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There are 10 comments

Murph5150 says:

I like my wife naked. My Rezound, however, I prefer clothed with a case.

in before "me too" :)

kdrod95 says:

Thats's what she said. -shot-

I prefer my evo with a case. I'm to much of a klutz.

Gotta protect the investment for the next 2 years... definitely a case!

Delawareduff says:

All nakie nakie here lol

Army21 says:

I use the extended battery and the only 2 cases for that are not impressive. So I use mine sans case.

Joneser2006 says:

Always a case, it's just too grody at work not to have one.

fred72matt says:

Naked, like the day I unboxed my EVO3D......

cesarruiz says:

Skinny dipping

veevans01 says:

Definitely with a case.