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We're live from London this morning for the joint Motorola-Intel event, where we're expecting to see the smartphone maker and chip giant unveil the first Intel Atom-powered Motorola phone. A likely candidate is an international version of the Droid RAZR M, only with Euro-friendly HSPA+ radios and a Medfield chip in place of the Droid's Snapdragon S4. Maybe there'll be other stuff, too, like Europe-specific versions of Moto's new RAZR HD phones. We're sure Moto will have a few surprises to share.

So click that link below, and let's get to it! The event kicks off at 10am BST (5am EDT, 2am PDT 11am CEST).



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Live from the Motorola-Intel event in London!


Make us proud Dobie :) Really like the M design so far considering that it hasn't been released yet for us euros. If you could clarify what x86 means for app compatability that would be swell (guess intel will do its best to sell it). Is intel bringing a bag of money labeled "X86 cash for developers" or is there some other tool that can help devs porting apps to x86 SOCs. Also how open is intel with regard to AOSP, Sony put together the binarys neccesary to boot jellybean, Texas instruments are also quite open with their binarys (thus OMAP in Galaxy Nexus). Think you could ask them how open they intend to be with regards to open source (bootloaders/drivers)?

So "UK carriers - Orange, Tmo, Phones4U, Virgin Media and Tesco" Quite a lot of big names missing in that list, I wonder why.