T-Mobile event

We're live with T-Mobile's CEO, the Sony Xperia X and some major new upgrade news in New York City. 

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Live from T-Mobile's event in New York City


arrrrr.. TMO is rally pissing me off. "hey... lets take all the cities that already have our fast HSPA+ and good data coverage and.. wait... upgrade them to faster data!!" Meanwhile everyone in a non-"major" city still get screwed and slow as CRAP data!!

Upgrade twice a year? Do you turn in your present phone to get this? I'm looking at the Sony... And of course the Note 3 when it hits. T-Mobile, I loves youse!

Yup, I see nothing that indicates that if you are outside a major city you will be getting anything better anytime soon than what you have. Matter of fact the network guy kind of laughed at ATT for having 4G in rural areas. BTW the whole Jump/upgrade thing really is smoke and mirrors for people that can't afford to buy a phone outright.

but t-mo, but HSPA and great coverage...

T-Mo is nothing but smoke and mirrors. I live in a pretty large city in between two very large cities and coverage is terrible. Every once and awhile I meets someone and ask them and they say the same thing, it isn't getting better.

"Every once and awhile I meets someone"

You gots to meets more people, methinks. Maybe they have your Precious.

Coverage on T-Mobile here in Seattle is great. I feel sorry for all the people that don't get good coverage from them. It must suck to have to bend over for the other carriers.

I live in a tiny one horse town and have incredible T-Mobile coverage.

Anecdotes -- we all have one. Use the carrier that works for you, don't listen to anyone who doesn't live next door :)

Live in suburb of Boston with very fast T-Mobile HSPA+ data and just now getting LTE. My T-Mobile HSPA+ speeds blow away Verizon's LTE Network. I have an account with Verizon, still have their unlimited data plan and I am so pissed off with them. One day I was getting over 20mb down, the very next day I am barely getting LTE signal. Verizon completely moved the direction of the tower in our area, I am screwed. Try watching a YouTube video on Verizon's 3G Network. I'm going to drop my Verizon account and just stick with T-Mobile. T-Mobile in the Boston area is very strong, my HSPA+ data speeds are just sick fast, 17+ mb down and around 5mb up. These are daytime speeds, at night they get faster. Stick with the Carrier that is the best in your area. Loving this new JUMP program. I like having the latest and greatest all the time. This will work out great, that Note 3 is looking pretty good around now.
Thank You T-Mobile.