Logitech Revue gift code

If your Logitech Revue didn't make it to your doorstep as quickly as it was supposed to, check your inbox. An apology in the form of a $25 gift code might have just arrived. That's $25 off anything, no minimum purchase, plus you'll get free shipping. Which is darn nice of Logitech, we say.

Oh, and speaking of nice things, be sure to register for our Logitech Revue Giveaway if you haven't already.


Reader comments

Logitech apologizes for late Revues with a $25 gift code


Mine showed up on Monday, not on Friday like they apologized for. Not a big deal to me though, I still got it.

I got the email too but it didn't arrive late ( I worked late that night, so I guess it's all perception.) My Revue/Google TV is rockin. Just tonight I was watching the World Series and showing my wife the pictures of our European vacation. She thought it was really cool so it justifies it for me. Oh and music on a surround sound system isn't so bad either.