Sprint Epic 4G launch?

Sprint playbook blankSo we've all been sitting around, not-so-patiently waiting on the launch of the Sprint Epic 4G -- its version of the Samsung Galaxy S, with a keyboard tacked on. (See our hands-on with the Epic 4G.) And lo and behold, the Sprint playbook shows Aug. 11 as "Epic Launch Day." Only, we've been told that the playbook's been edited and no longer has anything "Epic" going on on Aug. 11.

So maybe the Epic 4G isn't actually launching next Wednesday. Or maybe it is, and Sprint's just trying to throw us off its tail. But one thing's for certain: Nobody canceled National Underwear Day today, and we're got our own Epic celebration planned for later tonight. Thanks to you know who!

Update: Added the edited playbook.


Reader comments

Maybe the Epic 4G is coming Aug. 11, and maybe it isn't


Seriously Sprint? Y'all can't just go out and say "Look, we're not sure. All we know is, sh*t happens when you party naked, and that has delayed the phone a bit. We'll release it soon."?

I just spoke with an employee at my local Sprint store and he confirmed that the Epic is launching next week! Important info as I was just about to pick up an EVO!

More than likely not because Samsung manufacters all the parts. They wont have to wait on anyone making them screens or any other business. Cant wait for the beast!

Will be sold out just like the evo ?? Which phone should I get this or the evo??? I wanna sign with sprint by end of the month

I was looking at the latest playbook today and I didn't see that on the one that I was looking at. Not calling foul, just saying I didn't see it.

It makes sense to come out on the 11th or 12th actually, so the people who bought the White Evo 4G's cant come exchange to get this phone.

Actually, I work for "The Shack," and we usually have weekly training every Monday. However, this weeks training was canceled to "prepare for an exciting new product launch" the week of the ninth. Seems to line up.

I sent you guys an email with a chat transcript with a sprint.com rep saying the Epic will be available mid-August.