If you missed out on Amazon's cut-price LG G2 deal last week, another British retailer is offering the device with an even lower price tag. Expansys is offering the unlocked European G2 for £349.99, with an LG Quick Window cover — valued at £34.99 — thrown in for free. Considering the G2 packs a Snapdragon 800 CPU, one most impressive displays out there and a 13-megapixel OIS camera, you're getting lot of smartphone for your 350 quid.

Here's what our own Jerry Hildenbrand had to say in his review of the AT&T version —

"In my opinion, at this very moment, the G2 is the best Android phone on AT&T if you want a phone filled with features. It doesn't look as good as the HTC One. It doesn't have the Samsung name behind it like the Galaxy S4. But it does have the best hardware available if you're into specs, and it's the only Android phone I've used that allows you to actually use all these features without affecting the performance."

Downsides include only 16GB of fixed, non-expandable storage and a decidedly plasticky exterior. Nevertheless, it's still a good deal — hit the source link to check it out.

Source: Expansys


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LG G2 £350 with free cover from UK retailer


I have the g2 on Sprint (it's amazing) for $49 so I have the phone I want. I just see unlocked and Google play versions and wish I had that kind of money. Moto G is a crazy good deal though.

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Great price, especially with the cover. However, 16GB wouldn't work for me. I don't need tons of space, but I'm currently using a bit more storage than that on music, photos, and common apps.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

A cracking deal for those that are not concerned about storage, 16gb is ok for the less intensive folks but if you like having that freedom the 32gb gives you and expandable then the Note 3 is the Alternative :-) that not me saying the G2 is a poor phone it just lacks that option of expandable storage which can put a few off purchasing.

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The G2 comes with two storage options: 16gb and 32gb. In the UK only the 16gb is officially available.