Android Central at CTIA

Yes, folks. We are back in sunny San Diego, Calif., where baseball has just wrapped up (sorry, Padres fans), football is in full swing (sorry, Chargers fans) -- and the mobile tech is ... Well, it's here. We're at the fall CTIA event, henceforth to be called MobileCON, which might or might not hide the fact that this thing's still all about enterprise. And that's OK. We're prepared to own our inner IT admin if you are.


We're about to bring you two full days of whatever it is we're here to see, which should include a bit of Android, a bit of other stuff, and a lot of fish tacos.

Get the full lowdown -- and re-live the spring event's stories -- at our CTIA home page. You'll be glad you did.


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Live from CTIA MobileCON in San Diego!


Soak up the weather, Phil. It's been really nice here lately and usually October is a very comfortable month in terms of temperature.

.go eat at "tacos el gordo" they have the best mini tacos on the planet... Get the adobada with flour tortillas! Take the 5 south to H street, go left over the freeway, it's the small building on the left right after the bridge...enjoy!

Actually head 5 south, 54 east, exit Highland make a left 5 blocks in on your right is a barber shop ask for Jaime and tell him you want a quad of the Mary Jane tacos ;) was nice knowing you lol.
Don't forget to bring Jaime some Tacos El Gordo.