Madden 25

Looking to get your fix of Madden 25 on Android? It's now available for the low, low price of free — and a little more than a free gigabyte of space on your favorite tablet.

It's a pretty monstrous download, but the gameplay is smooth, the graphics are tight, and there are a whole lot of options to keep things interesting. 

And in case you're wondering how so much game is available free of charge — yes, there are some opportunities for in-app purchases. You'll need "Madden Cash" to unlock more plays — with bundles starting at $3.99 for 25 Madden Bucks — or $$74.99 for 700 bills from the big guy. We'll see how long the game holds our interest before we break out our wallets.

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Madden 25 for Android now available


To play this game to its fullest you nwed a controller. The console versions are $59.99 or less.

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Trust me, I have been playing Madden for 25 years.

You need a controller and practice. And if you already have a console, you can get the full game with better graphics for only $59.99 or less. Heck, I bough the game at Target with other stuff and ot a $15 gift card and they took that off so really $44.99
for the full game. You can earn achievements to go towards card packs, but you don't need to.

If you're a big NFL fan, just get the Amazon anniversary edition. $100, but you get the Internet-only version of NFLST, so it's well worth the price. Essentially $60 for the game, $40 for the NFLST, and NFLST internet only by itself is $300.

I remember when free games were great. Now when I see "free", I assume it to be a bad thing, especially where EA is involved.

Totally agree. Nowadays "free" means a ton of in app purchases that will likely cost alot more than I'm willing to spend. I'd rather just pay outright for apps and not be hassled with in-app purchases.

I have a LG spectrum 2 and everytime I try to play it makes my phone reboot.Any one having a similar problem?

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Not coming up in my Play store! :( Yeah I've got a MOGA controller and this game is MOGA compatible. MOGA just makes the games more fun, no more touching and tilting the screen, and works great on most games, so totally worth it.

did you get your moga to work with Madden 25? if so, how? I have the original moga but also the universal driver which enables hid mode (I'm rooted ) and I can't figure out how to get it working. any setup guides out there? does anybody have the moga working with Madden 25?

Can anyone who has played this estimate what the total cost would be to purchase enough in-game content that you effectively "own" the full version of the game?

I'm guessing $682, give or take a few hundred dollars. In-app purchases suck. Just allow us to buy the game outright. But no, Madden has to be greedy and rape your wallet as many times as they can.

Installed and played it, and it was OK. However woke up this morning to find out it's been running in the background and used about 10% battery. Checked again and there's no exit button so it's got uninstalled.

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