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Light Flow, a popular app to control notification LED's and sounds, has added support for a whole host of new apps today. In total, 62 new apps can now have their notification sound, vibration and LED flashing controlled including some notable apps like Falcon Pro. The app now also supports Ice Cream Sandwich users with multiple calendars, as well as the ability to swipe away calendar notifications to clear the LED flashing. As is usually the case, several different bugs have been squashed in this update -- from black screen and color issues on the Nexus 4 to translations for Turkish and Arabic.

You can get a list of all 62 apps added, as well as the complete list of all apps supported, at the source link below. If you haven't given Light Flow a look, it's well worth your $2.49 to buy it. There's also a free version with limited app support if you just want to give it a test drive.

More: Light Flow Changelog


Reader comments

Light Flow updated to support 62 more apps, multiple calendars


Is it odd that I only cared about the light when I had a pos bb for a year?
Other devices I didn't care what color it was, I would just pick it up and look....

After replacing my BlackBerry with an Android device a few years ago, I really missed the notification LED. I was definitely glad to see it with the Galaxy Nexus, and Light Flow became one of my favorite apps.

You're definitely not alone there. :)

Its a nice app and I use it when I'm running stock builds but when I'm running Cyanogenmod I just use the built in led color stuff they have instead

LED notification lights is something that should really be standard on all Android smartphone.

The S3 & Note Out have a notification light, right?

I LOVE this app. Without unlocking my phone I can tell if I have a missed call, email, text, FB or twitter notification, battery is low, charging, etc.

I like this app.

2 things though:

1. On Motorola phones(I have a RAZR HD), the notification light doesn't work unless the phone screen is off.
2. It was using a rather sizable chunk of my battery(10% usage). It kept the CPU awake for quite some time(in a period of 12 hours, it had an awake time of about 3 to 4 hours). I'm willing to give it a shot again, but I really need to learn the settings of it! It's a great app otherwise.

It won't flash unless the screen is off on my Galaxy Nexus either, which I think is the "correct" way to do it. If the screen is on, I can see the notification bar and I don't need the LED.

Haven't had any CPU or battery issues with it, but I'm sure it has different effect on different devices.