LG Optimus Sol

The fellas over the the German site BestBoyZ have got their hands on an upcoming LG phone dubbed the Optimus Sol (E730).  We don't know a whole lot about this one just yet, but it should hit Vodaphone in Europe eventually, and come in two colors -- black or silver.  On the specs side, it's running Android 2.3.3 on a 1GHz CPU, with LG's very own 3.8 inch AMOLED display.  Top it all off with LG's Optimus UI (we've seen that in action on the Optimus Black and the Optimus 3D) on top of Gingerbread, and you have what looks to be a very nice piece of gear.  After the break you can watch a video hands-on with the LG Optimus Sol -- it's in German but you'll get the gist of it by watching.  Also hit the source link for a couple more pics.

Source: BestBoyZ


Youtube link for mobile viewing

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No thank you

bbarend says:

Seems like a lot of bezel.

orlanka says:

Apparently SOL means something different over there than it does here.

icebike says:

You would expect that name would be attached to a Samsung or a Sony.

But yeah. Dumb name.

patfactorx says:

This is a Nexus One basically lol

v7z730ib says:

I hope LG doesn't became the next Samsung, and release a bunch of phones with minor differences, and not keep up with any of them...

C'mon LG, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt..

jamestbrewer says:

Looks like a samsung instinct

xploPR says:


sandplasma says:

Looks like a Vibrant.

towerboy says:

HAHAHA!!! Filmed with an iPhone! That's awesome!!! :)