The big four carriers commit to LG's latest flagship

LG has taken the wraps off of the brand new G3, the latest huge flagship from the Korean manufacturer, and U.S. carriers are already starting to commit to launching the phone. T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T will be carrying the LG G3, but of course we don't have any specifics on the pricing or availability for each carrier.

We do know that Sprint has an exclusive lock-up on the Shine Gold color, and will also be offering up HD Voice and Sprint Spark LTE on the LG G3. AT&T has no details on colors or features. Verizon says its G3 will be XLTE ready, but that's it. T-Mobile also lacks specifics, but is offering up a sweepstakes to give away one LG G3 "beta model" every day until the end of June. You can see all of the specifics and sign-ups from each carrier at the links below.

Source: Sprint; AT&T; T-Mobile; Verizon


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LG G3 availability on U.S. carriers


Verizon rep said probably June, my friend's on T-Mo and rep said this summer August at the latest

So the rep's don't seem to know much either, I'm kind of shocked they were making assumptions

Why is Verizon the last one to announce that it is coming to them? Never fails.

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Never fails. Like when they were the last to announce they would get the HTC One M8...oh wait, they we're the first

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They're too busy branding the phone with the Verizon logo. Once they're done placing all 50 on there, they'll announce it.

Pfft. Branding? We all know VZW can brand anything in half a second. No, the 30 minutes was required to ruin the back button design of the G3 just like they did with the G2.

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They announced like 30 minutes later than any other carrier, is that really that big of a deal?

You still can't buy it from any carrier regardless.

Yes .. We find reasons to call out the useless carrier who keep crapping phones with it's ugly logo on the front and back.

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Yep, except for the part where they are by far the most reliable carrier in my area and the is no logo on the front of my phone. Other than that you're exactly right.

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I hate exclusivity, especially color exclusives... why?? I really was digging the gold lol but no go on switching to sprint

Way to go sprint on getting all the color exclusives for everything these days lol
One of the very few benefits of having sprint.

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Sprints' website states it will be available in July... I'm getting it for sure. Might pre-order if I can get a free case out of it.

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It says their sweepstakes ends on 07/10 so the release should be around then. Those of us on Sprint waited from Aug to Nov for the G2 so this is doable.

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Hmm...according to the Sprint site:

You're almost there!
You will qualify for a great price on a new phone in
35 days on 07/01/14.

Nice timing, eh? :)

I hate the software side of my LG.. "Gflex" Its good on some aspects but lacking in many!
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Website just says "coming soon". A rep I talked to said within the month of June. Hopefully he wasn't just talking out of his butt.

My current phone is really not gonna hold up that much longer and there are no other good options on ATT.

This delay is a huge disappointment today.

Let's hope they did the announcement right and the phone is released in a week or two and not several months.

The first thing that came to my mind was how all the new owners of the S5 and HTC M8 must feel. It looks as if the G3 at least ties and beats both in every feature. Good example for HTC to take some lessons on how to pack a display on a device with minimal bezels. It looks like a stunning device. It can be a good argument that LG is the innovator in smart phones and has a solid future. Look at recent history ...... The G2 Pro, G2 and the venerable Nexus devices. That is an impressive resume! If I were to buy a larger phone ...which I won't, the LG3 looks like the new King! I would have even consider buying if it were kept the same size of the G2. Just look at that phone .... it's a stunner! HTC better sell all the phones it can before this is available! Talk about "kicking butt and taking names"! Whew!!!!!!

I replaced my G2 with the M8 I haven't looked back yet with the new G3 it doesn't appeal to me. So it has a removable battery that doesn't concern me. 32 GB which I already have. Aluminum body which is all around the M8. Bezels don't factor in on how the performance of a phone is and wow you packed some more resolution most of anyone would recognize on a day to day basis. HTC is fine where its at.

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You don't have to defend your purchase. The M8 is serious hardware. Having the "latest and greatest" is short lived. My device is the Nexus 5 and I am totally happy. But being the enthusiast I am ..... it's still fun to discuss new tech. For me ... if it's not pure Kit Kat ...not interested. If it doesn't have an unlocked boot loader ...not interested. It's just different perspectives and what your interests may be. I had a S2 up until about 6 months ago. Hell, the fun for me was customizing it with CM and tweaking it to get everything I could out of it. So the Nexus was a no brainer for me. If you want and enjoy gimmicks and fancy graphics ..... there are phones for that ..... if that's your thing. Different strokes for different folks. IMHO. Hell, I think the Moto G is very cool! It doesn't matter what phone you have ...... the phone you have is the best one! That's how it is for me ..... Just being truthful!

I'm an M8 owner... I couldn't give a fuck about the G3...Does that answer your question? I have a G2, also...

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I almost waited for this one to replace my S3 but ended up getting the G2 instead. The G3 size is just too big for me. So far the G3 does look good. I'm wondering if the AT&T version is going to have CIQ installed like the G2? That's the one thing I dislike about my G2. Oh well, I'm rooted so pretty soon I'll take care of CIQ.

from my LG G2 via the DeathStar

I ask this question earnestly and not being a critic. If you got a G2 why a G3? It just astounds me. My view is: The G3 really just doesn't have that much more to justify the purchase. I'm just asking.......... is it a status thing? I mean ...this is America ...you can do what you want ... I'm just curious! Thanks!

Sorta on topic...

I have a note 3 and I am sure that the note 4 will not be a huge leap forward but I am still going to get it. Why? Because I can, because I want to stay current, and because there is always something new. For instance, the camera improvements along could make it worth it (it is one of my must haves in a phone). The screen improvement as well as the battery improvement (no matter how small) also add to the need for the next thing.

I am a tech geek too and it is kinda an occupational hazard...

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I can understand that! Hell ...that's cool. I guess I'm more oriented to the software side. what i mean is: My interest has been in custom roms. Before I got my N5 I had an old S2. The first version of Jellybean was it's last update. However, I improved the S2 substantially with CM and other Roms. I loved that .... Same hardware just improved on the O/S. That's alot of fun! My point is this: Buying a new phone and with slight improvement are too short lived to buy a new phone every two months. You see ... I'm a geek to, I admit it, but with a different perspective. But everything is good ........ I encourage you ...go for it!

Great, another Sprint tri-band Spark capable phone that won't be able to work on regular 4G network like the S5, M8 and G2 for that matter...

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What the heck are you talking about "regular 4G network"? The tri-band LTE works great for those who have phones that are already have tri-band and in markets where more than one LTE band has been deployed. Fast LTE speeds also. I know everyone likes to crap on Sprint, but where I am in Atlanta, the LTE is hands down awesome and I get it everywhere I go in about 100-150 mile radius of Atlanta and many other parts of Georgia. I also get it most road trips in Florida, etc....

You are one of the lucky ones then, here in Springfield Missouri, the 4G upgrade started last September and has not been completed yet, before tri-band phones, you could pick up 4G no problem where available, now with my S5, it scans for three bands, since not all of the three band towers are 4G, it reverts to 3G where I could pick up 4G with my three year old EVO LTE before, this is a known problem with the S5, M8 and G2, when Spark is fully deployed, it should work as advertised, for now, I had to disable two antennas to get 4G, ridiculous.

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Define terrible. If I have an LTE connection which is almost always I get speeds usually at a minimum 5Mbps to a max of around 40 Mbps. I average somewhere between 5-10Mbps usually unless I am in a building.

If 5-10Mbps is what you define as terrible then, you might need to start thinking realistically or move to Verizon where you can get 50-100Mbps but burn through your 5GB cap in a week. The fact is if you are getting 5-10Mbps on Sprint, no it isn't as fast as a speedtest for Verizon will show you, but 99.9% of users on a smartphone won't be able to see a difference between 5-10Mbps or 50Mbps.

I am happy with LTE in Atlanta Metro and Sprint. If you are having speed or connections issues then maybe it is your phone.

where I am Sprint only provides 3G at about .5 to 1.5 mbps. that is on my G2 so I feel no need to upgrade. When Sprint lives up to its promises that they have made then I will think about another phone.

Entered the T-Mobile contest! Hope I win. Could use a new phone. LG looks like they're progressing very well with their UI choices. I like what they've done.

So essentially, July release? Kinda stinks. Why they don't have these phones available almost immediately after announcement is beyond me.

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It'a a tactic. It'll make everyone quit buying the M8 and strangle-hold HTC already failing bottom line anticipating their superior device! It's a ruthless business! :)

Tactics can backfire especially if in July Samsung and HTC announce their prime models with Snapdragon 805 or better. Things happen fast in this industry.

They needed to do what HTC did with the M8 or what apple does with the Iphone. They need to have these launch events then launch the product within no more than 14 days, This sounds like it won't be available on many carriers until mid July or even August. By that time the BUZZ for the new iPhone will be deafening. It's a fine looking phone but the reality is because of its poor release timing if it sells in any significant quantities ill be shocked

Well you can buy a can of gold spray paint and do it yourself. The color only exist on the back plate which can be removed.

I really wish that phones were available the day they were announced or like even within a week. I think this only hurts LG. I mean Samsung will continue to get sales and LG will slip out of their new #3 spot they just got.