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The LG Nexus (E960) has been getting plenty of attention lately -- most recently in some high-quality photos -- and is now available to look at in detail in a full 360-degree animation. The website has been publishing most of the recent leaks of the device, and has put together a pretty high quality look at it from all angles. You can click and drag left and right to rotate, and double click to zoom in on a particular area. This is surely the best overall view of the device we've gotten access to, and we think it looks pretty darn nice.

Be sure to take a look at the source link below, and then contribute to the discussion in our forums where many have already expressed their reactions about the device.

Source:; via Android Central Forums, Rumored Devices

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bassdelux15 says:

Give me a 16 GB+ version and a big battery and I'm sold.

richard_rsp says:

^ exactly

Mtn_Scott says:

The very definition of a black slab.

seanp666 says:

Uhhhh....Why do Apple and Windows phone have beautiful devices like the Lumia and new HTC phones and the Nexus is always a black slab of crap. It's so uninspiring. There are very few good looking Android phones. Fucking innovate for christ sakes! The HTC 8X is gorgeous and Google Picks this For the Nexus?

dwd3885 says:

even the S3 looks better than this, but you never know!

NexusQ says:

I love my GN because it is a big black slab. I think the 8X's and lumia's design distract from the software, with the GN the hardware just disappears.

I think it looks good, just a big sexy slab.

ezcats says:

+1 I like minimal phone designs.

91_z28_4me says:

Nexus phones are designed to be developer devices. IE they aren't really intended for large scale public purchase. Sure the public can buy them but that isn't their goal. Their goal is to get the updated software/hardware into developer's hands.

griftercm says:

Where's the curved screen?

n0obpr0 says:

The design looks good.

curley says:

Google is just trying not to get sued by Apple at this point, it looks like. No curved glass? FAIL! That was the really cool part of the Nexus. The GS3 and One X all give the curved illusion, but the Nexus was actually curved.

Yeaaah...that might have been the highlight of Nexus devices for *you*, but most people who own one never give it a second thought. If you're looking for an aesthetic gimmicks, I guess the this Nexus won't be the device for you.
Oh and what exactly would make it *not* an Apple-lawsuit target in your eyes. How would *you* make a smartphone, with your obvious expertise?
Any smartphone that is black could essentially be called a "black slab".
God, some of you people will never be pleased. Your lives are empty- so nothing impressed you, and can live up to your expectations. You don't even know what you want. Oh wait.. curved glass, I forgot. That's your thing. THEN, you'll be happy. I'm sure you won't find anything else to complain about if they curve your freaking glass for you.

johnabassian says:

Yeah, you tell them.

Ryuuie says:

The site states that they'll have a review of the device tomorrow.

ChromeJob says:

Oh wow neat cool. More PHotoshopped mockup images of what is rumored to be the new Nexus. Hang on, let me get out the party popper.... (yawn)

Oops, OK I should've looked. That looks very clean. I'd be happy with that, in or out of a protective case. <:)

jacksjack says:

They didn't change it that much, other than flatting the back and moving the headphone jack to the top. I guess there is no pogo docking stand too. Hope they lose the chrome part. Looks out of place.

zorak950 says:

Who wants to bet that Phil's already played with this thing and just isn't allowed tell us? I say we break out the torture implements. >.>

Waterboarding!! :-D

JobiWan144 says:

I know this is a little off topic, but is AC doing a podcast tonight? I haven't seen anything on the site either way.

I sure hope so, but I haven't seen or heard anything about it today.

SamOliver says:

It doesn't have the textured back like in the other photo leaks.

None of the leaks have had a texture back. It's an optical illusion that comes from having texture under a smooth piece of "glass" (or whatever).

deadpenguins says:

It never had a textured back. It has a glass back with "sparkly" texture underneath. The fact that it has a glass back makes it embarrassingly shatter-prone like the iphone 4/4s and immediately makes this phone dead to me.

chestont says:

I can't quite place it, but after looking at the 360 animation I think the LG Nexus reminds me a lot of my old Blackberry Tour.

Wookie Claws says:

Nothing about this Nexus makes me want to dump my GNex and get this. I guess I'm underwhelmed and hoping the other OEM's have a Nexus offering too.

Mac58 says:

Lmao its so funny to see everyone complaining over the LG Nexus .

msgnyc says:

Looks pretty good. Overall.
I never noticed the rolled edges of the glass until now. It may look nice but I'm not a fan of this trend. No screen protector will cover that rolled edge and will be cut short leaving an unsightly edge line around the entire screen and be prone to lifting because of that rolled edge.

I see a sim card slot so I think this will be the unlocked one hopefully with upgraded models. Also hate that the headphone jack is on the top.

TuTall76 says:

I'm surprised that no one mentioned that the back of this phone e says "with GOOGLE" as opposed to previous Nexus' or Nexii with it just being "GOOGLE". I'm hoping that isn't going to be the only Nexus because it wouldn't make much sense for me to switch from the current Nexus to this. 2 more cores (which android isn't optimized for just yet) isn't going to make me switch just yet.

drewC says:

Looks good to me except for that chrome part, too iPhone 3GS'esque. Give me a 32GB version and I'll be happy.

belshaw66 says:

For me it looks too much like the Samsung Nexus. Come on Lg, use your imagination! And a glass back, while probably looking attractive could also break easily (iphone 4s suffers the same issue). Also, I would like to see at least 32gb of memory.
On the plus side, 2gb of ram is good, and thank god Google finally allowed a step up from a 5 Meg camera!

If this is the new Nexus I quite like it other than the chrome banding around the front, that I could live without but I don't think it would stop me buying it, would have to see it in the flesh so to speak before making up my mind, after all these are still only rumors at this point...

If the chrome is really horrid I think I might go with the Optimus G and run CM on it...

nuke3ae says:

I really don't like phones with the headphone jack on top. Takes up too much headphones cord when putting in pocket.