MediaFire for Android now automatically backs up your photos and videos

The MediaFire cloud storage service now has a new version of its Android app available to download from Google Play that has a number of new features, including automatic photo and video backup.

MediaFire claims they have been working on their new 2.0 version of the Android app for the past year, rebuilding it "from the ground up". Here's a quick look at the major new additions:

  • Automatic photo and video backup – MediaFire for Android lets you automatically upload and protect all your photos and videos to the MediaFire cloud.
  • Enhanced Streaming Support for music and videos - Stream your music and video collection anywhere and anytime.
  • Instant Mobile File Sharing- Easily share through email, sms, or your favorite chat app!
  • New Native Interface - Smooth scrolling, browsing, and sharing, thanks to our new native app.

MediaFire currently offers 1 TB of cloud storage space on its servers for $24.99 a year, with at least 15 GB of storage available for free. You can download the updated app now from the Google Play Store.

What do you think of the new MediaFire Android app?


Reader comments

MediaFire for Android now automatically backs up your photos and videos


I still think 1Tb free is a better offering from Flickr to store my photos and unlimited free storeage on g+ for my videos


So glad that MediaFire is getting into the Backup game. I've been using them for forever to store and share home pictures and videos (not just those taken from my phone). Was afraid that their ios app update last week meant that they weren't paying attention to Android.