LG Countdown

Not willing to be outdone by all the Samsung and Sony Ericsson news of late, LG has their own presentation to give in Barcelona.  They have put up a countdown post on their Facebook page, telling folks to be ready for Feb 14 at 10:00 AM Barcelona time (GMT).  We'll be there, and you can bet we will get you clued in on what's going on just as soon as they tell us.

We can never be sure of everything we're going to see from a company as big as LG, but we're pretty sure the Optimus 3D is going to play a big part.  How do we know this?  Hit the break and see the Optimus 3D teaser video LG attached to their Facebook post.  [LG Mobile's Facebook page]


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LG counting down to something big


i am all pump up, is going to be a fight to the end betwin two giants Samsung and LG i am loving it, android for everrrrrr.

I really hope that the LG line has comparable hardware to the Samsung Galaxy S2 line. I've always felt like LG was better quality electronics and I have a feeling they'll support their devices much better than Samsung does.

This going to be epic.... just want to see more about LG Optimus 2X (CDMA LTE Version) not sure if REVOLUTION is kinds similar, but want more info into LG 3D Devices for USA

I'd imaging the biggest news is the G-Slate, considering thats whats pictured above with dual cameras (3D).