Galaxy S Lightray 4G

So you want a Samsung Droid Charge, without the monthly contract on Verizon, and with another of the infamous ridiculous names? Well, meet the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G, MetroPCS's version of the Droid Charge which they have just made available. As you know by now MetroPCS offers many devices without contract, and they claim to have a heck of a 4G network that they will give "unlimited" access to for just $40 a month.

Featuring a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, the screen is sure to grab your attention, and being powered by a 1GHz processor sure doesn't hurt the speed here. With an 8MP camera on the back, and a 1.3MP camera on the front you will easily be able to capture your memories on the go, with nice clean pictures or a video call back home to check on the loved ones. They have opted to include a 16GB card with the device, and it can be expanded up to a 32GB card if you desire, so storing your apps, pictures, videos, or favorite tunes to take with you should be no problem.

Retailing at $459, the Galaxy S Lightray 4G will also be the first smartphone in the U.S. that offers an application to stream live television. (Not really, but that's the company line here.) Dyle will allow customers to stream television while on the go over the 4G network provided by MetroPCS, and with no additional cost. The only big downside is that it is only in some markets at this time, but we hope that will change. This device will also be the first one on MetroPCS to offer the ability to become a mobile hotspot, so if you are looking to be able to get wifi on your favorite Android tablet while on the go, you now can. Be sure to check out their site, and see if this may be your next prepaid device!

Source: MetroPCS


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MetroPCS announces Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G for $459


The Galaxy Nexus is available for one hundred dollars less on the Play Store for use with any SIM card. Oh, and it already has Jelly Bean.

That's expensive regardless. Yeah u get the better Galaxy Nexus for less. But how many people actually know that? There are enough that don't and probably pay for this Lightray Sooooo muuuuch.

So...a year-and-a-half old phone with a first generation battery sucking 4G radio, gingerbread (with no hope for an update), and horrible form factor? For $459? Who could say no to that?

I don't know, the mega-multi device strategy will fail even Samsung at some point, especially if they are selling phones like this (and at that price, are you serious?)

This is a joke post right? As mentioned you can grab the Play Store Nexus for $100 less than this unpopular piece of crap. Hell, you could also get a much better phone off of Craigslist for half of that. I honestly think these MVNOs are trying to play on the fact that more and more people are considering moving away from contracts and on to prepaid networks. They honestly think rebranding a Droid Charge as a Galaxy will trick people into thinking they are getting a product similar to the SGS3 lol

Well yeah the Gnex is $100 less but will it work on metro's network? Cause I know alot of theses prepaid networks wont let you use phone from other places even unlocked ones. I know I tried to get my unlocked phone on Virgin US and they said no, it had to be one of their phones.

Eh, just buy the Galaxy Nexus at $349 anyway. Get T-Mobile Prepaid $30/month plan via the web for 100 minutes, unlimited text, and 5GB of data. If the minutes are too low for you, get a $3/month Skype unlimited calling plan and use Skype over data (WiFi or 3G). Problem solved.

You could even set up a SIP service on the Nexus instead. Really no reason to get this MetroPCS phone...

Get Straight Talk or Red Pocket instead of bothering with MetroPCS. You can bring whatever GSM device in and I have now a Nexus from Google Play and my Note N7000 with their $45 unlimited plan. Works perfect.

I don't see any reason to try providers like MetroPCS, Cricket, Virgin et al when there are GSM solutions. For those who need CDMA, I think PagePlus with a Verizon handset brought in is a better deal.

I think some people need to get their facts strait.
MetroPCS is not an MVNO. They actually have their own lte system up.
They also sell the phones full price because they do not subsidies the phones with multi year contracts like the big carriers do.
They are cdma lte so buying a gsm nexus will not work.

They also do not do credit checks. You walk in. Provide identification. Pay cash and walk out with a phone and a months service. One day late they shut off service. Simple as that.

Ok you're right I shouldn't have assumed they were an MVNO. I also did not realize they were exclusively CDMA and have their own LTE network. But that doesn't change the fact that this is a year old rebranded phone for an obscure amount of money. For $100 more you can have a SGS3, a Razr Maxx, a Vzw Galaxy Nexus, etc. There "probably" is a very small minority of people willing to buy this crap. I'm not gonna knock Metro Pcs but this phone was not hugely successful on Verizon and it probably wont be on Metro Pcs.

Enough with the Charge clones, Samsung. Hopefully they've tweaked the design a little bit to make it run smoother and make the battery life a little less painful. The price, however, is outrageous.

Maybe MetroPCS will get the GNex in another year...

Just wanted to add that Dyle Mobile TV only requires data for the programming guide. Its kinda like the (failed) MediaFlo TV in that it picks up the channels using an antenna, and does not use any data of any sort for the tv, only for the programming guide, when it needs updated...

"Dyle will allow customers to stream television while on the go over the 4G network provided by MetroPCS"

it doesnt require data to use it, it uses Airwaves for broadcasting LIVE TV, initial data for setup is require but thats about it.

The Dyle TV stuff looks kinda cool.
Im sure they put in a Digital TV receiver and the software on board is what acts as a decoder.
Kinda makes me wonder if someone were able to get access to the onboard hardware and create software to make all DTV channels available to receive.

When i checked the coverage map for my city, its the same as the maps for over the air digital tv broadcasts. Which makes sense, you have to have the telescope antenna for it to work.

I actually like the idea.

Didnt MediaFlo fail because they tried to stream tv over a separate data network? Or were they taking a similar approach as Dyle and using existing broadcast content and adding a digital tv receiver to a phone?

Why the f*** don't they just name it the Galaxy S 4g and be done with it. LIGHTRAY? SERIOUSLY!?

Oh look! It says Lightray, it must be a super cool phone I must get it.

No, just no. It sounds stupid as fuck.

I own this phone (Droid Charge) and it's HORRIBLE! STAY AWAY! Maybe worth it at $100~$150 brand new, but otherwise it's a complete dud, there's a reason why it's not just launching on a third-rate phone service.

But if you must buy this piece of crap, make sure you root and custom ROM it with Tweaked 2.2, and use a better launcher than TouchWiz. Otherwise you're just torturing yourself.

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!