LG has just put a new commercial up on its official Youtube page showing off the design and features of the Nexus 4. In two minutes of gloriously edited and produced footage, LG shows the device being handed off between multiple people, each accomplishing something new. Photo Sphere, Google Maps Navigation, Google Now and Wifi display mirroring are all shown off here, along with several nice shots of the rear panel's crystal reflective process. The commercial spot definitely has some of LG's style in it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Google has also just put up a new Nexus 4 commercial of its own, specifically highlighting the use of Android 4.2's Photo Sphere at a holiday family get-together. It's just a minute long rather than two like LG's, and you can check it out after the break.

What do you think about the commercials? Do they do the Nexus 4 justice? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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LG and Google show off Nexus 4 in new commercial spots


Most definitely not. Much different design and huge Windows keys on the keyboard :P . LG actually does make laptops, and this looks to be one of their ultrabook models.

0:47 is what looks like a folio, but it sure is a MacBook at 1:15.

Edit: Just kidding, it has a massive Windows sticker under the keyboard.

I really liked it. The text is a little small at times but actually made me want to get one even though I am happy with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Yeah I agree. I love my verizon gnex but if the Nexus 4 had LTE, 32GB and verizon, I would have been first in line to get one.

My nexus 4 on tmobile downloads an 11mb update from google play in 3-4 seconds. Food for thought when it comes to LTE lol.

Rather dumb comment as location dictates a lot when carriers are involved. What if the area he's in has great LTE coverage, but horrible T-Mobile coverage? Food for thought, lol...

Wow, that is a really bad commercial. They did an okay job showing functionality, but, with the exception of Photosphere, they picked really basic functions to showcase. Also, the music was horrible. Absolutely horrible. It also seems they don't know who their audience is. This commercial comes off as being geared towards women but the user of the phone is clearly a man for most of the commercial.

LG, this is why you are struggling! You need a new Marketing Director.

Totally agree. Worst phone commercial I've seen in a long time. The shimmer sound that played everytime the back sparkled was a terrible touch too.

I'm not a fan of the simulated on screen stuff that they use. Other than that and the terrible music it was an ok piece.

Did look a bit like a lot of people being careless and getting their phone stolen though.

Feels a little like I'm being kicked while I'm down. Perhaps if it wasn't perpetually out of stock? Seems rude to advertise a product I can't get my hands on.

I'm sorry, but did anybody else notice at 0:47, that guy stole the other guy's nexus? And the ethnicity of that gentleman? I think LG is implying something here

Why advertise when you can not even get one? Or if your lucky enough to place an order you have to wait 2 months for it? I'll pass and get a Note 2 or wait for the S4.

Overall pretty good, but it made the crystal reflective back a lot more tacky than it really is. I still like it better than Samsung commercials.

I think LG did a good job with this ad. Does a good job of showing of what the device can do and how good it looks in a 2 minute spot.

At 1:08 when he holds the phone up to the TV. I was thinking wow is he really going to sit down and connect his phone to the TV using miracast, when it doesn't even work yet?

Then he switches to a book.

Then at 1:25 his girl walks in and he plays a youtube video on his tv using wifi display.. Damn you!!! Don't show me features that I can't use yet!!

Hm. Let's check the Play Store. 8GB model: Sold Out. 16GB Model: Sold Out. Can't even place a "you'll get this in 12-18 months" order... Thanks Google & LG.

Everyone should just go check the book the person's reading. :V

Make sure there's no one behind you. >_>

And that you're 18+.

no point watching or commenting on the ad when you can't buy one - on time! i am going to cancel my nexus 4 16GB order today. in search for an another phone for x'mas.

Hey. Give me back my phone you bloody thief.

Didn't realise when I paid for it I got the timeshare option.

Now we've made the ads get back in the damn factory and start making them!!!!