Although we've seen plenty of the Droid X 2 so far to get a handle on in, some other devices have now appeared and are ready to be judged off the little information provided for them. First up, the above pictured Motorola Targa -- codename of course likely to change at launch -- is suggested to be packing LTE and most certainly headed to Verizon.

If you jump on past the break, you'll get a new look at the Droid X 2 as well as what is suggested to be the Motorola Droid 3. Again, aside from the images we don't have much to go off of but we expect to hear a lot more about each of these devices over the next little while. [Howard Forums (2), (3) via Phone Arena]


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LTE Targa, Droid 3 and Droid X 2 all caught on camera?


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On-topic: everyone knows that phones usually stick to the adage "the sequel never surpasses the original"...annnd, this seems to hold true.

Targa & X2: practically twins IMO

D3: probably Blur'd to the nth degree and I no see no FFC.

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Seems like the X2 is a very bland redo. The Targa if dual core, and it says 4g or LTE on the back seems to be the winner here.

briankurtz79 - that made me chuckle a little...vroom vroom /seriously, not sarcasm

booboolala2000 - I totally understand, but that was a little bit funny, not mean-spirited.

Looking at the phones once again, I'm holding out hope that the D3 isn't Blur'd out like I said earlier on. I loved my Droid when I got it, and with my DX now, I miss the physical keyboard.

I hope Moto doesn't do away with the KBs and goes all touchscreen on us. Oh, and if they can make it so my Facebook/Twitter contacts don't sync with all 560 of my friends, that'd be cool too.

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Exactly. I have the Droid X now. If I'm going to shell out $200-$250 for a new phone, it would be nice to feel like I'm getting something new.

One reason that the phone may look the same and is good for consumers like me who already have a Droid X is that all the accessories that I have purchased would fit the next model as well and therefore make it more likely that I would be brand loyal on my next purchase.

People with complacency issues. Also makes it easier to discontinue the previous model if the new one is almost indistinguishable to the average consumer. Buyers are content with character-less black slabs because for whatever reason, it symbolizes "new high-end technology"

i dont understand all the hoopla about the "looks" of a phone...if the phone does what i want it to do, who cares what it looks like? make it bright pink and shaped like a heart...if it does what i want it to do i'll buy it

Looking at the location of the Micro USB and HDMI ports on the Targa makes it appear that it may be an "atrix like" phone, hopefully compatible w/ the laptop dock. This could make me switch from Sprint to VZW...

thank you for making a relevant point unlike those above. I think that is a great pick up. that would make me very interested in this, as i currently am contemplating the Thunderbolt...

motorola released a statement not long ago about all their new phones are going to be compatible with a laptop dock

I see the Targa has the HDMI and Micro USB to fit the multimedia and laptop docks...just as Motorola had said all new devices would have.

edit: Dang ^ beat me to it. :-/

For Targa I call..well done Photoshopped Iphone 3GS/ Nokia N / Droid X mashup! C'Mon Son! Getdafucouttaherewitdatbullshi#

The Droid 3 looks ok although isn't about time the 4mm edge was removed to give us more screen.
The same goes for the top of the phone where the logo and ear piece rest. Why not combine them, have the logo as a cut out for the speaker so there is less dead space on the from of the phone and more screen for the form factor.

Its these touches that make a product stand out.

Interesting , if any of this true , most likely the Droid 3 will be the only one that have a GSM variant (as MileStone 3)

sadly, unless they have plans to roll out variants of the laptop dock (and why wouldnt they with how hot they have been selling /sarcasm) the new targa will NOT fit the current atrix laptop dock...the micro usb and hdmi are upside down compared to the atrix....they are identical facing to the current dx and quite possibly the maybe this will be the new moto 'standard'
...along with locking out/protecting/signing the bootloader, ie dx and atrix...

is it just me or does that first phone look to be in a case kinda like the lost I*hone? Looks like a x variant in a case to keep form factor and design hidden.

There are some idiots on this post. SMH,
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less of assholes & douches. Anyway, I love
you gays :) And the motorola targa looks
pretty cool!

i cant find the post anywhere now but it was rumored that they were going to make most if not all new moto phones compatible with the laptop dock

If you look at the lettering by the camera, it looks like it could say either 5 MP or 9 MP. I'm guessing its supposed to say 9.

The "taga" pictured above is totally fake.

1) In the front facing pic the phone has 8 corners (4 iPhoneish corners and 4 Dorid X or EVO corners)
2) In the side pics the phone has the normal amount of corners.
3) The artist clearly forgot to Photoshop over half of the Verizon logo back in on the front facing pic.

I'm sure there are more issues with the pics but I have better things to do.

Say you would think they would get rid of the damn keys on the bottom!! That is the only feature i dont like on my X. Make them flat and touch sensitive and we are set!

So Motorola states all their with dual cores phones will be able to dock with the laptop dock. Will the X2 I wonder? Spam filter is killing

Want a Moto slider coming off my Droid1, just hoping for a new form factor. Hope D3 looks cooler in person...hmm. CM7 RC4 @ 1100mhz for now ain't so bad tho considering WinMo 6.1 was killing me till less than 2 yrs ago. The hardware drops should be interesting this yr...woot woot for Upgrade August :-)