Location Labs has announced today, two new services developed in partnership with T-Mobile. FamilyWhere and DriveSmart are both now available from T-Mobile. FamilyWhere is location-sharing application designed for parents so that they may be able to track family members at any given time.

  • Provides parents with a Web and mobile safety net that provides real-time location information and the option to receive location alerts via the Web, text message or e-mail.
  • Allows parents to create scheduled alerts to help ensure a loved one is at home by curfew or arrives at school or other predefined location on time.
  • Provides parents with a history of locations visited and other customizable alerts with a real-time Family Feed.
  • Helps ensures parents are prepared in the event of an emergency; profile pages allow parents to store critical information about their children including physical description and photo, allergies, family member contact details, child care or school location and contact details, all within the FamilyWhere environment.

The other application made available is DriveSmart, an opt-in service that automatically detects when a handset user is driving and sets the phone into a 'Driving Mode'.  Once this service is activated, it disables most texting and calling features to the handset while the car is in motion, ultimately decreasing the possibility of unsafe, distracted driving.

Both of the applications are available to T-Mobile customers through the My T-Mobile portal with FamilyWhere also being available in the Android Market. If you're looking for more information you can check out the linked press releases. [DriveSmart / FamilyWhere]


Reader comments

Location Labs launches DriveSmart and FamilyWhere services on T-Mobile


It will take teenagers about three minutes to defeat DriveSmart.

If you had this on your phone, even when you were a passenger it would lock down, so there would be a strong incentive to defeat this feature for passengers, and once defeated I don't see anyone turning it on when they get behind the wheel.

Can't imagine driving anywhere with a sullen teen unable to text in the back seat.

I imagine the override is some nagging pop up every so often.

Some fool is sure to introduce legislation making this mandatory.

This is a joke. I could never trust my parents if they had installed something like this on my phone when I was younger.

They should add another bullet to that list.
-Will alienate children from their parents and create more animosity within their household.

Nothing says "We don't trust you" like tracking software on your phone.

Even if the creep in the rusted out van grabs your 12 year old daughter the first thing that gets dumped is her cell phone.

If I felt I could not trust my kid without this on his phone, then he isn't going anywhere in the first place. All part of the plan for us, and future generations to get used to being monitored... Maybe not a "master plan", but one certainly that will be useful by those in power over time...