Lode Runner Classic

What's the price for nostalgia? If you're a child of the '80s, $2.99 and 24 megabytes will get you Lode Runner Classic from Tozai. For those three bucks you get 150 levels, a pair of game modes -- expedition and time attack -- a magnification effect that zooms in on the runner, multiple speeds, a slew of settings and more.

The controls, which as you can see are pretty damn large, take a little getting used to, and you lose a good bit of actual gameplay real estate. On the other hand, these are 8-bit graphics we're talking about, so what the hell. 

Now excuse us while we throw on some Huey Lewis and the News, pop open a bag of Doritos and live the good life for a little while.

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mstrblueskys says:

Glad to know Lode Runner didn't die!

Ryan P says:

Oh yeah!

hmmm says:

Never played it but it looks fun. The single screenshot up there remind me of lemmings which I wish would be released.

paradroid28 says:

It used to run in 64kb ;-) on my C64.

p1eric says:

Funny that a game that used to fit on a 5.25" floppy is now 24 MBs.

dcreed says:

Inflation affects everyone.

mstrblueskys says:

You win.

flyguydip says:

OH-MY-GOSH! That is soooo awesome! Buying right now. I played this game for hours and hours, making custom maps and challenging my friends to timed tournaments. Now who is going to bring back Hover?!!!!

jwilliams says:

On the Windows Phone version at least there is an option for touch controls which get rid of the D-pad skin.

Nonymous666 says:

Just bought it now. Used to play tons of this on an Apple IIe back in the 80s. Just like the original, except the little guy seems to run a lot faster than I remember.

Spent many an hour on my Atari 800XL playing this game.

I can only hope that many more old school games will soon be released (and in their original format - none of that reimagining / rebooting garbage).

Fady Mahfouz says:

I hope all old games get to the Play store. I'll wait till the game drops to 1 USD 3$ is a lot for this.

hmmm says:

Oh come on... $3 isn't a lot for a game with 150 levels.

amplwp says:

Just downloaded to my Nexus 7. It's at home and I'm at work and have to wait until tonight to play. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this article. I didn't even read it and went right to the Play store to get it. I use to play this game on my Commodore 64. Even my mom played this game. I remember a lot of the levels from the video (on the Play store) and remember completing them. I can't wait to get home and play this. Ahh...the 80's...

I have this somewhere on a 5.25" floppy for the apple IIe. I think it took up the whole disk.
I remember never being able to save where we were at so playing hours to get to new levels only to fall in a 1x1 space that didn't kill you and the canabals couldn't get to you so you would just have to restart the game again. Hopefully they don't have those horrible spaces, and you can continue where you left off.

dcreed says:

I've got to get this. Then I'm gonna feather my hair, put on my parachute pants and Member's Only jacket, loosen my thin, leather tie, put my Walkman on with some Genesis on cassette, and play.

aaronwe says:

Seems like an Apple II or C64 emulator would take less space on your phone and not eat up quite so much screen real estate. :-)

ZigmunD says:

Wow. It was my favorite game many years ago.