Limited Edition Minecraft Xperia Play

Looking for a collectors item to show off both your love for Minecraft and Android? Well, Mojang has just the thing to fill that void posted up on eBay for you. That is, if you have at minimum US $1,250. That's what the current bid is for the Limited Edition Xperia Play they are offering. That may seem like quite a bit but it's for a good cause -- the funds raised will go to a charity of Notch’s and the whole Minecraft team’s choice! Right now, it has 6 days left on the bidding. Anyone got some spare cash laying around?

Source: eBay; via: Droid Gamers


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Limited Edition Minecraft Xperia Play for sale on eBay


I understand that its for a good cause & all that , but that doesn't mean we have get an ugly thing in return (Think the Maybach from Otis music video) !
Why not just buy a regular Xperia play & get a custom gelaskin on it & also donate some money in return ?
That you get something you actually like& everybody stay happy (you , sony Ercisson , Gelaskins & the whatever cause you donate to)

Aww I wish I had the monies.. I'll probably see about getting something like IceDree mentioned after the fact. I want an Xperia Play solely for the early availability of Minecraft Mobile on the Play. That combined with the controls, winning in my book.

Anyone have a decent date on when mineceaft is actually coming to android? I really wanna play it.

I think that the only one that is getting it is the Xperia Play... I don't think any other phone would have the controls to put out a good experience..