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First came the HTC-built Nexus One in early 2010. Then it was Samsung's turn with the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus in the years that followed. And in recent days it's become pretty clear that Google’s 2012 Nexus partner is LG, with the upcoming fourth-generation Nexus phone being based on the Korean manufacturer’s Optimus G.

Photos have leaked showing a curved design with a glass back, and reported specs include a beastly 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, a 4.7-inch IPS display and, as ever, a "pure Google" vanilla Android experience. And there's been plenty of discussion and speculation over on the Android Central forums. But there are a lot of rumors circulating as to the exact nature of LG and Google's upcoming high-end smartphone, and it's not always easy to separate out the facts.

So just what do we know about the upcoming 2012 Nexus phone? We’ve collected all the most reliable leaked information into one handy report, which you can check out after the break.

Update, Oct. 15: This article has been updated with the latest information on the LG Nexus that's come to light in recent days.

The design: a steamrolled, glass-plated Galaxy Nexus

Sources tell Android Central that the many leaked images of the LG-E960 that have emerged are indeed of an upcoming LG-built Nexus smartphone. The images show a device very similar in appearance to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- an all-glass front, curved design and textured back. There are several differences worth commenting on, however. The front face appears to be less curved than the Galaxy Nexus -- if anything, it’s tapered downwards towards the plastic trim like the Galaxy S3. And around the back, the “hyperskin” textured battery door has been replaced by a fixed back, as the phone’s battery isn’t removable, and there’s no microSD card slot either.

The back panel appears to be furnished with LG’s “crystal reflection process” texture, which is also used on the Optimus G. This results in a smooth, glass-like surface that has the appearance of texture behind it. Our own Phil Nickinson was mightily impressed with the back panel used on the Optimus G, saying it made the phone feel more substantial and less plasticky. The other side of that equation might be increased weight, as whatever LG’s making it out of (don’t call it glass) is likely to be somewhat heavier than a traditional plastic battery door.

Also on the back panel are your Google and LG logos, but no giant Nexus logo like on the Nexus 7. As we’re dealing with prototype hardware in these leaked images, we have to wonder whether that might change before release. There are, of course, cut-outs for the camera's LED flash and microphone, along with an LED flash.

Android Central

The trim appears to be a Galaxy Nexus-like metallic grey deal, which we’ll presume to be plastic. A headphone jack can be seen up top in one of the leaked photos, along with a power button on the right edge. Presumably the volume rocker will be located around on the left. Along the bottom there’s a microUSB port, next to the microphone hole. Newer leaked images reveal an iPhone-style SIM card slot, and we have it on good authority that the device takes microSIM cards, rather than the newer nanoSIM standard. There appear to be no pogo pin connectors on the new Nexus, unlike its predecessor the Galaxy Nexus.

Overall, it looks like we’re dealing with a thin device with a lot more glass than previous Nexus models. The larger 4.7-inch screen and lack of  any “hump” around the back should make the LG Nexus larger, but thinner than last year’s model.

The specs: killer hardware, with a few caveats

The most reliable list of purported specs comes from MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien, who's been passed the following list from a "very reliable" source -- 

  • Quad Core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1280x768 True-HD IPS screen
  • On screen soft keys (of course)
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • No microSD slot
  • 8GB and 16GB versions only (at least initially)
  • Non-removable battery
  • Wireless charging built in

This information matches the device we’ve seen in leaked photos, and information that’s shown up online in benchmark results. The inclusion of a quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip is a huge deal for this year’s Nexus, and should provide plenty of horsepower. Qualcomm’s quad-core “Krait” is considered to be the most powerful mobile chip out there, and we’ve been salivating over the chip since we first reported its existence early last year.

Two full gigabytes of RAM also places the new Nexus at the high-end of the Android smartphone scale. With more memory-intensive apps like Google Chrome coming pre-loaded, having 2GB of RAM is a smart move.

An 8MP camera isn’t surprising -- the Optimus G ships in 13MP and 8MP flavors, however we have to wonder about the quality of an 8MP LG shooter. We haven’t had the best experience with LG phone cameras over the past year. The Optimus 4X HD suffered from poor image quality and autofocus issues, so we hope the Nexus uses a different camera module. Nevertheless, it should be an improvement upon the fairly dismal 5MP shooter of the Galaxy Nexus.

The lack of a microSD card shouldn’t be surprising. Google doesn't like insecure removable storage. The reports of relatively meager helping of internal storage could present some cause for concern, though, if accurate. This could be a sign that Google wants to remain competitive on price when it ships the LG Nexus through the Play Store. But even with cloud storage options available, an 8GB starting point is going to be hard to swallow, as anyone with a Nexus 7 will tell you.

Android Central

Some may also take issue with the reported non-removable battery, later confirmed by leaked images. However, that’s just the way things are moving in the smartphone world. For what it’s worth, the fact that the battery is fixed should allow a larger-capacity battery to be used.

Wireless charging is a significant development, if accurate. Hopefully compatible wireless charging pads will be available at launch. Anyone remember the eternal waiting for official Galaxy Nexus accessories?

The software: Android 4.2, Jelly Bean?

The software in the leaked photos shows Android 4.1.2 running on the LG Nexus, however we understand this is an old build, and we’re hearing that the device is currently being tested with Android 4.2.

There’s no word on exactly what’s new in this version, but we’d imagine it’d be a minor update to Jelly Bean rather than a major software revision. So don’t expect to see any sweeping changes to the Android 4.x design language. The “Jelly Bean” moniker might even continue into a second point release, as Eclair did for Android 2.0 and 2.1.

The name: Nexus 4 most likely

The device is almost certain to come to market as "Nexus 4". The name is backed up by a  Carphone Warehouse inventory listing, a mention in a French newspaper and EXIF data from test photos taken by LG and Google employees.

Android Central

Announcement and availability: Play Store and beyond

There’s speculation Andy Rubin may reveal more about the new LG Nexus at Dive Into Mobile conference in late October. That should give us our first indication of how the upcoming Nexus launch plans will proceed. French newspaper Le Figaro is even reporting that the device will become available globally on Oct. 29, the first day of the Dive Into Mobile conference. On a similar note, Google is alleged to be preparing to staff a dedicated Nexus call center to handle customer support for the new phone, a facility that's reportedly due to be fully staffed and trained by late October.

If accurate, those reports would point to a launch primarily via the Google Play Store in the U.S.

Price-wise, Google will want to remain competitive, just as it has been with the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 over the past year.

On-contract availability with U.S. carriers is considerably murkier, though. The current LG Nexus hardware that recently passed through the FCC -- the same one currently being tested by Googlers -- only supports AT&T and T-Mobile HSPA+ bands. Presumably there’ll also be support for Europe-friendly frequencies too, but LTE could present a significant problem due to its closed nature.

It wouldn’t be impossible to pack 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz LTE support into a variant of the device and support burgeoning LTE markets in Europe. However, if Google wants U.S. LTE on its Nexus, it’s going to have to work with the carriers. Given the shambolic Verizon Galaxy Nexus launch, we think Sprint might be a more likely launch partner this time around, though we’re speculating here.

However things proceed, it’s going to be an exciting couple of months. Keep watching Android Central for all the latest Nexus news as it emerges.

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Reader comments

LG's Nexus 4 - here's what we know so far [Updated]


Amen... Google is absolutely dropping the ball with this 8 and 16gb bullshit. Apps don't work form the cloud; the cloud is not pervasive when I travel; I don't want to use the fucking cloud.

Google has built up a lot of good will with me with their Android releases but (as you can tell from my language) this 8gb "use the cloud" nonsense is actually starting to piss me off.

Also agree with on the battery life... a non-removable battery is a step backwards.

Non-removable battery and less than 64 GB of max storage are both non-starters for me.

Between traveling a lot (where usage is high and access to a charger for an hour plus at a time is infrequent), and engaging in a lot of extracurricular activities that involve being in fringe reception areas for extended periods (which will kill any phone's battery quickly), being able to swap in a fresh battery is a requirement for me.

And with Unlimited Data plans following the Dodo, I really don't understand what Google (and the phone manufacturers) are thinking with all this pushing for less onboard storage and more Cloud use. There's just no way I would buy a phone that would require me to either pay for data just to play music that I already own, or carry around a second device (an iPod).

You're ranting and complaining here, but have you considered perhaps that maybe this isn't the phone for you? Have you noticed there's other phones out there? There's a ton of manufacturers with a ton of phones for a ton of different people. Surely there's one out there that fits you, even if it's from a competing platform.

What's with the beef?

If you're looking for a pure Google experience for a given device, chances are (if it's a mid to high level model) that there's a good mod community with stock ROMs.

mod communities with stock roms doesnt get you the latest and greatest on release day. as a matter of fact all it gives you is a buggy os that will not get the kinks worked out until months after the oem releases the update on that particular phone.

It is beyond obvious that you either a) have a Samsung Intercept or similar, or b) have no freaking clue as to what "mod communities" are capable of and what they actually produce.
I have always used ROMs pulled from a number of different devs and haven't ever had a "buggy os" or waited more than a day or two to fix rare bugs. In fact, with my OG EVO I was always ahead of non rooted owners with Android updates.

As an Evo 3D owner, I can attest to the fact that the mod community cannot fix all troubles. They are good but the phonemakers and carriers are still an obstacle.

"have you considered perhaps that maybe this isn't the phone for you? Have you noticed there's other phones out there?"

No, people like him don't and haven't. They want every single phone released to have a 20 inch screen, a MINIMUM of 3 terabytes of storage, a dozen core processor and a 60 killawatt battery, and even still, that would *barely* suffice for all the angry birds and facebook posting they do. There's no concept that anyone might use a phone differently than they do and that it's in manufacturers interest to offer options for everyone, not just them. It's all part of our narcissistic society today.

Consumers are too entitled these days.

That said, 8GB max storage should still be a tough sell for many of us. Although I'm sure I could live with that (My SE Xperia Neo has like 300+MB internal storage, though I do have a 16GB microSD card with it).

"a non-removable battery is a step backwards." AMEN! if you want to give me phone freedom, allow me to add extended battery/carry multiple, etc...i dont care about wireless charging. im actually expecting that 'accessory' to cost an arm and leg...perfectly happy with carrying around 2 spares. love going from 0-100% battery in 30seconds.
If the specs are true, i really hope other OEMs come out with a nexus...this could very well be a selling point for me (oh, and if vzw carries a nexus)

I for one don't feel the lack of a removable battery is a big deal. I think the legions of iPhone users have proven that the mass market doesn't care. I DO, however, think that 8GB of storage with no MicroSD support will doom this. 16GB needs to be the starter version with 32GB & 64GB versions available. A 32GB version would make me think hard, but 64GB would clinch a sale regardless of removable storage. Otherwise I'll just buy a GN2 and be happy.

Dude, get with the times, the cloud can store all your information without having to take up hard drive space, if you live in the sticks were you cant use the cloud correctly, then you don't need to have a Nexus device. They will will make 32GB models anyway, as they are doing with the Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 has a non-removable battery and has one of the longest battery life out there, not a step backwards. I think over all the new nexus will be awsome!

Its not about living in the sticks or the times (I have 4G). I agree with him in that when traveling I don't want to have to stream everything to my phone if I want to play music or movies or need a document for work (or for that matter if I am even able to, you know, planes and all that).

As for if you don't use the Cloud then you shouldn't have a Nexus, that is not the point at all, nor should it even matter. The Nexus is not a "Cloud" device like the Kindles, it is a vanilla handset made for people who like to change things and control their experience or develop for android. Don't get me wrong, I love the cloud, but it is not the be all, end all solution to everything.

Bottom line in Canada is that 90% of people here don't have data plans large enough to "store all their information in the cloud". The idea that the cloud is so cool we should all just upgrade our data plans and pay another $15 - $20 per month until the end of time to "get with the times" is a little bonkers - Particularly since internal storage is so cheap. Smart Phones should be iteratively increasing the amount of internal storage available instead of being stuck at this arbitrary 16GB limit that every Nexus device seems to have.

When Google develops APIs and game developers use them to give you the ability to store game .apk files and data in the cloud...yet still have those games run smoothly THEN come to me with that "use the cloud" mess. Here's a hint: that'll NEVER happen!

I for one use Google Music, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud, and 4shared. That covers me for music and pics. That does nothing in regards to app storage! Top quality game apps are now starting to run from 1GB to 3GB in size. No one wants to have to own 5 or 10 games but have to leave purchases in the Google Play Store until they finish another game and uninstall it to make room! Nexus phones were available in 16GB versions TWO YEARS AGO. For a new Nexus phone to have processors, graphics, cameras, and screens that far outstrip the Nexus S yet STILL have the same amount of storage is insane! Why give people an excuse to get something else? 32GB should be mainstream and 64GB the uplevel option with 16GB being the cut-rate version.

Dude, at this time, many of us do not have unlimited data plans to the use the cloud [slow and high latency] as at hand local storage [fast and low latency].

FYI, the phone has solid state storage. No hard drive to fill up.

Overall the new nexus is uncool.

As Much as i miss swapping out battries over holding my phone with an portable charger Non-removeble battry is actually a step forward IMO, see Non-removeble battry = no connectors being exposed = less likey to suffer water damage. now we have to continue working on improving battery capacity like we do we memory then we can *Possiblly* Get a nice thin non-removeable 4500 or even 5000 mAh battry (Something like the RAZR Maxx, big battery thin phone)

Battery connectors possibly contacting water is really bullet selling point? News flash, there are a lot of connectors inside every nexus.

As a species we are working on higher capacity batteries, just don't expect a lot from the new nexus.

Choices = step forward

For real. The only Nexus phone I ever got was the Nexus One. Nice feel and solid build quality. Gave it to my friend to use and he still loves it.

I wasn't enamored with Samsung's plastic phones and the lack of a removable battery. I like to know that I don't have to go running for a plug if I happen to be taking a lot of pictures that day for instance which is a battery killer to pop in a fresh battery. This all cloud BS is stupid. Do I use the cloud yes. But do I want to put 'all' my information in the cloud? No. Many of the carriers are moving away from 'unlimited' service and sometimes lack of reception makes it impractical. Plus, some of the new games that are coming out are huge...gameloft etc... I want to keep the stuff on the SD card dam it.

+ ∞

The battery on my Nexus is horrible in low coverage zones (sadly, my office resides in such a zone). I realize the screen is big and I can turn off some features during the day, but why? My blackberry would last 2 days and actually get service. My Nexus is zapped in 16 hours and can't send/receive texts or calls at all.

For me, the battery needs to be better, but also the signal antenna need to be improved!

Well part of this was because of the lousy chipset that Samsung had put in the Device. I feel like I got burned bad with the VZW Galaxy Nexus. It was such a pile of junk I had to get out from under it. Not once did that phone last the whole day for me.

Yeah I will definitely be looking at the forums to see how this LG Nexus does with signal. My blackberry, back in the day, on the same carrier and in the same exact areas, would have enough service to perform tasks like sending a text. Samsung's antenna, chipset, whatever - sucks in comparison. Tired of it. I love my Galaxy Nexus but the damn abysmal signal grates on your nerves quick.

I must be missing something or be a non-typical use, but I've never had to take the battery out of my GSM GNex in the 10 months that I've had it. It easily gets me through an entire day, 2+ hours of screen on, and a lot of syncing and tethering. I live in really strong coverage areas, so maybe thats it, but I just don't get all the hype about non-removable batteries. how many people actually remove their batteries? I think in most cases, its one of those things people think they want but don't really need, removable SD cards in the same boat perhaps, more people just want the option, but don't necessarily use them.

what you are missing is true 4g. 4G is a battery hog. I love it to pieces, but it does suck the life out. I really think the phone goes into panic mode when surrounded by 4 walls and constantly tries to get a signal. In our school's basement coaches office, i left it unattended for 2.5 hrs and it went from 60% to 5%. I could probably get a full day if i were on wifi or 3g, but what's the point in having a 4G phone if you never use it! my 2 cents...

I remove my batteries all the time.. I have a battery charger so I don't ever need to plug my phone in.. just swap out the batteries when it's getting low. It's hard for me to get 12 hours on my GNEX.. Especially when you are between a 3G and 4G area, it switches a lot and kills the battery.

Yeah, 8 or 16 gigs isn't enough. I'm in areas where I can't get reception, and i live in Orange County California! Not exactly rural at all. I think Google is premature with the no SD Card slots..

no micro sd? what is the world coming to? if everyone offered unlimited data then i might think about it for the cloud services. but i have verizon if i upgrade i will have to pay $50 for 1gb of data or $60 for 2gb. so no micro sd slot means no phone for me.

The Nexus One had an SD card, and all the Nexus were consumer phones. as in they were sold to "normal" customers (as opposed to the ADP1 and 2 which were only sold to developers).

The Nexus One had an SD card slot. I had one. The migration away from SD slots has nothing to do with developers, it is a step toward simplifying the file system and mounting process. It coincides with the transition away from "USB Storage Mode" to "MTP" when connecting a device to a host. This transition will allow them to provide a single large partition for applications and media to share, and essentially abandon the 'move to SD/APPS2SD' debacle. Apple won that argument, the mass majority of users do not want to manage partitions. USB Storage mode required the partitions and made SD useful, because it forced partition requirements. If you un-mount the primary data partition, you pull the rug on the whole system. So, you have to break it into parts. That left users squeezed on the size of that primary data partition.

I'm not saying an SD slot isn't desirable, but they've migrated away from one of the more compelling reasons to NEED one, and left the barn door open for manufacturers that want to drop it to cut cost and thickness. I prefer to have one for secondary storage, and models that don't really need to start at 32GB captive for me to be interested.

All that said, I can't find any room in my heart to forgive the lack of a battery door. When they figure out how to triple the average battery life and double the capacity, I will reconsider. I've had my GS2 for less than 1 year, and just ordered 2 replacement batteries because it has degraded to about 60% of original life. I don't think I'm an exception either, my son needed a replacement last month, and my wife needs one too.

Time to rid yourself of that delusion. With the Nexi being sold out of the play store as mode of media consumption, it is now a mainstream device.

and you expected a SD card slot from a Nexus device. You are reading the wrong thread then. Nexus will never have sd card slot.

LG - strike one
Non-removable battery - strike two
8 or 16GB storage - strike three

What a disappointment. Sad Panda... :(

I'll have to agree with this.

I took a chance on the Nexus 7 and while I love it, the lack of micro sd and limited storage is a killer.
My Epic 4G (with CM10) still lives on strong with micro sd card support, decent camera, and a removable battery.

I hope there really are more Nexii (hehe)coming and that one will offer micro sd and a removable battery.

Latin form of the plural of nexus is actually nexus. And if it were of the correct form (like genius) it would be nexi. One i. Sorry.

Plural nexus is right, but the plural of genius is normally genii. The genitive can be geni or genii, I believe, and the vocative is geni.

I'll have to agree with this.

I took a chance on the Nexus 7 and while I love it, the lack of micro sd and limited storage is a killer.
My Epic 4G (with CM10) still lives on strong with micro sd card support, decent camera, and a removable battery.

I hope there really are more Nexii (hehe)coming and that one will offer micro sd and a removable battery.

I agree. We'll have to see what the official stats are, but if these stats are true I'm not even going to look at this phone

Need a removable battery

Need a microSD slot

I am not believing the 8 and 16GB rumor. The theory is Google is limiting the memory in the phones to push the cloud. Meanwhile, we have a another rumor floating stating Google is doubling the memory in the Nexus 7, a move contrary to limiting phone memory theory.


Non removable battery - it had better be HUGE then, like 2500mAh or better.

LG - I've never been impressed with LG phones; camera looks to be middling at best, which is fine I guess, but mundane and pretty much a disappointment.

8GB storage would be a complete and utter joke. 16GB should be the smallest anyone sells going forward, and w/o removable storage a 32GB option needs to be available.

This. The S4 is pretty good on battery especially with the LTE modem integrated. A 2500mAh battery would be enough to make me consider non removable.

I agree 100%. I don't use alot of storage but with no slot you need at least a 32gb preferably 64gb. LG would be the biggest dealbreaker for me, bad experiences.

Couldn't agree more. First rule of phone club or any portable electronic club. If I wanted a retarded iPhone I would buy a retarded iPhone.

true about that this is one thing that annoyed me on the htc one x nice looking phone but non removable battery is a major let down since the battery it comes with is less then long life. so would be nice to have the OPTION to go get a bigger battery if you want to. I couldn't imagine using the My G Note without extended Battery, well 9 just got the Note 2 this has better Battery Life probably still would get an extended i use the phone all the time for business reasons. online videos calls web all those things. so yeah.

That's exactly what I was thinking. I thought all of the other Nexus phones just said "Google" - with the exception of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus that I believe just says "Verizon 4G LTE"....but is Verizon's phone truly a Nexus?

Perhaps this is just an LG phone running vanilla Android (and not necessarily a Nexus,) so it's "with Google." This to me would seem to line up more with the multiple Nexus manufacturers rumor. Rather than branding each phone as a Nexus, it would just be whatever the manufacture wants to call the phone then branding it with "with Google."

+1 on that. I checked with people I know who have a Nexus. It just says, 'Google.' All this hype which is fun usually turns out to be a bunch of rubbish.

Secondly, LG's camera is atrociously bad. I think it is almost on par with Moto's Droid series especially comparing to Samsung and HTC camera. You don't even bother pulling the phone out to take a picture because isn't even worth the energy.

Well after all the work LLG has T into its UI with the options G, it doesn't make sense to dismiss that and release a vanilla android device themselves without Google. I believe the with Google is to be a deterrent so people wouldn't know its a nexus as its pre released hardware/software. I'm pretty sure this is a nexus device though. And I hope it is as I really do like it.

Actually more disappointed in the size of the bezel - I get that it may take that much space to fit all the goodies inside, but I can't stand the overall size increase that it causes. Not to mention from the front it looks like a year old Blackberry Bold 9900 without the buttons.

I haven't owned an LG in years, and I haven't seen any of their phones impress me in a long time.

Note 2 where are you??!!

Then you should try few LGs. Just go to the nearest phone shop and just take LG 4x, just feel how it feels in your hand and you will change your mind immidiately ;)
sorry for my poor english :)

Iphone has been selling like crazy for years with no sd card slot. Why should the nexus be any different? Looks cool, but no curved glass I am out. Ok, so that gives us the Nexus 7, the Nexus q, now the optimum nexus, 2 are remaining. Nexus 10? Maybe Nexus One X, Galaxy Nexus 2?

Rumors said Samsung is doing a Nexus, but they never said a tablet or phone.

This response comes up in every argument about lack of an sd card. You are right, Apple does not do SD Cards. However, Apple gives you the option of a 16 gb, 32 gb, and 64 gb version. Honestly, how is this even a relevant comparison?!?

Unless the Nexus coming out is available in 16 gb, 32 gb, and 64 gb versions, this argument holds ZERO weight.

iphone, really? Just because it sells in no way says it was wholly done right.

Yes the iphone sells so all devices ought to be just like the it! Genius!

You know what's better than rumors? Facts. - Phil Nickinson

Well, that lasted almost 48 hours. Welcome to the game, but don't bother with the posture next time, nobody bought it.

In this article we've got pictures of the actual device, reported specs from a trustworthy peer (MoDaCo), and other nuggets of information that've been given to us by our own trusted sources. That's a far cry from regurgitating random Internet rumors.

There's some speculation in there, sure, but where we speculate, it's clearly indicated.

What do you think about the Google logo on this leak. As many have stated the "With Google" has never been seen on a Nexus device.

I think folks are reading too much into this one tiny aspect of things. All the evidence points to it being a Nexus.

I've got no problem with the speculation, or posting on rumors. But nothing is a fact until Google says so.

But I laughed when Phil posted that because I knew you guys would be caught up in the silly season in no time...and you have a picture of "a" device that is likely the next Nexus device, but you don't know for sure that it's "the" device.

But keep up the good work - I'm loving every minute of this!

Lol What were you guys expecting from a Nexus device? You expected a sd card slot? If you did you dont know anything about google and their intentions. The lack of internal storage is a bummer but I dont store much on my phone so this works for me. Cant wait until we get a unveiling date!

Lost me at LG, every LG phone I ever had was crap, every one needed to be replaced until one day I just gave up on them. Never going back. Note 2 will be next phone.

Here's what I know about the LG Nexus: My wife is going to shoot me when I buy it only a year after getting my Galaxy Nexus.

LOL if indeed this is the next Nexus then thats how my girlfriend is gonna feel after I ask her to get it for me this Christmas, mind you thats after last Christmas when she got me the Nexus.

I am on the same boat. My wife doesn't want me to buy another phone, she is going to kill me if I get it.

I don't mind the lack of of SD slot, I've gotten along well without it on my Galaxy Nexus, but the lack of removable battery is going to kill me!! I bought the extended 3500mAh battery from SEIDO which now truly lasts me all day and maybe 2 days (depending) and can't see myself going back to regular stock battery, even if they bumped it up to 2100mAh or so.

I'm with you on this one. i have the sprint gnex and the battery would not last me a day so i got the 3800 mAh seidio battery and it was only a little bit better. i still could not get a whole day which is sad. I finally got sick and tired with the super slow crappy "unlimited" data and battery concerns so when my brother got fruit phone 5, i took his two month old gnex and i decided to which to at&t. i ate the etf on sprint but i don't care. i got me the 3500 mAh battery and wow!! i love it. i used the screen for almost 3 hrs and at the end of the day i had like 76 percent left. the signal strengh is so much better and speeds too. i can't see myself using anything less now.

Same exact feelings over here bub. I don't care much about the lack of SD (although I would enjoy having the option), but man, after using the 3500 mAh SEIDIO extended battery in this thing, I can't see myself going back to a measly stock battery at all - unless it happens to be somewhat close to that. I can use this thing for 20 hours and still have 60% battery remaining.

It's amusing to read through the comments and see what counts as a "deal breaker" for people.

It would be NICE to have a removable battery...but not a deal-breaker.

It would be NICE to have expandable memory...but 16 GB is not a deal-breaker. I don't put music on my phone and rarely take video.

I LIKE the curvy glass on my NS4G...but flat ain't a deal-breaker.

When/if this comes to Sprint, I'll go to a Sprint store before I judge it on build quality.

For me, size CAN be a deal-breaker. I know this won't be up in G-Note I'm optimistic this will be a manageable size for me.

I just want a phone I can be reasonably confident will get OTA updates for a long while to come and has vanilla Android.

For some people those ARE deal breakers. Just because YOU never put music on your phone, and just because YOU don't ever need to swap batteries, doesn't mean that those features are useless to everybody.

Then again, maybe you're just easily amused...

Well thank you. I know its that time of the month for you. So, I understand. If it makes you feel better, you can buy me this phone. Now you can jump for joy grouchy one.

Amazing how it can turn into a personal attack. Where in my post did I say anything about anyone else? Where, specifically, did I say any feature was "useless to everybody"? Your response is exactly the sort of post that makes these discussions so contentious...completely uncalled for.

I was specifically talking about MY personal opinion and what is important to ME.

Maybe YOU'RE just easily inflamed...

U don't need an sdcard U need a HDD. You must have full length HD movies on that thing! lol

Those features ARE deal SOME PEOPLE. Typically those on AC, not the general populous though. iphone users coundn't give a rats ass about those things, all that matters is look and feel. But with that said, Google devices need to have differentiators otherwise whats the point? How do you convince a die hard iphone user you have a better experience?

I really wanted to get a new Nexus, but if this is it I'll have to pass unfortunately. As of late I'm starting to become less understanding with Googles plans and ideas for their flagship phones, and I'm done playing the waiting game again. Unless something else arises its going to have to be the Note 2 with CM10 because the only negatives I have against it are its plastic build and Touch Wiz. Maybe next year Nexus, but then again that's what I said last year.

LG ? I haven't had one so I just don't know.
No micro SD, I haven't missed it on my Gnex so I don't care.
Battery, If it doesn't ship with a micro atomic power plant, it had better do better than the Gnex does. Make the battery BIG.
Non removible, I guess I won't be buying the extended battery then.
Memory, I think 16GB is a non-starter, I need 32GB
Carrier, If its not on Verizon I will pass. I have too many phones to switch every time I get ODO. (Order Dis-Order)

If its under $500 at launch I will be in for one. I think it looks pretty good and stats are killer. Been waiting for wireless charging since I had my Pre about 2.5 ish years ago......Whats taking so long? Rly hope that part becomes true.

Cannot wait for this device!

How many Nexus owners have had to pull their battery because they have been tinkering with their software? Crack-flashers want their instant gratification. I don't want to wait for a battery to drain, or worry about my phone frying in front of my eyes with no way to turn it off, because my crack-flashing addiction lead to a risky phone performance setting that went bad. I hope they have a hard reset option if the battery is not removeable.

On a more normal user veiw point, until it is feasible to have a quick charge (seconds to charge) battery or super capacitor, the power supply for a phone should be removeable. Sometimes people don't have time, or power access to charge their phone, and need that phone to be constantly operational and mobile (not connected to a power cord). The hardware specs are tantalizing, but a non-removeable battery is a show stopper for me.

8 or 16 GB of int. storage without sd card is a complete failure. I will pass on this phone. How the hell can you put together a list of great specs and leave out the most important and the least expensive to add, int. storage. It is very cheap to add but is a MUST in todays phones. Anyone who disagrees is just sticking up for a piss poor planned phone. What a freaken joke IMO. I am sick and tired of hearing the so called experts talk about storage not needed due to the cloud. BullShit, run out of your monthly data allowance and not be near wifi and try to access your files stored in the cloud, fail, fail, fail. This better not be the route of all new phones. I refuse to settle on piss poor planned hardware. Total failure.

16 gigs is plenty for me, I don't even use 10 of the total 24 gigs I have. It's a phone dude, what are U putting in this thing. Non-removable battery is what is the true deal breaker.

It's a's a's a music's a camera....people want ONE device in their pocket, not multiple. I carry all my music with me when I'm on the road, so I don't have to bring an MP3 player with me. Alot of people, most people I know actually, use ONE device for everything. THat's the reason people buy 64 gb have ONE device do it all. And if you want ONE device, you need enough space to utilize it.

Everyone complaining of no SD card, name a Nexus thats ever come with one in recent memory, shouldnt take too long to figure it out...if you need more storage then the 16gb, buy a 2 dollar OTG cable and hook up your 1 tb external, 128gb flash drive, or 64gb microsd....internal storage isnt that big a deal unless you have a lot of games, that require the internal storage, even then theres an app available that allows you to bind directories and move the game data onto external storage...the only real bummer is the non removeable battery, as I have had to battery pull more then a few times.

I'm supposed to bring an external drive with me when I travel? STFU!

Some apps are already close to 2gb. Add a few of those, other apps at 200 - 500mb, pictures, some music. a video... NORMAL SHIT I WANT ON MY PHONE... and 16gb is gone very quickly. 8gb is ridiculous.

Why not just have a 32 and 64gb option for the extra cash.... I'd pay a bit more for it; memory is pretty damn cheap these days. GIVE ME THE OPTION BECAUSE 16GB WON'T WORK FOR ME GOING FORWARD!

Somebody call the whaaaaaaambulence!!! The nexus program will not miss you, deal with it and buy another phone to suit your needs. Also, read up on usb storage. It's an option for the limited data/anti cloud nexi fans. Not a fan of a fixed battery and/or LG, but specs are killer otherwise. My super beast gnex will get me to the 2013 nexi anyway. Unless I just need to burn some cash on tech.

Why Should I carry around more than one device? Might as well carry a flip phone and my laptop.

Why go with your solution when I can get a 32gb internal, 64 gb SDCARD and have it all? Because it is pure android? I have that now with my SGS3.....

No, I don't think I am going to OTG to an external drive to listen to my music or watch videos. Thanks anyway.

No removable battery-Check
No sdcard slot + 16GB max internal at launch- Check
LG- Check
Smaller in size than the SGS3- Check
Me buying a DLX- Done

Theres a lot of reasons to not be totally happy with this, but the lack of mSD and 16GB of storage aren't among them so much.
The play store GNexus that everybody loves is exactly the same thing, storage wise. 16GB on-board, no mSD slot.

It would be nice to have 32GB with the ever increasing size of games (more-so since this has a real GPU on it) but its not surprising as is.

Those are the reasons that I have an SGS3, combine that with a non removable battery and this one is a non-starter as well

Question - who in their right mind would buy an 8GB version of this?????? This is absurd.

If this is the only Nexus phone this year, then it's gonna be a long 12 month wait. Still holding out hope for an HTC LTE Nexus.

As long as I have unlimited data I would be fine with 16GB of storage. I could probably even get by with 8GB. Unless the rumored "project roadrunner" that is a part of the rumored Android 4.2 becomes a reality, or there's a big battery in this thing, I will not be buying this phone unfortunately. My GNex goes through a ton of battery in the day with LTE. Also if it doesn't come to Verizon I won't switch. I can't lose the unlimited LTE.

Hello LG and Sony and Htc Designers,
We the Cell phone Junkies-the ones that buy your products and talk to other cell phones users about YOUR cell phones. we want
A. large removable Battery.
B. 32GB to 64GB memory Slot-Let us the public decide how much cloud, we want to use.
C. the latest, greatest Ui available. (JELLY BEAN OR Higher)
D. Great Camara and Lens.
E. Beatiful Design.
if you build and support -we will come....

Apple has proven A, B, and C. wrong. (E is subjective anyway) Your list is more specifically, HOW TO BUILD A PHONE THE PEOPLE ON AC WILL BUY - Which is not indicative of the desires of most of the phone buying population.

Still, I wouldn't buy this one either.

How has Apple shown B wrong? Unless the NExus can be bought in different storage flavors (16, 32, 64) than your comment has no weight to it.

I've already decided to pass on this one, I've never liked LG anything. I like my NS4G because of the curve, so tired of seeing little flat things everywhere.

My last phone was a BlackBerry, and I had to buy a replacement battery one time and so glad it was that simple. The idea of not being able to switch out a dying battery scares me, fearing the day when my iPod says goodbye.

The ONLY issue I have with this phone is that I think 16/32GB would be a much better combo. Personally 16GB is fine for me but I know many would struggle with that.

I really don't see the problem with a lack of SD. And a non-removable battery? Who cares? I realise these are important to some people but the VAST majority of people won't be affected in the slightest.

I can't afford a new phone for 6 months or so but this looks really nice. IPS screen > AMOLED, 8GB camera is more than enough, Jelly Bean, looks nice from the blurry photos.

It's not going to be for everyone, but if you're coming from the Galaxy Nexus the lack of SD won't be a change. And if they can make sure the battery is better than the Galaxy Nexus then you won't need to remove it.

A reasonable position for sure, but speaking as someone who already owns a Galaxy Nexus, I don't see this phone as a compelling upgrade.

Basically what I said about it, but got attacked for. I really don't think they would have an 8 GB version...and I think it's more than likely that they'll have a 16 GB and a 32 GB version (for $50 more on-contract?). I've still got plenty of space on my NS4G, but I also don't use my phone as a music device - that's what my iPod nano is for...less bulky.

I think there is a lot of sound and fury in here over rumors and "leaks"...and until there is something official, folks ought to hold judgment.

Nobody "attacked" you grouchy, calm down. Your post essentially started with "I am amused at reading these gripes", which quite frankly just seemed a bit condescending to me. No animus was intended. Sorry.

I agree, I think that an 8GB version is unlikely.

And I also agree we are getting worked up over rumors, but honestly, its reactions like this that sometimes lead to companies rethinking their products before they launch them. I don't think we have to just sit on our hands and be grateful for whatever we are offered.

To the folks complaining about 16 GB of storage... wtf are you putting on your phones? I've got music, videos, a couple chunky games and dozens of apps I never use and I still have space on my Gnex. A smartphone is a portable device, not a desktop machine or a storage device for every file you've ever used.

I'm not a fan of the non-remivable battery, but somehow the I sheep manage. I'm sure we'll survive somehow.

If I didn't just pick up a Gnex, I'd be all over this phone, assuming it actually IS a Nexus, which it may not be (the "with Google" branding is odd, even for a prototype)

Lets see here - Music - lots of photos and tons of topo maps. With just the photos that I have taken in the back country and downloaded topo maps, I have over 10GB worth, that doesn't leave much room for much more. I do take highest Resolution photos, of course, because I want them to look good. Now I still need space for my music. I don't want to buy an iPod or any of that crap when I can do it right from my phone. I work in the field so I listen to music pretty much my entire shift. I burn close to 3GB a month with Pandora alone. I only have a few apps on my phone, but Music - Photos and Topo maps take up the majority of my space.

Well, than according to Brendilon, you are using it wrong, since you don't need to use that much space on your phone. :)

I don't know why people get so worked up that people use their phones differently.

For a while I thought all the people complaining about the storage on the phone were just being really vocal about it, but now I have realized if people aren't vocal about it Google will never learn. I also agree that 8gb is laughable and 16gb will not cut it on a device I take everywhere. 16gb should be the low end model, not 8gb.

The non removable battery does suck, but it's something I can probably deal with considering the current SoCs are 10x better than what I currently have. I just hope that Google realizes there is quite a market for more storage on phones and we no longer have to deal with this 8gb stuff.

I've never replaced or swapped a battery on any of my phones for years, so I don't care about the battery as long as it doesn't suck.

8MP camera has to be adequate at least.

I'm not a big fan of LG, and I'm glad they look to have reshaped it from the brick-shaped Optimus G.

8GB internal storage is horribly inadequate. NOVA3 on my Nexus 7 is the only top-tier game I can have installed right now, and I won't uninstall it until I play all the way through it. Only then will I be able to try out Dark Knight and Asphalt 7... It needs to be 16GB at a bare bones minimum and 32GB ideally with a 64GB option. Memory is cheap, why on Earth are they scrimping on it?

If it seriously tops out with a 16GB option I will be getting a Galaxy Nexus as soon as this thing is announced.

Hummm? LG made. Small internal storage. No external storage. Non-removal battery. Sub-par camera (again). No LTE support.

I'm sorry, but as much as we crave for our annual pure Android phone, why would anyone want this over the SG3, One X+, or the Xperia TL...or heck, even the beloved GNex if you're not even gaining LTE support.

Thanks, but no thanks. Looks like I'll be officially lured away from the Nexus line for the first time and be picking up one of the above by year's end to replace my GNex.

I's need me some LTE love, or else I'd just stick with the GNex.

8gb storage?...really lg? no removable battery, no sale for me. ill stick to my gs3. i don't like lg products anyways.

If battery life is respectable, and the camera is better than the GNex in low light, I'll be picking one up. I can live with 16gb of storage, but I'd obviously prefer a minimum of 32gb.

I don't know if anyone agree with me, but don't you think that it looks girlish from the back of the device?? I didn't like the design...

For the life of me, I can not understand why Google wants to attempt to copy the Ijunk! Cons of this phone 1) No removable battery, makes no sense. 2) No Micro SD. I have 55 GB of music, pictures and video on my card that i can take with me from phone to phone without having to transfer anything. This is my dealbreaker. Not everyone's, just mine. 3) LG, there products just don't scream quality to me.

The "Pure" Google experience is just not enough to keep me from getting the Galaxy Note 2. I am a big guy, so this phone with its removable battery, micro card slot and Samsung sells me, then throw in the whole S-Pen thing. While I am not a fan of Touchwiz, Nova Launcher cures that issue immediately.

So, no thanks on this phone. Too many cons and quite honestly, not even in the same league as the upcoming Note 2.

wow... Some serious highs and lows in this rumor.
1) Krait. So exciting.
2) LG. So disappointing.
3) 2GB RAM. So exciting.
4) Non-removable battery and MicroSD. So disappointing.

If it can turn out as well as Nexus 7 has, I'll think about it. But after LG's disaster with the G2X, I don't know if I'm ready to trust them again yet

That's what a lot of people seem to be forgetting, the G2x was probably the biggest disaster of a phone I have ever seen. Can't say the choice of LG should be making anybody excited.

Why are people making a big deal over no micro-SD? No nexus has ever had mico-SD! But yeah the non-removable battery does suck.

People are only complaining about the lack of SD because the internal storage is so horiffically low.
My sister was given an 8 GB iPod touch for Christmas (she wanted a 7" android tab, my uncle didn't understand why, so...) anyways, between the OS, system apps, "necessary apps" like chrome, minecraft, Pandora, ect. It only left room for a few albums worth of music. Epic fail.
I'm getting her an iconia 110 for her birthday (or possibly the galaxy player 5.8, if its ever released...) SD is necessary unless there is 32+ gb internal storage.

We, the customer want microSD. Or, put in 64 GB of storage. That should last us 2 years easy. Storage has become so cheap these days, why shaft the customer on it. At this point with the level of tech in handsets we shouldn't have to settle on gimped specs.

Once again Google eff's up again with practically no storage space and no microSD card slot.

Bloody absurd to treat consumers like this. If I wanted a limited device (dumbphone)I'd get something crappy like an iPhone or Windows Phone.

I like to play the latest games on my smartphone. The best new games take up a huge amount of space and not a lot would fit of this nexus phone.

E.g. Gangstar Rio - 1.9GB, 9MM - 2.3GB, Asphalt 7 - 1.4GB & Batman Dark Knight Rises - 1.8GB and that is just a few.

You suck Google!

And while I'm at it, the new Youtube update sucks too, bring back the tabbed ui.

So you agree in hating Google, the company that brought us Android in the first place? Now that's what I call grateful.

I got the Gnex months ago and really got I to the whole nexus freedom and pure android. A lot of it is because of the quality Samsung puts into devices. Now I don't need a phone yet but I want another nexus when its time. I go about a year on a phone. I won't buy an LG. I have none of their products. The next nexus is LG? Pass on that and way to blow it Google. What a shame. Hope there are more nexus devices later from Samsung.

I'm quite disappointed. There is no user on this site that can honestly say this phone is a step forward. Okay, beastly processor and ram, that's it.
This is a NEXUS. It needs to be the iPhone of Android phones.
It needs to stand out. It needs to be the best of the best.
The nexus name is becoming just another Android phone.
Lower screen res than the GNex? Unacceptable, along with the battery, storage, camera, and lackluster design.
I totally agree with everyone on the storage and battery situation.
I just don't understand Google's reasoning for going with LG. I, along with many others I would assume, have never been impressed by an LG phone. To me, they're just a good TV manufacturer that tries to make phones.
I'm praying to the phone gods that this turns out to be a vanilla android phone,
NOT the new nexus.

I love my GNex and Nexus 7, but mainly because I'm still grandfathered into unlimited data on my GNex, so I can tether my 16GB N7. If I'm going to shell out $600+ for a new Nexus phone (so I can keep my unlimited data plan) this year or next year, it f%&%ing better have better specs than this crap. I don't think I'm alone here in saying Google better get their heads out of their asses. We don't care if leaving out SD slots makes it easier for them to manage storage. With providers axing umlimited data, Google is just being negligent.

You are so right. Google, get a clue. We need more internal storage OR SD slots. Do you want customers? I for one will NEVER buy a product with gimped storage (ahem, Nexus 7)

Although I am disappointed in non-removable battery and max 16GB storage, I want to see the official roll-out and pricing before I decide if this LG Nexus will be my next phone.

I currently have an HTC Rezound on Verizon. Put off getting custom ROM while waiting for official ICS. Doubt if it will get official Jellybean.

I have been thinking of getting a Google Nexus phone and using Straight Talk prepaid. Won't be as fast as my Verizon LTE but a lot cheaper and no contract. Now all I want to know is what the new Google Nexus will cost me as I will be paying full price.

I've never had a phone with a non-removable battery. Every now and then I have to pull the battery on my NS4G because the screen freezes or just stops responding and the power button doesn't work when this happens. How do you deal with this on a phone with a non-removable battery? Is there a little reset button or some sort of power override?

Yes, all smart phones have a way to do a reboot. I'm not sure why a lot of people think they have to let the battery die just to restart it. As an example on the droid razr maxx you have to hold the power button and volume down button combo to make it restart.

I'm really hoping they have a variant on the play store that also has AT&T LTE, I just can't foresee buying a phone without some kind of LTE at this point. That and 32GB the big ones for me. The non-removable battery doesn't bother me much and sometimes it means they can squeeze an even larger batter in the phone when it doesn't have to be removable. I'm kicking back and forth between this and the Note 2, but I don't know if the Note 2 is going to come to AT&T, and I'm extremely wary of Non-Nexus phones at this point.

Also, I think many people that get the Nexus are into rooting and romming their phones.. I am. I've had to do a battery pull a few times, and not having a removable battery is a big minus. I've had to remove my battery even when I wasn't messing around.

No SD card I could live without, I already have the Galaxy Nexus (32 gb Verizon).. but it's SOOO easy to go over 16 gbs.. I couldn't live with the 16gb version, much less an 8gb version. I'd really like to have a removable SD card.

I don't believe those specs.. 8gb and 16gb is just uber-retard. 8gb/16gb was standard 2-3 years ago.

I don't mind the non-removable battery as long as it is 2600+ Mah, I really want to see what kind of battery life this thing can get with LG's new Li-Ion technology.

Only positive I see is it will have Jelly Bean and continue to get updates from Google. The Optimus G has everything else though more storage, LTE etc...

I think this is more rounded than the G so a more attractive form factor IMO. Other than that, I think the internals are the same.

I don't have much experience with LG so I'm a little skeptical. Why didn't Google get Sony or HTC to make the nexus?
If it doesn't have a removable battery then it needs to be have a high capacity. (if the moto razr maxx can do it, why can't a nexus????).
NO Removable SD card - would need atleast 32gb...
I'd also be worried about the camera...

non-removable battery is just silly.... (or maybe not so silly, since consumers
will be forced to pay the manufacturer for battery replacement... or a new phone!)

1) HTC is losing money over a similar design. Barely anyone wants the One series of Android phones with no storage and fused batteries. The Nexus, if it offers 32gb of storage out the gate would make up for this...
2) I didn't get an iPhone 4 back in the day, nor did I get a 4S, because why the hell do I want a back that is just as likely to break as the front? I don't care how pretty it is out of the box and on display, it'll look like shit without protection that obscures it or dilutes it in some way within a year.
3) I don't really like LG phones.

What I'd like to see in the final build (in addition to the other good things we know)
1) ensure adequate on board storage with a 64gb version and 32gb version too. Skip the stupid 8gb/16gb nonsense
2) Battery life is of utmost importance. It must get 24 hours of screen on use (it absolutely can be done by today's technology)
3) keep the 13MP camera, no freaking 8MP camera (ensure the sensor is excellent )
4) Include LTE and make the darned thing pentaband like the Galaxy Nexus

I get 2 days from my Non removable HTC EVO 4G LTE easy on Sprint's network. Oh wait..... it's because THERE IS NO LTE ON SPRINT!!!! It's the most laughable offering I've ever seen that we were asked to pay $10.00 extra a month for.

Every time I see a phone with a non-removable battery I remember that it's a non user removable battery. I have replaced batteries in iPods and other devices but I may be in the minority. If you have tinkered with hardware or are (or were) in a profession where you repair electronics, it's not a big thing, as you have the necessary tools and aren't worried about jacking up the device. Inconvenient? Perhaps, but no more inconvenient than loading custom ROM's are.
I only hope that it doesn't require motherboard removal to change the battery like the HTC One X does. Also, do any of the people complaining about non-removable batteries own a Nexus 7? Yeah, I thought some of you did. Did anyone say "non-removable battery, I don't want it," for the N7?

As long as it has decent battery life and has lots of cycles (international version has approx. 800) before dying, I'm ok with that. As for internal storage, I would prefer at least 32GB for any games and video/pictures. I don't want to have to connect external storage like I do with my Nexus 7 but if everything else, including price, is right, I would still consider buying it. No one can realistically expect a micro SD slot in their Nexus device at this point so if you don't like it, buy a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2, etc., and get off my Nexus lawn.

Quad-core S4 is excellent, IPS LCD is of decent quality/resolution. Camera is of unknown quality (only shots we've seen are not finalized versions so it could be better or worse at release). Let's see what the final version of the phone looks/works like before we judge anything. Samsung has plenty of crap phones (and good ones too) that they build, as does HTC, Motorola, and others. So I'm judging this phone when it is finalized and not before then, and not based on any other phone LG has released.

I'll now back away and wait for the backlash of my view/opinion, as apparently that may be frowned upon by some.

Well before you go into full martyr mode - there's a huge difference between the Nexus 7 and a phone. Tablets have batteries that can last for an entire day easily - 8+ hours of >>continuous<< use. That's why people don't complain about non removable batteries on tablets.

Now to your initial point - the point of a removable battery is to quick-swap it for a new one when you are out of juice. It's not about replacing a dead or dying battery that has outlived it's cycle life. The idea of whipping out a tool to remove the back of a phone to swap batteries on a long train ride is just absurd - not to mention the voiding of the warranty that comes with it.


True that a battery lasts longer in a tablet (assuming you left the house with a full charge, of course). As for swapping out a cell phone battery just because you ran out of juice, I agree that it would be a bit of a pain to swap it(non-removable one) out on a train ride. However, I was speaking of general swapping of a battery, not on the run (I probably should have made that clearer in my original comment). As for being on a train and swapping out a spare battery on a phone that has a removable one, I would say that if you're going to carry an extra item then you could easily carry a portable battery charger to give you instant power. Also, for me personally, I'm not concerned with voiding the warranty on my Nexus devices as I unlock and root, which voids it anyway.

All that said, I also prefer to have a removable battery on my phone if possible. It's just not enough of a reason for me to not buy a phone, provided it has a sufficient battery, as well as other features that I need/want.

Seriously..does no one think it strange that this device bears a "With Google" logo? Nexus devices usually just say "Google"...

Yeah I think its weird as well, we'll have to see if this is the only Nexus phone released or not (I am leaning towards it being just one).

The storage kinda sucks.. I just wish google would learn; If they dont give us an SD card slot at least give us a 32gb/64gb option.

The no sd card isn't a deal breaker for me.
I have use stickmount along with a usb stick and it works just fine as a removeable sd card on my nexus

The non removeable battery kinda bugs me but again not a deal breaker,I have not had to remove my battery on my nexus and have gotten though the day in most cases with moderate to heavy use(mostly moderate use and on WiFi's)

The 16gb onboard memory bothers me the most but again probably not a deal breaker but the worst of the 3 things I mentioned.Also who knows yet that there wont be a 32gb model.

I doubt vzw even gets this phone available to it anyhoo.Also if it even did would be a miracle if I got a new device anytime soon for personal reasons.

But serious guys the LG 4x Hd is pretty sweet and the Optimus G is good looking. Those are sweet phone. The LG 4X HD was a long time used phone by me sold the One x and S3 Now using the Note and Note 2 and when i am not working and business i still use the LG 4X HD. This thing is a really good phone specially consider that it is cheaper then the ONE X or the S3 well in Europe at least , yeah the resale value isn't high but thats why you sell your s3 or one x lol and still have a phone that is pretty much on par with both of them.

but i have to agree this nexus looks kinda ugly. Galaxy Nexus is a damn sexy phone and i even think the Nexus One wasn't bad looking. Thats when HTC still was good lol

8 and 16 gigs? Are you serious???
No removable battery? Are you kidding me???
This phone needs to come with 32 & 64 gig storage and a removable battery in-order to be competitive. No true Nexus fan would buy this phone with such meager storage.
Google wise up and listen to your supporters!!!

No true nexus fan would have any use for 64 gigs of storage. What are you keeping on your phone? music? videos? documents? There are cloud services for all of these things that allow you to pull from the cloud to your device if you know you will be out of service range on those rare occasions.

is this 2008? we want at least 16 & 32gb versions with lte as well. ill be damned if i would buy a 3g only device with 8gb of storage.

I don't understand how people have such an issue with no removable battery and 8GB of storage.

1) If you are carrying an extra battery around, you are living in the dark ages. I have 2 external battery packs (one is 8800mAh and the other is 3200mAh) that I carry with me in my laptop bag or in my pocket. The 3200 is actually the size of a battery and I can plug it into the phone whenever I want. It charges fast and doesn't impede me. I can't understand someone that carries a battery with them and then gets home and has to charge each one separately. My battery packs last me weeks without recharging.

2) The cloud is the future. I have 8GB on all of my phones/tablets and still haven't come close to running out of space. For the majority of people, 8GB is more than enough space, and if it's not, then they are doing something wrong. You shouldn't have any music/videos/movies/documents stored on your device. There are google services for all of those things. And if you actually need more than 16GB, then the Nexus isn't the phone for you.

Battery is a huge deal. Think about you have to use the phone all day normally they last 4 5 6 hours on heavy usage if even. and if you don't have the possibility to swap batteries u basically screwed since u don't have a wall plug in around specially when u have to be on the road or travel. so a extra battery or extended battery makes a big benefit. Also if the battery is faulty on in the phone then the whole phone needs to be sent it for battery swap instead just going to the store getting a battery takes like w minute and ur ready to go. So a lot of benefit in a removable battery.

My post above says that I use external battery packs, which solve all of your problems except for having a "faulty battery". I've never had that issue in all of the phones I have had/used, so I'm not sure what kind of problem that is.

My question is this: what's it like to have life pass you by as you "heavily use" your phone for 4-6 hours a day?

I've used almost all of the 16 GBs on my S3 with app storage. There are a lot of good games out now for Android, and they're getting bigger all the time. Plus, without the SD card, my pictures/videos would have to be moved off of my phone ALL THE TIME. I have a two year old, and we're always video taping her various milestones for her grandparents out of state. I like having enough memory that I don't HAVE to micro-manage every record/picture/app purchase. Plus, with the end of the unlimited data plan, having the ability to store videos and music offline is not just a convenience, it's a money saver. Memory is getting cheaper all the time. We should be seeing a 32 GB and 64 GB on Nexus devices--not 8 GB and 16 GB.

If you use Google+, it will automatically upload and remotely store your pictures/videos in your gallery...accessible from anywhere. You don't have to do anything. I understand the desire to have the option of having media offline, and you do. You can easily download any picture/video/song from any of the associated cloud service to your device for use offline. I recently did this with 2 HD movies and a bunch of playlists for a camping/backpacking trip I went on this weekend. It used no data because I did it in under an hour via Wifi.

8GB of memory is a deal-breaker. Honestly, I'm regretting my 16 GB S3 (should have gone with the 32GB), and that's WITH an SD card. Non-removable battery could be okay (but I generally like more options/flexibility over fewer); time will tell.

I am amazed at the number of people that think having the cloud to store your data is the answer. If the carriers still had unlimited data and you have good coverage, I would be fine with having to store everything on the cloud. With the limited data plans, you are going to reach your limit fairly quick streaming your music/videos/movies/etc. every time you want to use those files. I for one feel that 8GB is too low for a phone without removable storage.

this is the first time im going to pass on a nexus device. i don't like anything about lg other than they have good-loud audio and speakers. my galaxy s 3 will tide me over for at least a year.

I find it amusing that you're even looking at the 2012 nexus with a S3. Obviously, you're not a fan of rooting/roming. Even the gnex having LTE (hspa+), dual core, 4.65" 720HD, NFC, and the lastest and greatest from Google and especially the dev support will still be a player well into 2013. Only reason I could see to upgrade to any 2012 phone (released or on the horizon) is camera and GPU (or you got a sh*tty unit QC missed and you thought a software update would fix...). That said I've taken plenty of great pics and have played all the graphic instensive games anyone in my office claimed only their OneX, S3 (US and International), iphone4s/5 could handle. Of course I'm rom'd, oc'd cpu/gpu though.

Love to read the hype, of course, and I'm a big Nexus fan so I will frequent the rumor mill nonetheless.

Cloud, no cloud. Removable battery or not. These are questions that bother me less than the fact that Verizon won't likely get the next Nexus. I would love to see the Nexus line become the 'Stock Android Experience' line for all manufacturers on any carrier. Make it "Openy" enough that it's easy to unlock, root or ROM and sell it through the Google Play store.

The Verizon GNex gets a lot of crap and I think the "Not a Nexus" is a bit unfair. It is still the only device with Verizon that provides a true stock experience and can be unlocked out of the box. Yes, I know the GS3 can be unlocked, I have one and it is. For some reason I still prefer Stock or CM10 running on the GNex to the GS3. It seems to be more stable.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the IPS display, probably it's best feature.

tbh i don't think verizon will carry another nexus device for some time to come. they got burnt on the high return rates and device swap outs on the gnexus line.

"Anyone remember the eternal waiting for official Galaxy Nexus accessories?"

You mean they actually released those?! Aw man it feels like Christmas!

8 GB? What the heck? My 3 year old iPhone has 16 GB of storage. Why are we moving backward on this? Flash memory is cheap, most people do not have unlimited data plans, and the Cloud is not accessible if you are on an airplane or in any number of other places with bad connectivity. Give us more storage, Google!

This needs to have LTE.

LTE is here to stay and they need to figure out how to make this work. Apple can do it, so can Google. If they ever want this phone to be mainstream enough to NEED a call center then they need to get it on as many carriers as possible, making it available through the Play store only will keep it a very niche product with a small amount of units sold.

Hello guys. I would think that Nexus phones (starting from Day 1) had been positioned as a developer phone and NOT a feature phone. Google has been deliberate about this as to NOT overshadow its partners (e.g. OEMs). =)

Non-removable battery
Wireless charging built in

I'm holding out hope that since it's non-removable it means they improved battery life to where I don't need extra batteries. maybe I'm optimistic but I think google has to know that this is a concern with consumers devs and normal people alike. as far as the rumored wireless charging capability I will believe it when I see them selling the accessories for the device I own (F-U Samsung and your pogo pins!)
*clears throat
That is all

Love to see how Google/LG handles the in year warranty. Because Google/Samsung suck. I was just told my GN repair was on temporary hold due to an unavailable part. What in the world. Just send me a replacement phone. Love to see a story about warranties.

I think what most everyone has missed about the Nexus line is that they are meant to be DEVELOPER phones, who really dont need too much in terms of camera or on device storage...

My top-bookmarked page at the moment. Thanks, Alex.

I do hope they ship with a 8MP camera, and 16GB. 8GB is just too small (I could live with it, with a Nexus 7 doing all the heavy lifting), but I also want this affordably priced. I already have a buttswanking camera, I don't need my phone to compete with it.

Why? I'm still under contract, suffering with a craptacular HTC, and will be paying full price if I pick this up. I know some of you want the bestest possible specs for this (I'm looking at you Alex), but I'd prefer if the Nexus was less spectacular and more reliable, more stable, updated frequently of course, and ahem more economical. If you want top-tier, buy a SGS3.

Oh, please Google, don't call it the "Optimus Nexus." There'd be no end to the "Biggus Dickus Nexus" jokes.

The thought that the nexus line is for developers is outdated. They are consumer phones now. I could care less about the battery door. In fact it probably means I'll get a larger battery and better life from the get go. I would need 32gb onboard and I need it on Verizon lte. People are saying its ugly but that the gnex is sexy....the phones are Damn near twins

I can't wait for this. I've been sayin my next phone will be a nexus built by someone not samsung. So i've been rockin the inspire for a little while. But I agree with a lot of people here in the comments. 8 and 16 are nothing, would love to see a 32gb option. I do a lot of traveling across the great state of Texas. And i have service in alot of places but sometimes not the best high speed service that the cloud option uses. I don't mind about the removable battery, its fine just glad to see the wireless charging. Been impressed when my roommate back in college had the palm pre and he had it on that. It looked amazing and cool. But this and a 10" nexus tablet are what im waitin for.

From what I've read so far I'm pretty sure this will be my next phone. 16gb of storage is fine for me and I have never bought a backup battery so it being sealed in is a non issue to me.