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Google has just wrapped up talking about what's new in Android Wear, but the interesting small note at the end of the talk was that the LG G Watch will be on sale from the Play Store later today along with the just-announced Samsung Gear Live. LG has since provided us with several new pictures of the device in both black and white colors, as well as given up the full spec sheet on the Android Wear device.

The LG G Watch comes loaded with a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, a 1.65-inch 280 x 280 display, 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage and 400mAh battery. Unlike the Samsung Gear Live, the LG G Watch doesn't seem to have any mention of a heart rate monitor. It is IP 67 water and dust-resistant though.


"Glance-able" Interface of LG G Watch to Appeal to both Consumers and Developers

SEOUL, June 26, 2014 ― With an eye on transforming wearable devices into more than just a conversation piece, LG Electronics (LG) today introduced the highly anticipated LG G Watch (http://goo.gl/Ie8TB0), one of the first devices powered by Android Wear™, Google's new operating system which extends the Android platform to wearables. As a wrist wearable device featuring a button-less design, the G Watch will appeal to a mass audience with its simple minimalist design, quick and "glance-able" access to useful information and seamless connectivity with other Android devices, keeping users connected wherever, whenever.

"As one of the first to market with Android Wear, LG wanted to develop a product that functions as an essential companion device but most importantly, was simple to use," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "We wanted a device that would be simple to learn and so intuitive that users wouldn't even have to think about how to use its features. That's what the LG G Watch is all about."

"Watches powered by Android Wear aim to show you the right information and suggestions you need, right when you need them," said Sundar Pichai, SVP, Android, Chrome & Apps. "It's been great to work with LG on the launch of the G Watch ― especially given its simple, easy-to-use design."

At the core of the LG G Watch is a powerful and energy-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 400 processor clocking in at 1.2GHz. Paired with a low power consuming Always-On 1.65-inch IPS display with true-to-life color reproduction, the LG G Watch enhances the functionality of Android smartphones by providing quick access to useful information. The Always-On screen makes it easy to tell the time with a quick glance. Connected via Bluetooth, the LG G Watch displays messages, shows who's calling, controls music playback and more without the smartphone ever having to be removed from a pocket or bag.

Integral to the LG G Watch and Android Wear is a simple new user experience designed around cards, which provides useful information when it's needed, and voice recognition which allows one to ask questions and get things done easily. With voice recognition, LG was free to design the LG G Watch without any buttons or keys. Users can send text messages and search for useful information just by saying, "Ok Google". LG and Google worked closely together from the outset to design a truly integrated experience.

The LG G Watch combines form and function in a subtle, minimalist design with an intuitive touch-based user interface. And with an Ingress Protection rating of IP67, the LG G Watch is designed to be protected from dust and water resistant for up to 30 minutes to a depth of one meter. The LG G Watch will be available in two colors ― Black Titan and White Gold ― and is constructed of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated stainless steel with a rugged silicone wristband in matching color. The LG G Watch can be personalized with any standard 22mm strap available in the market.

The LG G Watch will be available for pre-order on the Google Play Store starting June 25 in 12 countries including key markets such as the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea and Japan. The LG G Watch will also be available soon after at retailers in 27 markets such as Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Russia. Additional details will be announced locally at the time of availability.

Key Specifications: Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 400 processor Display: 1.65-inch LCD IPS (280 x 280) Memory: 4GB eMMC / 512MB RAM Battery: 400mAh Operating System: Android Wear (compatible with smartphones running Android 4.3 and above) Size: 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95mm Weight: 63g Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 Sensors: 9-Axis (Gyro / Accelerometer / Compass) Color: White Gold/ Black Titan Others: Dust and Water Resistant (IP67)


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LG G Watch details now available, device on sale in Google Play today


Agreed. I really want that All The Cooks functionality they showed, but I want it round!

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Judging by the groan in the I/O crowd, no one would have bought the LG or Samsung watches had the Moto 360 been released today as well. Google probably made some deal with LG and Samsung to release theirs first.

Yeah, I get that. but that does not make this product obsolete. Every I/O post is someone bitching that they haven't heard about the 360 yet. Over it.

Exactly, I want a smart watch that looks as such not one that looks like a normal watch

Posted via Android Central App

Motorola screws up as usual. By the time the 360 releases. Everyone will already have Samsung or the G Watch.

Posted via Android Central App

Sadly this.
I love Moto but they were just stupid with this

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

The public won't. And some will also wait for the iWatch. It's only us Android fans that will wait.

Posted via Android Central App

This is a ridiculous statement, right now they're only available on the play store and as far as I know we haven't heard of any official retail partners yet. These smart watches aren't going to change the world overnight and I'll be surprised if tons of people buy these first gen products.

Posted via Android Central App

Did anyone see the watch the VP was wearing at the start of the keynote. It was the 360 for sure. It looked a little thick to me.

Just the way I like em. Mmmm thick. Oh wait...

It will go side by side with my Invicta watches.

Posted via Android Central App

I've been saying this since the first few pics of the 360, and especially after that google hangout gave us a better look. Yes round looks fantastic from the top down, but the view from the side is way too big for my taste. I've got small hands/arms (insert joke here) and really don't want some big tall watch!

Any thoughts on the LG vs the Samsung? Anyone seen them side by side other than those standing in line at i/o to pickup their goodies?

Are you the guy who used to say texting would never catch on, or "I don't want a smartphone; I just want something I can make phone calls on"?

Stop liking what I don't like!

Seriously, just because you find them worthless, doesn't mean everybody else will. Don't like smartwatches? Don't buy one.

Price please? I want the g watch. I'm not a fan of the round 360 watch. And its named after a Microsoft product. :-)

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LG, Samsung, Moto. All I want to know is which one Dick Tracy would choose? As with any tech device one has to wonder how long-term these 1st generation devices will be viable. How long before the next generation of lighter, more powerful, and thinner watches comes out?

From the Death Star using my LG G2

While these are the first watches running Android Wear, I would hardly call them 1st generation devices. That honor goes to watches like the Pebble, Sony Smartwatch, MetaWatch, and others. But even if you do insist on calling them 1st gen, who cares? Almost everything in the tech world has a "next generation" version right around the corner at any given time.

We needs pricing!

Anyone else notice under connectivity it says "Bluetooth 4.0" without those two magical letters "LE"? Hopefully just a typo.

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No camera on either watches? And can you make phone calls from these watches? The camera not too much of a big deal. But I do like recieving calls thru my gear 2 especially when I'm driving. It's really convenient.