks will be a huge gain for me.

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I can't wait to try this. I have tried several third party apps and can't find one that has all the features I need/want.

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Cannot wait for this. My outlook account doesn't allow remote access, the only way I can check my calendar is by signing in to OWA web portal (which sucks). Hopefully this app will allow me to quickly and easily access my calendars on my personal phone without having to muck around in a web browser to get there! Can't wait!