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We're here in New York City tonight where LG just took the wraps off of its next major device, the Nitro HD. This one's heading to AT&T, where it'll surf the carrier's latest and greatest 4G LTE network. Hit the break for my first impressions.

First thing you'll notice about the Nitro HD is that big beautiful screen. It's 4.5 inches all told with 720p HD IPS display technology. What does that mean? Well, for starters, LG managed to pull off a 1280 x 720 resolution, which translates 326 pixels per inch. It's the same resolution as HTC's Rezound and Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, and when compared with the Rezound, it looks just as gorgeous, if not a bit brighter. LG says that's it's capable of up to 500nit luminance, which makes it one of the brightest displays on the market, which I believe after first-hand usage.

Aside from the screen, you've got LG's custom software running atop Android 2.3.5, the latest Gingerbread build. No Ice Cream Sandwich to see here, but we're willing to put money on the fact that LG won't be leaving this flagship device behind when Android 4.0 starts making its rounds.

Pushing the Nitro HD along is an impressive 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm APQ8060 processor and 1 GB RAM. I noticed no slow down, no lag, and generally snappy responsiveness, though I'd like to put it through some heavy duty tasks before I decide just how fast it really is. And speaking of fast, let us not forget AT&T's LTE radio inside. If you're lucky enough to be in a coverage area, you're going to be enjoying some blistering data speeds.

So how does the Nitro HD stack up to the other monsters hitting the market this holiday season? My initial instinct is to say that the Nitro HD holds its own. It's a gorgeous device: super thin, super light, and super fast. If you're an AT&T customer and haven't been blown away by what the Galaxy S II Skyrocket or the HTC Vivid has to offer, you might want to give LG a shot.

I'll be putting the Nitro HD through its paces in the coming days to give you a full breakdown on the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can pick one up for yourself on December 4, when the Nitro HD hits the market for $249.99 on a two year contract. Until then, check out some more shots below.

LG Nitro HD LG Nitro HDLG Nitro HD LG Nitro HDLG Nitro HD LG Nitro vs. HTC RezoundLG Nitro vs. HTC Rezound LG Nitro vs. HTC RezoundLG Nitro HD LG Nitro HDLG Nitro HD
 LG Nitro release

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LG Nitro HD hands on (updated with video)


Looks like its soon time for another pilgrimage to my AT&T store to get my hands on this.

The only worry I see from the pictures above is that curved glass means there is no angle at which you can hold it to avoid glare.

SOmeone was just asking me what phone to get their husband on AT&T and I had told them the Skyrocket seemed the best on that carrier. Should I tell them that the answer has changed? He is a tech guy but not a big phone tinkerer. Personal opinions... GO.

LG is HORRID at updates. Majority of their high end phones like the Optimus 3d this month got their Gingerbread update. These are phones released Q2-3 of 2011 with Fr0-yo. To be honest of the high end android phones I believe the SGS2 followed by the vivid (HTC I would have peg first but they got other phones that crave more attention that will get updated first(Rezound). LG I don't think they have fully understood that when an android update is released You need to start working on patching that over to their phones rather then what ever the hell they been doing.

That is hardly a reason to recommend Samsung, though. Heck, the Infuse STILL hasn't gotten gingerbread in the U.S.

been waiting out the new phones - Vivid, Skyrocket, Galaxy. IMO this is the closest to the Galaxy AT&T is going to get (for now) - I think this is my next phone, I can't see a reason to pass this one up...

question is what will the out of contract price be, in contract is 249. same as the skyrocket so i would assume that the price out of contract is the same which is 599.

It's going to look pretty thick next to the RAZR. I think they are going to have to sell it at $99 if they really want it to take off. None of the high end LG phones have done that well so far.

thickness mean nothing against performance, spec wise this is better than the razr, better resolution 1280 x 720 with RGB Matrix, yes no Pentile, 1.5 ghz processor, which well it doesnt matter cuz 1.5 can be slower than 1.2, but overall everything is the same except camera this has backside illuminated sensor.

of course the other issue is the battery which we will have to wait and see on. the bell version (optimus lte), the battery drained really fast when it was on the lte towers. Even Lg only gave the device a 3 hour talk time which is really low compared to most other phones (6-8 avg)

Listen folks - I don't know anything about this phone but I do know that my co-worker walked into AT&T and bought off contract a galaxy tab and got his choice of a Skyrocket or S2.... FREE for about 6hundred and change. He picked the skyrocket and let me tell you, the screen is just beautiful. Samsung is the king of screens. Phone is blazing fast also, no lag. Really good deal, if you ask me.

Can manufacturers stop making phones with so much bezel to it? I'm all for a large screen but the bezel doesn't need to make it look that much taller.

because of LG's really bad updating history, in order for me to purchase this phone -LG will have to come out with a ICS time-frame statement as to when they will update the ice cream sandwich update NOW! i like the phone but i dont trust LG update policy, if they even have one.

Trust me the best device on AT&T is the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket with the Htc Vivid coming in at a close second. I own the Galaxy Skyrocket for the last two weeks and talk about amazingly fast this device is DUMB FAST. I was inside a AT&T location looking at the HTC VIVID and I liked the way it felt very sturdy htc did very well on that device. Lg well this is kool but not top of the line it reminds me of the Lg Revolution I also have on Verizon which trust me is not that impressive espically the browser. Icons look stupid and my revolution is so LAGGY it's not even funny that's why I wanted to get the skyrocket on at&t and give it a test drive till my Galaxy Nexus comes out on Verizon. My test drive is almost over come Thursday of next week so it will be time to return it to At&t but I had a little while to get fimilar with a Samsung product plus I can always say I had a Samsung Galaxy S2 for a short time my very first step away from htc. With great LTE coverage which started in Manhattan on Thursday of last week and sure to reach the other areas's of New York ie Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and I mean blazing fast I averaged 29 to 35 down and 26 to 31 up very consistently people will be very happy with the skyrocket....