MetroPCS Coolpad Quattro 4G

MetroPCS this morning announced it's carrying the CoolPad Quattro 4G, a 4-inch Android 2.3 smartphone. The Quattro 4G also sports a 1GHz processor, rear 3.2-megapixel camera and a VGA front-facing camera.

The phone runs $149, and plans begin at $40 a month. MetroPCS, for a limited time, also is offering a $50 rebate on the second of any two 4G smartphones you purchase. (So if you buy two Quattros, the second would cost $99.)

Source: MetroPCS


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MetroPCS gets the Coolpad Quattro for $149


Nothing "cool" here.. move along... My old Epic was struggling with some new games/software and similar specs... I can't see fully enjoying this phone for two years when it's already two years behind spec-wise..

I have to agree. For $150, this handset would be perfect for kids as a first smartphone. And to think, the 2nd one you buy is only $99! If you have 2 kids, then for $250 you get 2 smartphones with no contract. Not gonna lie, it would be nice if we could start seeing higher end handsets at these prices with no contracts.

Yes but with those specs it's already over 2 years behind.. I rather invest in a better phone and actually enjoy it for two years verses spend $149.00'ish every year to always have tech from two years ago.. Again, I'm speaking personally.. Sure if you don't care about doing 'cool stuff' and playing the latest 3d game with your phone then it doesn't matter and any phone will do...

METRO PCS is not a place for high-end phones and they don't market there phones that way. This is a great entry level phone for people who don't know what high-end phones do or care since there not into that type of stuff. Yes the tech part of this phone is behind i would say 2 years but its not meant for people like you or us who use our phones like a PC or gaming console. This would be great as mentioned for kids as there first smart phone, dads who still have there first flip phones. the No contract market is picking up and phones like these IMO are the bulk of the 800,000 thousand Android phone being activated daily. Would i get his phone NOPE but it is still and good phone for the market it was meant to sell to.

Anyway the GS3 is said to come out on Metro PCS and if it is the exact same phone for $450 no contract with 4g service for only $50 a month WOW i might just get one and check them out. :O) I love my Sprint though lol

and yet people keep complaining that it isn't the same hardware as a GS3..smh, go figure.
The GS3 for $450 sounds pretty awesome to go along with the $50/mo plan.

Just bought one...actually a really good phone. Ive had an Optimus 2, Htc wildfire and other Android phone...this phone seems just as good as the others. Im sure ill reach limitations but as of now everything is good.