Optimus L9

LG has been busy lately having only yesterday unveiled the Optimus G which will serve as their flagship device for the next little while. Another LG announcement has arrived though, and it brings the Optimus L9. Packing a 4.7-inch IPS display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with 1GB DDR2 (RAM) / 4GB e-MMC and a high-density 2,150mAh battery as well as a 5MP shooter all wrapped in a 9.1mm thin body the Optimus L9 isn't a lot to write home about but LG has tossed in a few other goodies as well to help differentiate it.

A new app called Quick Translator that makes use of Optical Character Recognition is going to be included and will take not only words, but also entire sentences and phrases and translate them from nearly 44 foreign languages to 64 user languages. Other items such as Quick Memo and the My Style Keypad which can detect left or right handed use have been included as well. The only thing missing is a release date and region listing, we're guessing IFA 2012 might bring more.

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radgatt says:

I would say something but we all know what I am going to say...

lightyear420 says:

LG better watch out...they are really starting to look like a certain fruity competitor.

The Shag says:

Damn, look at that home button. Bad time to include that feature. This looks more like a Sammy than an Apple. Not the best idea.

richardpandy says:

Get rid of the f'ing home button. That is probably the only thing I hate with my S3. It's so unnecessary.

piizzadude says:

but yet so useful

OniBerry says:

+1 I'd die without it...lol LG device looks like a G2

TheEdge65 says:

Galaxy S2 copy, SUE SUE SUE ! Meh, why bother.

DrDoppio says:

I highly approve of this phone.

Are we going to go through this with every device? Ok we get it... apple is going to sue them it looks too similar to the iphone. Oh and everyone hates the home button... It's rinse and repeat with these comments on every new phone that is revealed. -_-

IceDree says:

I second that

I actually think the phone looks amazing.

plunder says:

It looks nice, but only 4Gb? Unless that has a micro SD card slot that rules it out for me.