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We're live from New York City this afternoon for the Motorola/Verizon event, where we're very much expecting some RAZR HD action. Maybe. Or maybe something else. Who knows. Only one way to find out, actually, and that's why we're liveblogging this thing up. Plus, if you want, you can watch along, we've got live, streaming video after the break. In living color, even. 

So click that link below, and let's get to it! The event starts at 2 p.m. EDT, or 11 a.m. on the West Coast, and 7 p.m. BST.


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Live from the Motorola-Verizon event in New York City!


I guess we'll find out in 55 minutes. Really, it will depend on what they announce here as to how much they've been trying.

The Photon Q just came out on Sprint and seems like a solid device for the Keyboard crowd. Also the Atrix HD seems like a great bargain for 49 bucks. Things have been pretty quiet though with Motorola, probably has a bit to do with new ownership and the layoffs.

Exactly how many devices from Motorola each year? I'd be happy with one good solid device per year.

I just hope they get away from the futuristic blade runner style phones. I don't care that the star trek devises are shaped like that; I want a clean, well designed phone. Hopefully Google has cleaned up the design department.

Get ready for Motorola to announce the Motorola Nexus phone......coming this winter!!!! One can hope can't I :)

That's what I'm hoping for as well bro. Just hope we don't have to wait until Winter. I want now now now!!! :)

Hey Anndrew, While you're throwing down coverage, could you maybe see if Moto wouldn't mind selling Samsung some decent radios so my Nexus would actually function like a real smartphone? kthxbai

Gotta say it's about a 1000 times better than the Nokia PR event earlier today. That was a disaster; live feed gave out constantly and every person who talked sounded so unexcited it felt like they were almost forced to stand in front of people and talk.

At least the Nokia event has something interesting and fresh to show. The Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 are excellent handsets and a new OS on top of it with WP8. The moto event showed the RAZR Maxx w/ a new screen. That's it. Period. End of discussion. Ohh and the RAZR M(ediocre). Seriously?

I can only hope moto comes with JB on top! I have only moto devices on android. Keep the loyals happy! Plz Moto!

so moto did it again and release two of the same phone but one with a large battery. theres no need for this, just release a razr hd maxx and that's it! soo glad i moved on to a gs3.

And they didn't give dates for the phones people actually want - the Razr HD and Maxx. Which probably means end of the year!

I can't believe the PR spin coming out of the Verizon rep. Just shut up, this is not a VZW commercial.

somebody at the event please show some guts and yell: "When is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus" getting official OTA Jelly Bean!!!???

So...Moto will update every device launched from 2011 and on to JB? Thats great news for me and my Atrix 4G! Launched in February 2011 lol

First response...Ho hum. Nothing excites me. Maybe as I get more info and process everything. I see positive steps from Motorola now, but nothing that is gonna make me give up my S3

You hit the nail on the head. Nice refresh for the razrs. If I wanted a 4.3'' phone the m might excited me, but otherwise a bit Ho hum. The RAZR is pointless, they should have just gone with the maxx

I laughed when I read they were releasing both. Who would buy the non MAXX. To steal an ideal from Steve Jobs, people don't know what they want...Motorola should just have made the decision for them and only released the MAXX.
This might be the only time I agree with that thought :-)

To me, the biggest news was that all Moto phones launched since 2011 will get JB. (With their standard caveat about not upgrading phones that degrade the user experience...)

Event Summary:

Twins with uncomfortably tight pants deliver blistering performance.
Nervous Bigwig electrifies crowd.
Phones announced that still have awful looking Chamfer design.

So I am guessing that from now on (or ever since Google bought it) the name of Motorola will uplift. At least Down Under its regarded as one of the worst phones...and now we see it "turning around" (song quote lols)